[Pregnancy and big things] sosi pregnant women's photo records, expenses, preparations, precautions, and essential items are sorted!

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Not long after I learned that I was pregnant, I was still immersed in surprise and joy, like a dream, and I received a gift from Jeffy in a few days, a warm card with a few big words: " We're going to take a sosi maternity photo!" I feel like I want to take pictures more than the pregnant woman herself 😂 I can take many more sets of wedding photos, but the maternity photo can only be taken once, so I especially want to record the pregnancy process. When I got married before, I heard about the wedding photography recommended by young people, sosi. The style is very natural and fresh, and we like the photos. This time, Jeffy didn't think too much about it and ordered our maternity photos directly with sosi!

sosi maternity photo|Expense

Jeffy chose the pregnant woman photo package plan. Basically, girls only need to prepare the props they want to shoot, and the girls' makeup, hair, dress and sosi are ready for the day, so there is no need to worry about it. Our plans for the day are all in the studio. For photography, there is a set of dress and a set of casual clothes. The dress needs to be increased by 4,000 yuan, so the total price is 19,800 yuan.

Maternity photo package contents/$15800

  • Sosi studio studio use (hours 4hr including makeup and hair time)
  • Follow the whole process of modeling, one group of makeup and hair
  • Additional purchase of maternity dress +4000 (The Ring Lelin Wedding Dress Maternity Dress & Maternity Blouse Set)
  • Full style retouching photo electronic file
  • 20 sheets refined

One of the reasons why we recommend sosi is that they will give all the electronic files. Nowadays, very few people will look at the photos on paper. It is very suitable for us to be able to get all the photos of the electronic files! If there is a photo we like very much that is not included in the retouched photo, Jeffy will make it into a frameless painting and hang it on the wall of our house, and the wall of the house will be filled with memories unconsciously!

sosi maternity photo|Lelin French handmade wedding dress

Sosi's dress is matched with "The Ring Lelin French Handmade Wedding Dress". It is located in Datong District, Taipei City, in the middle of MRT Yuanshan Station and Daqiaotou Station. It takes about ten minutes to walk. Sosi's store is also here, the second floor is Sosi, and the third floor is Lelin Wedding Dress.

sosi xixi wedding photography taipei store

  • Business Hours: Daily 13:00–21:00
  • Address: No. 165, Section 3, Chongqing North Road, Datong District, Taipei City
  • Tel: 02 2599 2088
  • Related links:Official website,FB

20220621 IMG 2072
▲The Ring Lelin French handmade wedding dress and SOSI store
樂林婚紗 the Ring1
樂林婚紗 the Ring3
▲The counter on the first floor of the store
樂林婚紗 the Ring4

At the beginning, Lelin will ask us to choose a dress by way of photos. If there is a dress that you like, then ask the service staff to help you get it and try it on. This is a little different from the way we used to choose the dress freely when we took wedding photos, and it has the feeling of a dedicated service. Our plan at the time was to rent a dress, and we could also rent a smock for free. Because I was pretty sure from the beginning that I wanted to shoot a white dress, the selection process was much quicker.

20220621 IMG 2056
20220621 IMG 2065
樂林婚紗 the Ring2
▲Lelin wedding dress on the third floor to choose the dress

There are not many white maternity wedding dresses in Lelin. If there is no price increase, there are only about 3 to 4 pieces of white gauze to choose from. This part is a pity. When choosing the onset of the disorder, you can consider whether you want to show your belly or not. There are full-coverage and tighter retro styles, and there are almost transparent tulle styles. Choose with the style you want to present. In the end, we chose a multi-layered folded yarn that can be freely opened or closed. It can present two different feelings, and it has a fairy-like feeling when photographed~ But this dress needs an additional price increase, which needs to be added. 3000 yuan. I originally thought about not spending any extra money, but after picking and choosing, I finally reluctantly increased the price to shoot it~

20220621 IMG 2067
樂林婚紗 the Ring6
▲ The appearance of trying on a white dress that day

sosi maternity photo|Clothing

There are really many styles of maternity photos, such as fresh, cute, candid and so on. There will be more exposed parts in the photo shoot of pregnant women. Pregnant women who are more shy can recommend choosing a female photographer, and they will be more comfortable to shoot. At that time ourThe photographer is Ling Yu, super recommended! During the cooperation, Ling Yu was active and patient, gave us a lot of suggestions for matching styles, and the atmosphere of the whole photography was also great! Before shooting, I would communicate back and forth with the photographer. Lingyu quickly knew the style of photos we liked, and the background of the studio shooting was also matched for us. He is a photographer we like very much! And Lingyu also gives us several styles of clothing that girls can match:

1. Complete set of underwear + long knitted jacket

2. Long dress or long shirt (more casual)

3. The upper body is cute (knitted or softer material) + the lower body loose trousers/shorts

sosi maternity photo|photo studio

The studio used by sosi is "GOODGOOD 好拍市场" located in Xinzhuang. We all like the style of this studio! Put a few sets that we didn't take at that time, American style and Korean style are very suitable!

