[Small Giant Egg Hand Shake Drink] Tea gathering chage July new product gardenia is not green, love lemon is not green, and apple is also super popular in cold weather!

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Tea gatherings spread all over Taiwan, and there are stores in the north, central and south. Although the appearance of the store is not as gorgeous as the hand-cranked drink from the net beauty, the drinks are really delicious. The tea base is right, the tea is delicious, from tea picking to In tea making, the quality of each link is strictly controlled, and the essence of "tea" in hand shake is the best! In 2021, Tea Jug won the two-star award of the Belgian iTi Flavor Excellence Award for the "Fragrant Piece Shanshan", and the new gardenia "Unknown Youth" launched this year is also very exciting!

Cha Gathering|Transportation of Dunbei Changgeng Store

Take the MRT

Take the MRT to Taipei Arena Station, exit from Exit 1, go along Lane 53, Section 4, Nanjing East Road, turn left at Lane 155, Dunhua North Road, then turn right into Lane 2, Lane 199, Dunhua North Road.

go by self

Navigate to "Chaju CHAGE Dunbei Changgeng Store” or “No. 1, Alley 2, Lane 199, Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City”.

Tea gathering chage|Store appearance

This time, we came to the Dunbei Chang Gung store in the alley next to Chang Gung Hospital near the Little Arena. Although the small room is inconspicuous, there is always a crowd of people queuing up. We waited for a while before we caught the empty space with no one to take pictures. The business is quite good~

茶聚 飲料1
▲The tea gathering store in Dunbei Changgeng Store in Little Arena
茶聚 飲料4

Chaju CHAGE Dunbei Changgeng Store

  • Business hours: Monday to Friday 08:00–17:00, closed on Saturday and Sunday
  • Address: No. 1, Alley 2, Lane 199, Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City
  • Tel: 02 2514 0799
  • Related websites:FB,IG

Tea gathering|Menu

The tea party menu is updated seasonally, please refer toOfficial websiteThe menu is the main one!

茶聚 菜單 scaled
▲Tea gathering chage drink list

tea gathering|drinks

茶聚 飲料9
茶聚 飲料5

Apple Frozen 75 yuan

Allie likes to drink fruity black tea, and ordered the "Apple Cold Sky Jelly" from the Yucha Double-Material Series. The sweetness is slightly sugar, which is unexpectedly delicious! I've drank many apple black teas, and I like the tea gathering first. It doesn't feel chemically sweet and greasy when I drink it. It's refreshing with a little sugar, and the sweetness is just right. There are a lot of QQ ingredients hidden in the apple cold day jelly, the more you chew, the more fragrant, and even the fine diced apples, super satisfying, the return visit rate is very high, absolutely must drink! In addition, if you join the tea party, you can enjoy the member price of 65 yuan!

茶聚 飲料7
▲The very recommended apple is frozen in cold weather, you must try it!

I do not know youth (big) 35 yuan

The new product on Tea Gathering in July, I don't know the green series, there are two kinds of "I don't know the green" and "I don't know the green". Jeffy ordered a simple and refreshing cup of Shibuya. Shibuya uses all natural raw materials without any added essence. It tastes the purest floral fragrance. Jeffy likes to drink sugar-free tea products, which can best drink the quality of a cup of tea, and Chaju focuses on "good tea without sugar". He is very confident in his own products, and he is not afraid of others to try it.

茶聚 飲料6
▲ July new products do not know the green

I do not know Qing is to hand-select midsummer gardenias, tea embryos and flowers, one layer of tea leaves and one layer of flowers overlapping each other, following the traditional Taiwanese tea process, using an exclusive golden ratio to bake, the process is very complicated, in order to remove the bitterness of the tea, leaving Under the charming floral fragrance! If you like to drink a drink with a richer taste, you can also considerLove lemons do not know green, with Shiranui as the tea base, adding lemon and mellow condensed milk, adding a sweet and sour feeling! The taste is similar to a lot, but it is a taste that is not available in the hand-cranked store outside, which is very special.

茶聚 飲料8

Although there are many hand-cranked drink shops, they are often short-lived. Only good tea bases can gain a foothold in the market and have been loved by everyone for a long time. I have personally drank the drinks of the tea gathering, which quenched my thirst in the hot summer, and the tea taste was sweet but not astringent. I drank one cup immediately, and I would not get tired at all! I really hope that a tea party can be held near my home. I must go to report every day and bring a cup of afternoon tea back~

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