[Taichung News Agency Attractions] The classic route for top ten food farmers to experience-pure Portuguese rural countryside, enjoy orchids, mushroom picking, and grape vine afternoon tea!

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When I heard Taichung News Agency before, I only thought of the sea of flowers, but I didn't expect that there are mushrooms, orchids, grapes, etc. here... There are more things to play than imagined! This time, we were invited to Xinshe to experience the "2021 Youth Farmers Pilot - Food Farming Experience, Happiness Realization Activity Proposal Competition" organized by the ROC Farmers Association, and was selected as ""Top 10 Food Farming Experience Classic Routes"of[Pure Portuguese Countryside ~ Countryside Tour]route. This route is planned by the local outstanding young farmers guided by the new community farmers association. It can not only travel in depth, but also learn about agricultural culture. It is super suitable for the whole family and company group employees to travel!

The itinerary of the Taichung Xinshe Food Farming Experience is a self-driving trip. There are three scenic spots in total. The scenic spots are not far away and must be reached by car. After half a day, you will experience activities related to orchids, mushrooms and grapes, and Qingnong will help explain the whole process.

Taichung News Agency Attractions|Bingxin Orchid Garden

  • Activity content: Oncidium tour + bouquet DIY/1 bunch
  • Address: No. 8, Lane 39, Shuijing Street, Xin Community, Taichung City
  • Tel: 0933 500 277
台中新社 文心蘭2

The first stop came to Bingxin Orchid Garden. Orchids have always been the favorite plants of the elders, and they are often seen at wedding banquets and festivals. Brother Liao, the owner of the orchid garden who is also an excellent young farmer, took everyone to visit the orchid planting room and explained the process of orchid cultivation. The generation of each orchid requires careful care and takes a lot of time.

台中新社 文心蘭1
▲ Brother Liao explained in detail the cultivation process of orchids
台中新社 文心蘭3

The orchid in my impression is deep pink. It turns out that there are many varieties of orchids. Oncidium is such a yellow!

Brother Liao said that Bingxin Orchid Garden is also committed to cultivating new varieties. On the spot, he also saw light-colored orchids that tended to be yellowish-white. They looked a little different from other bright yellows, and it was the new variety that was successfully cultivated.


The big friends and children were very happy listening to the scene, and the mothers on the side took pictures with orchids in different ways😁😁😁😁

台中新社 文心蘭6

After visiting the orchid garden, we then went to the open space outside to experience the DIY orchid bouquet. First choose the orchid you like, put water under the orchid to moisturize, arrange it into a layered look, and tie the oncidium to look super textured~

台中新社 文心蘭7
台中新社 文心蘭10
▲Put water under the orchid to moisturize
台中新社 文心蘭8
台中新社 文心蘭9

Taichung News Agency Attractions|Senmu Farm

  • Activity content: Mushroom tour + eating fried shiitake mushrooms + shiitake mushroom gift (1 box of 250g)
  • Address: No. 169-29, Zhongxingling, New Community, Taichung City
  • Tel: 0982 900 788

Our second stopSenmu Farm, On the way to drive, all kinds of mushroom products such as fried shiitake mushrooms, dried shiitake mushrooms, and shiitake mushroom soup are sold along the road, as if entering the country of shiitake mushrooms 😆

台中新社 採香菇2

Because of the unique platform terrain and the humid climate, Taichung News Agency is suitable for mushroom growth. Nearly 70% of Taiwan's mushrooms come from Taichung News Agency. If you want to eat delicious mushrooms, you must come here~~~~~

台中新社 採香菇6
Mr. Liu, a young farmer who returned to his hometown to take over his father's business, is giving a guided tour of shiitake mushrooms

In the car, we were guessing where the shiitake mushrooms would grow, "Should they grow on the ground?" It turns out that whatever mushrooms are given will grow whatever mushrooms, the space bag full of shiitake mushrooms on the ground is super special~

台中新社 採香菇3
▲The mushrooms in the space bag are growing hard

Mr. Liu also said that the thicker the umbrella-shaped part of the shiitake mushroom, the better the taste. There are many shiitake mushrooms in it that are almost as big as the palm of your hand. It was an eye-opener to see such a big shiitake mushroom for the first time😮

台中新社 採香菇4
台中新社 採香菇1
▲Hold the empty box and prepare to pick mushrooms!
台中新社 採香菇7
▲The space bag is covered with mushrooms
台中新社 採香菇5
台中新社 採香菇8
▲ Gently shake the mushroom body to remove the mushroom
台中新社 採香菇9
▲ We picked a lot of big mushrooms!

