[Scenic Spots in Tainan] Taiwan Timber Story House, a historic building rebuilt from a Japanese-style dormitory, a new scenic spot in Guanziling!

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There are new attractions in Tainan's Guanziling area now! The Forest Service Bureau recently opened the Taiwan Timber Story Pavilion here. In addition to introducing the wood produced locally in Taiwan with finished products, the pavilion can also experience various types of wood through the five senses such as hearing, smelling, and touching, hoping to promote Taiwan Wood is known to more people. The guide in the story hall carefully explained the knowledge of wood. As soon as you enter the hall, you can smell the strong wood fragrance, as if you are walking into the Japanese-style ancient house, which is a comfortable and comfortable visiting environment. Next time you come to Guanziling, Tainan, you will not only have a bath, but also drop by here!

▲Taiwan Timber Story Museum was in the Japanese Occupation Perioddormitory

Taiwan Timber Story Museum|Small information on attractions

  • No tickets
  • Closed every Monday, Tuesday to Sunday 09:30-16:00
  • Pre-reservation is required for guided tours in the museum
  • Suggested stay time: within 20 minutes without guided tour, about 30-50 minutes with guided tour
  • No parking lot, white line can be parked on the side of the road

Taiwan Timber Story Museum|Access

Take the bus

Take the Huang 13 bus and get off at the Workers’ Education and Recreation Center Station, and walk for about 3 minutes.

Passenger transport

Baihe Town took Xinying passenger to Guanzailing.
(1) Chiayi Passenger Transport (Chiayi→Guanziling).
(2) Xinying passenger transport to Baihe, and then from Baihe to Guanziling.


(1) Get off at the Xinying Railway Station of Taiwan Railways, transfer to Xinying Passenger Transport to Baihe, and then transfer from Baihe to Guanziling.
(2) Transfer from Taiwan Railway Station to Chiayi Passenger Transport (Chiayi→Guanziling).

Drive by yourself

Navigate to "No. 30 Guanziling, Guanlingli, Baihe District, Tainan". It is recommended to park at the parking lot of Lingding Park on the opposite side, then walk to the Taiwan Timber Story Museum, and walk for about three minutes (there is a toilet next to the park).

Taiwan Timber Story Museum|Environment

The Taiwan Timber Story House was originally an office building during the Japanese Occupation, and was later converted into a Japanese-style dormitory. In recent years, under the promotion of the Forest Service Bureau, it has been renovated and rebuilt, giving this 75-year-old building a brand new look. . The story hall is small in size, and the whole is mostly made of cypress, with many wood products on display.


Taiwan Timber Story Hall|VR Experience Zone

Before entering the lumber pavilion, in addition to scanning the real-name registration system, you can also scan the QRcode on the side of the VR experience. Through the limited-time dynamic filters of FB and IG, and the on-site curtain, you can record a small video as if you are in the woods. !

S 8667185

Taiwan Timber Story Museum|Know about Taiwan Timber

Then we followed the guided route and came to the introduction about hardwood and coniferous wood. The broad-leaved five woods refer to the first grade broad-leaved trees that grow at low and medium altitudes and have high economic value. They are Taiwan beech, black stone, cinnamomum camphor, camphor and Taiwan sassafras, while coniferous five trees grow in higher altitudes. The first-grade woods are Taiwan cypress, red cypress, Taiwan cedar, Taiwan xiaonan, and luangda cedar. The museum intimately put aside all kinds of wood made of wood for tourists to compare, so that we can easily perceive the difference in texture, color, texture, etc.!

▲Comparison of different types of wood

In addition to the differences in the wood itself, the tour guide also used a professional perspective to lead us to understand the modern history of Taiwan's wood. From the prosperous period of the Japanese occupation, compared with the current sluggish market share problem, I hope that through the establishment of this museum, we can vigorously promote Taiwanese timber to tourists.

▲Volunteers in the story hall carefully guide and explain

Taiwan Timber Story Museum|Five Sense Experience Zone

In addition to feeling wood with sight and touch, the museum also has an experience area for hearing and smell. Visitors can enjoy the pitch and tone of wood chips of different lengths, which is also the principle of xylophone production. However, as a "fungus" Jeffy can only hear a sonorous sound. I wonder if any tourists can hear what kind of wood impact it is?

Five sense experience area
▲Woods of different lengths are provided on site for tourists to percussion

There are two fragrance-retaining machines in the olfactory experience area. You can smell the wood by pressing the small black airbag, emitting the scents of cypress and camphor trees respectively. The cypress smells very fragrant, just like the smell of high-end wooden furniture, and the camphor tree smells a little bit of camphor. It is a very special experience. This is the first time I have seen such a fragrance-retaining machine.

▲After pressing the fragrance machine, you can smell a strong wood fragrance

The next stop comes to the wood production process, from wool, planing, sanding to painting, slowly becoming the wood we come into contact with every day. There is a magnifying glass on the side to observe the texture of different woods, and you can also touch it with your fingers to feel it!

▲WoodThe production process from wool, planing, sanding to coating

Taiwan Timber Story Museum|Wooden Hand Tools

Before wood is made into furniture or artwork, it usually goes through various processing procedures, such as ruler (measurement), planing (grinding), sawing, chiseling, and drilling (all of the above are cutting). However, I heard from the guide that the wood used by the masters in the past was hardly fixed with iron nails, usually using tenon and tenon to cut the wood into concave and convex and then combine them. But because this technology is more difficult and rare, it is becoming more and more precious now~

woodVarious processing display

Taiwan Timber Story Museum|Timber Living Area

After finishing a series of wood knowledge, let's take a look at wood products! In addition to making common kitchen utensils such as spoons, chopsticks, and spoons, chess and chessboards made of wood are also displayed. The texture feels very good. Playing chess with this kind of chess looks more professional. 😆

The timber living area displays common wooden furniture and supplies

Taiwan Timber Story House|Haomu DIY Experience

Don’t leave in a hurry after finishing the entire guided tour! To celebrate the new opening of the story hall, there will be a free limited daily gift, as long as you fill in the questionnaire, you will get a package of materials. You can choose a good wooden flower, a good wooden coaster and a good wooden turn to take these lovely wooden products home!


There are three DIY experience packs, namely Haomu Flower, Haomu Coaster, and Haomu Zhuanzhuan. They are mainly provided on the spot of the day, and no choice is provided.
I got a good wooden coaster on the same day. There are two wooden coasters, sandpaper and waterproof paint in the material package. Although it is called a DIY activity, we feel that it is close to the finished product after we get it. It only takes a short time to sand and apply. Just install it, and the small canvas bag that comes with it looks very textured.

▲Limited daily DIY activities
▲Good wooden coaster of the day

The above visit is over in just a short time! This time we think the most special is the five senses experience zone. It is more fun to learn about these woods through smell, sound and touch. From this guided tour, we also realized that Taiwan's timber is a good spot for entertaining and entertaining. I hope that everyone will find the goodness of Taiwanese wood after the visit. When choosing furniture in the future, please support Taiwanese wood a lot!

Taiwan Timber Story Museum

  • Business hours: closed every Monday, Tuesday to Sunday 09:30-16:00
  • Address: No. 30, Guanziling, Guanlingli, Baihe District, Tainan City
  • Phone: 06-6822913

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