[Taipei Beitou Attractions] 9 major attractions in Beitou one day tour, walk through the greenery and historic buildings, and a healing journey of hot spring food!

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When you come to Beitou on holidays, in addition to soaking in hot springs and enjoying delicious food, you can also visit many century-old buildings left over from the Japanese occupation period. Allie especially likes the green atmosphere of Beitou. Every few steps, there are large parks, green trails, and many foot bathing pools where you can sit and rest. The scenic spots in Beitou are very close to each other. You can consider walking for a day. Although there are many bumps along the way, it is difficult to walk, but visiting these special buildings while exercising is not bad!

📢 Small reminder:There are many mosquitoes in Beitou, which is backed by the mountain. It is recommended to bring mosquito repellent, so that you will not be bitten and uncomfortable when you walk!

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Beitou Attractions|New Beitou Station

  • No tickets
  • Address: No. 1, Qixing Street, Beitou District, Taipei City
  • Business Hours: Closed on Monday, Tuesday to Sunday 10:00–18:00
  • Tel: 02 2891 5558
  • Related links:Official website

Walking out of Xinbeitou MRT Station, you will definitely pass through the historical attractions. Xinbeitou Station started from the Xinbeitou branch line built during the Japanese occupation period. It is the only 100-year-old station in Taipei City. The staff at that time told us that there is still a bright spot in the appearance of the station, the diamond-shaped copper tile roof stacked with special building materials, the color of the roof can change with the weather, sometimes it is turquoise, sometimes it is red. They all look different, very special! On holidays, there will be a small market next to the station from time to time, which is very suitable for stopping by!

北投景點 新北投車站1 scaled
▲Xinbeitou Station
北投景點 新北投車站3 scaled
▲Free admission to exhibitions in Xinbeitou Station
北投景點 新北投車站2 scaled
▲The whole wooden building of Xinbeitou Station
北投景點 新北投車站5 scaled
▲There are also platforms and trains next to them
北投景點 新北投車站4 scaled
北投景點 新北投車站6 scaled
▲Visiting the train carriage, there are many cute decorations inside.
北投景點 新北投車站7 scaled
▲ Wearing a hat and carrying a pole is so cute!

Beitou Attractions|Beitou Hot Spring Museum

Beitou Hot Spring Museum is also a must-see attraction in Beitou! I thought it was just an ordinary exhibition, but it turned out to be completely unexpected. The whole hot spring museum is super good! The current exhibition is "Beitou Impressions and Bathing Together", creating a beautiful Beitou scene where the hot spring culture was prevalent in the past, as if entering a hot spring hotel Check in, a historical shuttle. The interactive video is paired with on-site landscaping and historical materials, allowing people to immerse themselves in the situation and learn about the past Beitou and hot spring culture in an interesting way.

  • No tickets
  • The current exhibition "Beitou Impressions Reunited", please contact the museum for details of the exhibition period.
  • Address: No. 2, Zhongshan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City
  • Business hours: Closed on Monday, Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00
▲The retro red brick building of the Hot Spring Museum
北投溫泉博物館3 4
▲Because there is a limit on the number of people inside, there are often queues on holidays.
北投溫泉博物館1 2
▲Restore the scene of Beitou Bath before
北投溫泉博物館4 3
北投溫泉博物館2 1
▲The super huge snowflake ice floating on the hot spring is so healing!

Beitou Attractions|Beitou Library

Beitou Library, a world-class green building, focuses on environmentally friendly construction and uses solar power to save energy. The library is also very beautiful! If there is such a library near my home, I would be willing to read every day. It looks like a big wooden boat. There is a small stream flowing through the nearby park. It is very poetic and has won many architectural design awards. It is worth visiting.

  • No tickets
  • Address: No. 251, Guangming Road, Beitou District, Taipei City
IMG 0337 scaled
IMG 0185
▲Beitou's famous green building - Beitou Library

Beitou Attractions|Mei Ting

Going further back to Beitou Park, next to the open-air hot springs in Beitou Park, there is an old house with a Japanese and Western style. The Mei Ting used to be a private residence, and then it became a designated historical building in Taipei City. You can visit it for free and hold small exhibitions from time to time. Mei Ting has a basement on the first floor and an air defense shelter. The basement cannot be visited. Although the indoor space is not large, the main cypress structure and outdoor courtyard have a small and beautiful quiet atmosphere. Come in and blow the air-conditioning to rest, and your mood will also improve!