When you come to the place where you try the shiitake mushrooms, put the shiitake mushrooms directly on the grill and fry, you can smell the aroma, and the original taste of the food is delicious!

台中新社 採香菇10
▲ Next, there are mushrooms to try, simply stir-fry and add salt and it will be very fragrant!

Generally, shiitake mushrooms bought in the market will be transported for several days, and here are fresh shiitake mushrooms that have just been picked, so they are particularly delicious.

台中新社 採香菇12
▲Everyone grabbed bamboo sticks and tried to eat fresh shiitake mushrooms

There are also dried shiitake mushrooms for sale at the scene, and many mothers have bought them directly~

台中新社 採香菇13
台中新社 採香菇11
台中新社 採香菇14
▲Staff on the side is processing shiitake mushrooms
台中新社 採香菇15

Taichung Xinshe Attractions|Xinfeng Farm

  • Activity content: Vineyard tour + fruit picking (100 coupons) + grapevine afternoon tea
  • Afternoon tea meal content: 2 cups of grape juice, peach gum grape jelly, dessert platter (2 small cakes + 5-6 biscuits and dried fruits), fresh grapes
  • Address: No. 264, Section 2, Zhonghe Street, New Community, Taichung City
  • Tel: 04 2581 1938

The last stop came to pick grapes at Xinfeng Farm, which is completely different from the farm in my impression. It is more like walking into an outdoor wedding in Europe and America. It is super romantic and beautiful! ! ! !

台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場2

Walking among the bunches of grapes, enjoying the afternoon tea made from fresh grapes, you can feel the full youthful atmosphere as soon as you enter the park. Every corner is arranged to take pictures well. Girls who come here will take pictures like crazy. Bar! ! ! ! !

台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場1

Our group's itinerary package did not include wine, but it happened to be the last feast that day, and the park generously invited everyone to taste it. It was really lucky!

台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場5

Although the weather was slightly rainy that day, the grape vine frame above the meal was placed with a rain cover, so that the afternoon tea process would not be exposed to rain, and the overall environment was very comfortable 😁

The afternoon tea is very rich, with fresh grape juice, peach gum grape jelly, cake, biscuits, dried fruit, and a small bunch of grapes. The dried fruit is Yujing's dried mango, which is not too sweet and greasy. In addition, Allie also likes to eat grape jelly. He thought that something good-looking was not delicious, but it tasted unexpectedly delicious! ! !

台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場12
▲Abundant and beautiful grape vine afternoon tea

The delicious cheesecake has dried prunes in it, and there are also mushroom biscuits that are abundant here. The grape juice is freshly made in the park, and the grape pulp is boiled for a long time until it melts. It takes a lot of time to make, and it feels like a lot of work!

台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場4
▲A dessert platter with cakes and dried fruits
台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場6
▲Grape jelly and apple slices

After the afternoon tea, I got up and went to the next park to pick grapes. Everyone didn't want to leave their seats. They were reluctant to end this romantic afternoon tea~~~~

台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場9
台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場8
▲Afternoon tea under the vine is very beautiful!

Qingnong Chen, known as the chief's daughter, first explained the method of picking grapes, and then gave everyone free picking. As for why she is the chief's daughter, it is because the owner of Xinfeng Farm is the chief of fruit, so she is called the chief's daughter!

台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場14
▲The chief's daughter explained the way of picking grapes
台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場16
台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場17
台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場3

We, who can't pick fruits, discussed which grapes are more delicious, and the guests who were picking fruits immediately told us, "It is delicious to pick grapes that look loose and not crowded together!"It turns out that the looser the grapes are arranged, the more sunlight and nutrients can be absorbed by each grape, and the sweetness will be higher!

台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場18

In the itinerary, each person has a voucher of 100 yuan, which can be used in combination. After picking the grapes, you can take it to the weighing scale to calculate the price.

台中新社 採葡萄 新豐農場19

A lot of people have asked us about the plan of afternoon tea in the vineyard, and it can be seen that it is super popular! In addition to our "Top 10 Food Farming Experience Classic Routes - Pure Portuguese Countryside Tour" this time, Xinfeng Farm Vineyard also has its own set itinerary. For detailed information and performances, you can send a private message to the "Xinfeng Farm" face Book page, it will be more clear!

The above ends our half-day itinerary. From 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm, the itinerary will not be too much, and it will not be too compact, and the experience is very comfortable. After this time, I found that there are actually quite a few tourist farms in Taichung Xinshe, and some of them have transformed quite well. It is worth your visit, and you can have a deeper understanding of Xinshe's agricultural culture!

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