[Taichung Food] Masala's handmade cake shop, a must-see cake shop for Internet celebrities, the popular and best-selling almond mille cookie!

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After coming to Dajia Zhenlan Palace to say goodbye, don't think that there are no attractions nearby, drive 5 minutes to this Masala handmade cake shop. The beautiful and dreamy decoration and the delicious handmade biscuits made us exclaim again and again. Although the location of Masala Bakery is inconspicuous, customers come in one after another. It turns out that everyone is word-of-mouth. One introduces the other, comes to eat auntie's biscuits, and let's take a look at the popular products of Masala Handmade Bakery. Bar!

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台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅29
▲The popular Masala handmade cake shop near Zhenlan Palace in Dajia

Masala Handmade Bakery|Transportation

Marcella Biscuiterie

  • Opening Hours: Daily 09:00–20:00
  • Address: No. 321, Daangang Road, Dajia District, Taichung City
  • Tel: 04 2687 6578
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Masala Handmade Bakery|Environment

Hidden in the chemical factory, driving in, there is such a beautiful handmade cake shop hidden, what a surprise! Like being in the streets of small Europe, Masala's handmade cake shop has a light and luxurious gorgeous appearance. It is well photographed from the door to the store. Every wall is a background of net beauty, and the memory card is definitely not enough!

台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅34
▲ Masala handmade cake shop hidden in the chemical factory
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅35
▲ Light and luxurious decoration like being on the streets of Europe
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅1
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅7
▲The light industrial style in the cake shop is matched with a warm wooden space
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅5
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅9
▲ Every corner is super good to shoot!
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅14

Masala's handmade biscuits have a wide variety of products. The kind and enthusiastic auntie biscuits has been in the biscuits industry for more than 40 years and has developed nearly 200 kinds of hand-made biscuits. You may think Auntie is very familiar. You may have seen her in train stations and college campuses before. She has run through almost the entire Taiwan. Listening to Auntie's entrepreneurial story, you begin to admire her unbeatable perseverance and perseverance. !

台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅21
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅19

Then my aunt took us to see what the factory behind the bakery looked like. The partners were making crispy tiles, which were slowly kneaded and pressed out one by one! The most powerful thing about Masala, from the past to the present, the only thing that has remained the same is "Handmade”, although the mass production of the machine is much faster, but only by hand has a unique taste and temperature.

台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅26
▲ Each cookie of Masala is handmade
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅27

Masala's Handmade Bakery|Popular Must Eat

👉//No need to go to the store, click here to buy Masala's best-selling handmade biscuits//👈

Almond Melaleuca Spike Crisp

Seeing so many kinds of biscuits, the choice barrier will break out, and each one really wants to take home! When we asked my aunt what sold best, she recommended us without hesitation: "Instant kill!"Monthly sells 30,000 barrels ofAlmond Melaleuca Spike Crisp, is the No. 1 Masala hot-selling list! In addition to almond flavors, there are caramel, chocolate, earl grey tea, rose and other flavors. I really want to try every flavor~

台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅31
▲Almond Melaleuca Second Kill Crisp, No. 1 in the popular hot-selling list
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅30
▲The packaging of the small bucket is so cute
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅12
▲Almond Melaleuca seckill mini bucket 230 yuan
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅13
▲Almond Melaleuca spike cake sharing bucket 700 yuan

Stacked, fragrant, bursting, crispy! The reason why Spike Crisp is so powerful is because of its layered crispy texture, it lives up to its name, and it is immediately robbed by spikes when it is placed on the table! Insist not to add a drop of water, use natural cream, sprinkled with American almond flakes, and the ingredients are solid and you are not afraid of eating!

All kinds of handmade biscuits

Handmade cookies filled with large glass jars look so textured! Masala's biscuits can beweighing calculation, as long as you tell the clerk which flavor you want to eat, no matter the quantity, you can pack it for you, very customized! hereHealthy Biscuits, Tabletop Muffins, Herbal Biscuits, Shortbreads, Souffles, French Cream FlakesWait wait, there are so many cookies to choose from! They have provided tasting services before, but they are currently suspended due to the epidemic.

台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅22
▲A dazzling array of handmade biscuits
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅10
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅6
▲You can freely choose your favorite biscuits for weighing calculation
▲ Go home with a full loot!
▲The flavors of cookies are super diverse
▲ Masala's thick cookie is also delicious!
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅28

crispy tiles

This is the crispy tile I just saw. It tastes thin and crispy, super smooth, and delicious with tea or coffee! crispy tiles haveOriginal almond, mixed grains, black and white sesame, cocoa almondWaiting for the taste, Allie thinks "Cocoa Almond" is delicious, sweet but not greasy!

台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅25
▲A variety of crispy tiles with different flavors

Crispy tiles are available in tile jars and Japanese-style packs. You can also freely mix with other handmade biscuits. Choose the flavor you like, and the aunt will pack it into a box, so that you can eat all the flavors you like!

台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅3
▲Crispy tile jar
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅2
▲Crispy tile handmade biscuit Japanese bag

Masala Handmade Cake Shop|All kinds of gift boxes

Delicious biscuits are not only eaten by themselves, but also given away! Masala has a variety of gift boxes, from Miyue gift boxes, wedding cake gift boxes to companion gift boxes. Each gift box has different packaging, including iron boxes and paper boxes, large boxes, medium boxes, and small boxes. Have. The best part is that it can becustomized, I like to eat any biscuits, and my aunt will help you put them in. Compared with the fixed gift box, Masala is very flexible.

台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅15
▲All kinds of exquisite gift boxes from Masala
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅18
▲ Square gift box with four packs
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅16
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅24
▲ Wedding box
台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅23
▲ Miyue Gift Box

Masala's Handmade Bakery|Sweepstakes

Recently, there is a very powerful event in the store "buy masala smoke maserati”, Maserati is the dream toy of many boys, and the chance of winning the lottery is still very high, which will immediately attract our attention! As long as you buy handmade biscuits in large glass bottles, you will be eligible for the lucky draw. The first prize is a Maserati 3000CC SUV, ten gogoro, ten SONY 65-inch LCD TVs, iphone and other prizes.

台中美食 瑪莎拉手工餅17
▲Buy Masala and smoke Maserati

At the end of the fantastic biscuit journey, every kind of Masala biscuits is really delicious. I brought a lot of biscuits home for the elders to eat. They all said it smoothly. ! Next time you come to Taichung Dajia, don't miss the Masala Handmade Cake Shop!

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