20220622 IMG 2073
▲GOODGOOD Good shot of the market scene
20220622 IMG 2077
▲GOODGOOD Good shot of the market scene
20220622 IMG 2076
▲GOODGOOD Good shot of the market scene

For a pregnant woman with a big belly, it is so blissful to take good-looking photos in the shed without having to run outdoors, without worrying too much about physical strength. The photos below were all taken in the studio~ Some of them are unrefined photo files, but they are already very beautiful!

20220622 LIN 0937 scaled
20220622 LIN 0999 拷貝 scaled
20220622 LIN 0901 拷貝 scaled
SOSI 孕婦寫真9
SOSI 孕婦寫真10
SOSI 孕婦寫真12
SOSI 孕婦寫真6
20220622 LIN 1162 拷貝 scaled
20220622 LIN 1140 拷貝 scaled
SOSI 孕婦寫真13
20220622 LIN 1203 拷貝 scaled

SOSI 孕婦寫真17
20220622 LIN 1291 scaled

sosi maternity photo|Precautions

What is the best number of weeks for taking maternity photos?

When the belly is a little bigger, the shooting will only taste pregnant, but it should not be too close to the due date. Generally, it is recommended to shoot at 26-35 weeks for singletons, and the belly of twins will be more obvious. It is recommended to shoot at 22-28 weeks. Each person will have a little difference before and after, mainly depends on Mommy's physical strength.

Need special attention the day before shooting?

Remember to remove armpit hair the day before, otherwise it will be very embarrassing to shoot! If you have more naked photos of wearing underwear, it is recommended to remove all body hair or remove the armpit and bikini line. Do not use hair care products, styling fluids, or waxes when you wash your hair the day before, as it will be difficult to style. In addition, moisturizing your face will help you to apply makeup better on the day of shooting.

Underwear choices for maternity photo shoots?

If paired with a blouse, a long knitted jacket, a shirt, it can be matched with a complete set of underwear. When choosing underwear, try not to choose nursing underwear or underwear with thick shoulder straps. It will not look good when photographed. You can search for elegant French lace underwear, beautiful back underwear with thin shoulder straps, or simple seamless underwear. .

Casual clothes for maternity photo shoots?

In the casual clothes part, you can discuss with your husband and find clothes that both of you have to match. The easiest one is a white T-shirt and jeans. In the trousers part, it doesn't matter if the girls' pants can't be buttoned up. , it will look good when taking pictures.

sosi maternity photo|must-haves

  • Nu bra, little cute

The items prepared are similar to the wedding dresses. When trying on the dress, you need to prepare Nu bra. If you have a white cutie at home, it is recommended to bring it with you. Because the pregnancy body has become different, the Nu bra that I bought for marriage can no longer be worn and has no stickiness, so I have to buy it again. We were prepared to buy online VC Vina Nu bra, The price of a piece is about 500 yuan, which is not too expensive.

  • panties

Because pregnant women's dresses are mostly translucent tulle or blouses, it is recommended to prepare white or black underwear depending on the color of the dress. If the underwear part is too tight, you can buy and see seamless underwear, which will be more comfortable to wear. At that time, Allie bought the largest seamless underwear, and it was just right to wear, and can be worn throughout pregnancy.

  • front opening clothes

On the day of trying on the dress and shooting, wearing a front-opening dress or shirt is more convenient when putting on and taking off clothes, and will not use bad makeup.

  • shoe

We filmed in the studio that day, and we could take off our shoes for the whole filming, and we also had colored stockings that we had prepared ourselves. If Mommy has wedding shoes, or high-heeled shoes that can match the dress, you can also bring them all. The photographer will check the physical condition of the day to see if you can wear shoes to take pictures.

  • shooting props

If you want to take your own unique photos and make the photos look richer, you must bring your own props. The props that can be prepared are: baby's ultrasound, pregnancy test stick, baby's clothes or shoes, love objects, wedding rings, dolls, modeling sunglasses, post-it notes, pregnant belly stickers, body painting crayons, etc. This part can be discussed with the photographer and it will be clearer. For example, we have prepared a lot of orange things, including oranges, bottled juice, etc., with the on-site studio, to present the nickname of Orange Orange "Little Orange". !

  • contact lenses

For myopic mothers, contact lenses are also a must! It is not recommended for boys to wear glasses if they are short-sighted, because the lens is easy to reflect, and it is not easy to take pictures, unless they are rimless glasses or sunglasses. Girls recommend wearing colored magnifying films, either black or a color close to your hair color.

sosi pregnant woman's photo | shooting experience

The photo of the pregnant woman is completed, and it feels like an achievement! Although the process is a bit hard, I think I will see a lot of photos later, and they are all sweet memories~ After all, the time for girls to have a big belly in their life is only in those few months 🤣 After the shooting, we really recommend SOSI pregnant women The photo, the whole discussion and shooting process felt very good, and I highly recommend ourphotographer ling yu,Stylist Zhuo Zhuo, immediately grab the style we want, be patient and gentle, and help us complete the maternity photos we want ❤️

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