[Tainan Hot Spring] Lijing Hot Spring Club is an independent soup house, with a double pool design in a high space, and Guanziling mud hot spring is recommended!

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Xiaojuzi went back to her parents-in-law’s house in the southern part of the country to say goodbye. By the way, we took a day off with Xiaojuzi, drove to Tainan for a drive, celebrated our birthday, and enjoyed the rare world of two people. Jeffy has always heard of the mud hot springs in Guanziling, but he has never soaked them. It is ranked as the three largest mud hot springs in the world along with Kagoshima in Japan and Sicily in Italy.

📢2022 Guanziling Hot Spring Food Festival from 9/17 to 10/16, there are related activities in Dachengdian Square and Lingding Park for registration. For details, seeOfficial websiteYo!

Lijing Hot Spring Resort | Hot Spring Voucher

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We bought it on the spot, and later found that Klook also sells e-coupons, the price is relatively cheap, but they are limited to their "outdoor spa bath coupons" and "90 minutes of Hefeng Pavilion's exquisite soup house". You can also buy tickets first, or go to the scene to see the room type you like. Reservations are not accepted, you can only wait on the spot!

Lijing Hot Spring Resort|Transportation

Guanziling Hot Spring is located halfway up the mountain, the mountain road is quite open, and it will not take too much time to go up the mountain. We chose this Lijing Hot Spring Resort. The traffic is quite convenient. If you drive by yourself, there are parking spaces at the door, and there are quite a lot of parking spaces. The modes of transportation are as follows:

Drive by yourself

National Highway: Drive on National Highway No. 3, get off at "Baihe Interchange" at Km 311, and head towards "Guanzailing". It takes about 20 minutes to arrive.

High-speed rail

Take the high-speed rail to "Chiayi Station", transfer to the high-speed rail express bus from Exit 2 to "Chiayi Bus Terminal" in Chiayi City, take the bus bound for "Guanzai Ling", get off at "Lingding Park Station" (terminal), go up It can be reached in ten minutes on foot.

Taiwan Railway

Take the Taiwan Railway to "Xinying Station" and take the shuttle bus bound for "Guanzai Ling" at "Xinying Bus Terminal"; or take the train to "Chiayi Station" and take the bus bound for "Guanzai Ling" at "Chiayi Bus Terminal".

Lijing Hot Spring Resort

Lijing Hot Spring Resort|Independent Soup House

The independent soup house is clean and tidy, and you will feel like a vacation as soon as you enter! With a Japanese-style cicada-style atmosphere, the room has a large space, and the high-ceilinged design has no oppressive feeling at all, and it is luxurious. There are toilets and separate shower rooms in the soup house. The rooms have TVs, and related toiletries, hair dryers, towels, and mineral water are all available. The supplies are very complete.

儷景溫泉會館 台南關子嶺1
儷景溫泉會館 台南關子嶺4 1
▲ There is a TV in the room

The bathing area is separated from the room by a door. I really like this design. I don’t want to step on the room wet. After soaking in the hot spring, I return to the room to rest, and there will be no heat from the hot spring all the time. The washbasin in the soup house is very large~ the design of dark wood and black and white marble, there is a large mirror on it, think we are just here to soak in the soup, it is a pity that such a large space is not used 😆

儷景溫泉會館 台南關子嶺11 1
▲The washbasin in the soup house
儷景溫泉會館 台南關子嶺3 1
▲The rest room is separated from the bathing area by a door
儷景溫泉會館 台南關子嶺9 1

Lijing's soup house has two pools, a cold spring and a mud hot spring, which can be soaked back and forth for a longer time. The soup house we chose has a time of 90 minutes, and some room types are 60 minutes. You can confirm with the counter staff before entering. When the time is up, the counter staff will call to remind you to enter the room. The last time Allie soaked in the mud hot spring was a long time ago. , the memory is still stuck in childhood, only remember the gray hot spring. Unexpectedly, the mud hot springs are very slippery, and the whole body becomes very smooth, which is really special!

儷景溫泉會館 台南關子嶺10 1
▲ The design of the double pools is a cold spring on one side and a mud hot spring on the other.
儷景溫泉會館 台南關子嶺6 1
▲The unique mud hot spring in Guanziling!

Lijing Hot Spring Resort|Meals

Mountain View Restaurant is the only dining venue in Lijing Hot Spring Resort. There are indoor and outdoor spaces, and there are not too many seats. If you want to see the scenery, it is recommended to come during the day, and the scenery should be even more beautiful. When we arrived at the time, it was already night, so we had to enjoy the night view, which is not bad. The meal here provides a la carte Taiwanese quick stir-fry, and the price of each dish is about 200 -300 yuan, there is also a large pot of soup dishes.

儷景溫泉會館 台南關子嶺15
▲Indoor seating of Mountain View restaurant
儷景溫泉會館 台南關子嶺14
▲Outdoor seating in Mountain View restaurant

The portion of the meal is delicious! Although it is said to be a Taiwanese quick stir fry, it is very delicately done. Aside from the general impression of quick stir fry, it is not too greasy, the taste is relatively light, and it is not too salty. We all like it! On that day, the two simply ordered three dishes, served with rice, and spent a leisurely evening~

儷景溫泉會館 台南關子嶺13
▲ Taiwanese quick stir-fry eaten that day: steamed shrimp / Matsusaka iron plate / seasonal vegetables
儷景溫泉會館 台南關子嶺12 1
▲The night view from the Mountain View Restaurant

To sum up the above, Lijing's soup house environment and meals feel quite good, and it is quite recommended! Some of the meals are also Taiwanese dishes that the elders will like. It is also very good for families to have dinner together. I recommend it to everyone!

Lijing Hot Spring Resort|Nearby Attractions

The newly opened Taiwan Timber Story Museum is near the Lijing Hot Spring Club. See the article below for details!