[Tainan Accommodation] Nan'an Mountain. Qi B&B, without losing the hotel’s advanced equipment, live in the designer’s work!

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Today we are going to share a homestay in Tainan-South Coast Mountain. BeautifulThe name sounds poetic and picturesque. I heard that it is also recommended by the famous Baodong in Tainan. This time I finally have the opportunity to visit! The high-quality environment with a sense of design and the collections that can be seen everywhere in the hotel make people feel like living in an art gallery 😍 and the equipment in the room is also very advanced. The room we stayed in that day even had a PS4 racing team. Super fresh accommodation experience, immediately add it to our recommended pocket list!

South Coast Mountain. Beautiful|AccommodationSmall information

  • The room types are divided into two to four-person rooms "ju", double rooms "嵂" and "hong"
  • The price of a single room is about 3000-5000 yuan
  • Provide cladding, semi-package or package
  • No breakfast, if you need to make a reservation, you must inform in advance
  • Car parked at the white line opposite the B&B, or at the parking lot at Lane 40, 5th Street, Shiping

South Coast Mountain. Qi|Transportation

Take public transportation

After taking the train to Tainan Railway Station, transfer to Bus No. 2 to Tancheng Community Station or Bailuwan Community Station, and walk into No. 35, Lane 10, 5th Street, Shiping.

Drive or bike

Navigate to "South Coast Mountain. Beautiful"Or "No. 35, Lane 10, Shiping 5th Street, Anping District, Tainan City", you can stop at the narration line, orParking lot at Lane 40, Shiping 5th Street.

South Coast Mountain. Qi|Environment

Because of our coming down from Taipei, it was very late when we arrived at the homestay that day. The boss asked us to use the self-check-in method, which is very convenient for late check-in travelers.South Coast Mountain. Qi is hidden in the low-key alleys, surrounded by trees with greenery, and looks luxurious in appearance. The moment you press the remote control and open the electric wooden door, it feels like you have entered a high-end residence, can't wait to see what the room looks like!

台南住宿 南岸山綺6

I heard that this homestay was jointly built by well-known architects and interior designers in Tainan. No wonder it feels different when you walk in. The exterior of the building and the rooms are very tasteful, as if you are admiring the works of the masters up close. 👏

台南住宿 南岸山綺5
Self-check-in electric door remote control and elevator induction.

Entering the hall, clean and tidy decoration and furnishings, you can see the owner’s meticulous collection everywhere, and the most amazing thing is the carpet on the floor of the hall. After a closer look, it turns out that it is composed of the leather labels of various jeans. Many jeans brands They are all on top, very special collections.

South Coast Mountain. The hall on the first floor
台南住宿 南岸山綺2
▲High-end carpets composed of various brand labels
▲Isn't this the birdman that I used to see in CNR? !

In addition to the lobby on the first floor, the public space on the third floor has more rest space, and the living room has multiple sofas and dining tables. The kitchen next to it can easily handle light meals, and it is also very convenient for a group of people.South Coast Mountain. Qibaodong can accommodate about 10-14 people, and you can consult the B&B for detailed plans. The decoration on the third floor is simple but elegant, with the warmth of home, bright and tidy. In addition, we also like it very muchSouth Coast Mountain. Many large glass windows used by Qi, with plenty of light, make people feel better ❤️

▲The kitchen in the public area on the third floor
▲Recreation space in the public area on the third floor

The furniture in the homestay looks very textured. If you get tired of staying indoors, you can also open the windows and walk to the balcony to rest. Many trees and potted plants are planted in the homestay, and the man-made buildings are combined with nature. Whether it is emptying in the homestay, or working, it is very comfortable. It is exactly what we think of home!

台南住宿 南岸山綺1
▲The balcony in the public area on the third floor

South Coast Mountain. Qi|Room Type

South Coast Mountain. Qi is mainly divided into three types of rooms, namely "ju", "嵂" and "hong". Each room type has its own unique scenery, and the design concepts and decorations are also different. In addition to staying in a single room, if there are many people, you can also choose a package (嵂房 and Hongfang), a semi-inclusive building (third to fifth floor) or a fully-inclusive building.

台南住宿 南岸山綺3
▲The stairs on the first floor can also lead directly to the rooms on the second floor.

Orange Room on the second floor-room for 2 to 4 people

We only had two people that day. We stayed in the "Orange" room on the second floor. I thought it would be the door of each room after the elevator went out. I didn't expect to enter the room directly when I got out of the elevator. It was a bit of a surprising experience. It’s the first time to have such a special experience by owning a floor space by myself😂

▲The room outside the elevator

The space of 11.6 pings is spacious for the two people, and there is no sense of oppression. There are also large windows and balconies. After the door is opened, the stairs can even lead directly to the first floor. In the morning, we ordered breakfast from Ubereats and went downstairs directly from the stairs outside to get the meal😆

S 8740871

The room is equipped with a large bed, a small sofa chair and a work table. The bed space is large, and it is more than enough for two people to sleep, just like sleeping in a high-end hotel!


The brands used on home appliances are all high-end, nothing like what would appear in cheap homestays. There are toilets from TOTO, hair dryers from Dyson, dehumidifiers from Hitachi, toiletries from the mountain to pick up medicines, and many artworks brought back from the boss’s world travels, such as the Shofar from Italy, and from the United States. Tree branches pendant.

S 8740869
S 8740870

In addition, the room is also equipped with a super-powerful racing chair! Although Jeffy drove the car south for about four hours, he couldn't help but open the PS4 racing chair when he arrived at the scene. In addition to the racing games that boys like, there are other games to choose from, and some of them were very popular before. The multiplayer friendship destruction game is overcooked, and it’s really okay to spend a whole day in the hotel!

▲In the roomPS4 game movie

twoThe toilet in the orange room is located outside the room. You must wear shoes and open the floor-to-ceiling windows before going out. The toilet does not have a bathtub, but has shower facilities. The ROOM PLUS olive essence, which is a two-in-one bath and bath in the UK, is used.

▲The toilet uses TOTO's toilet
▲Bath products to go up the mountain to gather herbs
▲United KingdomROOM PLUS olive essence with two-in-one wash

This time in Nan'an Mountain. Qi's accommodation experience is really special! The small details in the homestay always surprise us. The decoration and equipment can deeply feel the selfless sharing and careful management of the boss. I only hope that the tourists are really as comfortable as returning home. Not only the double room type, but also a multi-person private dormitory is also recommended here. Other room types are also very good. They are recommended for accommodation in Tainan's Anping District!

Nan'an Mountain‧Qi

  • Address: No. 35, Lane 10, Shiping 5th Street, Anping District, Tainan City
  • Phone: 06 391 0055
  • Related links:FB,Official website

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