  • No tickets
  • Accessible ramps and wheelchair rentals, no pets on the ground
  • Address: No. 6, Zhongshan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City
  • Closed on Mondays, 10:00–18:00 every other day
  • Tel: 02 2897 2647
  • Check the current exhibition information 👉Meiting official website
▲Mei Ting's gate entrance
▲ Mei Ting needs slippers when entering the house, and there is a shoe cabinet on the side to store shoes.
▲ Japanese-style old house with cypress architecture
▲In conjunction with the special exhibition at the time "Happiness is like a daily landscape"

Beitou Attractions|Tiangou Temple Ruins

Located next to Kagaya, this is a small attraction that looks very simple. People passing by will think it is just a small park, but there is a great meaning behind it. The pebble stairs with a history of more than 120 years are the remains of the first private hot spring hotel "Tenguan" in Taiwan. Until later, the Risheng Group discovered the historical significance of this place and rebuilt the Kaga House in situ, and repaired the nearby relics of the stone steps to continue this scenic spot.

  • Open all day
  • Address: No. 10, Lane 73, Wenquan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City
IMG 0336 2 scaled
IMG 0332 scaled
IMG 0335 scaled
▲The ruins of Tenguan next to Kagaya

Beitou Attractions|Geothermal Valley

If you want to explore the spectacular natural terrain, the Geothermal Valley is not far away! The Geothermal Valley can be visited all year round. It is filled with sulphur fumes and is also one of the springs of Beitou Hot Springs. The temperature of the spring water in the park is very high, about 80-100 degrees, so be careful when bringing children and pets there. In order to protect the water quality of the hot springs in the park, the Geothermal Valley has banned tourists from cooking eggs. Don't buy eggs to avoid disappointment! If you want to eat hot spring eggs, there are also many shops nearby that sell them.

  • No tickets
  • The park will be closed for renovation before June 2022
  • Address: No. 30-10, Zhongshan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City (about 15 minutes walk from Xinbeitou MRT Station)
▲Entrance to Geothermal Valley
▲The geothermal valley filled with sulfur all year round

Beitou Attractions|Puji Temple

Go inside the Hot Spring Road and climb a small trail to Puji Temple. Don't be frightened by the pile of stairs. The trail up the mountain is not very long. It only takes about 5 minutes. If you are on the way, you can go up the mountain for a rest! The old name of Puji Temple is Tiezhenyuan. The temple is Japanese-style. There are free mosquito repellents and fans for tourists to use. Walking in Beitou, where there are many shades of greenery, it is very necessary to prevent mosquitoes! In the pavilion on the left side of the monastery, there is a "Goddess of Mercy for Sending Children", which some people think is the "Zi'an Bodhisattva" in Japan. Many people come here to pray for their children.

  • No tickets
  • Address: No. 112, Wenquan Road, Beitou District, Beitou District, Taipei City
  • Business hours: 09:00–17:00 daily (only the outer courtyard of the temple is open during the current epidemic, and pilgrimages are suspended)
  • Tel: 02 2891 4386
▲Puji Temple above Hot Spring Road
▲Japanese style temple
▲The "Send Child Guanyin" in the pavilion on the side is also believed to be the "Zi'an Bodhisattva" in Japan.

Beitou Attractions|Central New Village

  • No tickets
  • Scheduled tour: 14:00/15:00 every Saturday and Sunday
  • Business hours: Closed on Mondays, 10:00–18:00 every other day
  • Address: No. 9, Lane 22, Xinmin Road, Beitou District, Taipei City
  • Tel: 02 2891 0804

Besides the Sisi South Village near 101, the Central New Village in Beitou is one of the 13 military military preservation areas in Taiwan, and it is also one of the few remaining military dependents villages with complete scale in Taipei City. There are many historical exhibitions and cultural relics in the Central New Village.


Beitou Attractions|Beitou Park

When you come to New Beitou, you will definitely pass through Beitou Park. The area is very large and there are many shaded trees. If you are tired from walking, you can sit down and rest. Many attractions are near Beitou Park, such as Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Japanese-style old house Meiting, Ketagland Cultural Center, Tenguan Historical Park, and there are also many hot spring clubs around, including the famous hot spring hotel Kagaya. The fountain in front of the library also appeared in the Jimmy picture book movie "Go Left, Go Right" many years ago.

▲Near Xinbeitou MRT StationBeitou Park

Beitou Hot Spring|Kagaya Hot Spring

When it comes to Beitou Hot Springs, you must have heard of Hikatsusheng Kagaya. If you want an occasional luxurious date, this is a very good choice. The Japanese-style decoration and exquisite service quality in the Kagaya Hotel are known as the holiday feeling of flying to Japan in one second. With the hotel's preferential package "Two Hot Springs Hot Springs + Advanced Japanese Japanese Cuisine", the hot springs and gourmet food are satisfied at once!

see detailed article 🎁 Luxury Dating Day Trip:Kagaya Double Soup House,Kagaya Japanese cuisine

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加賀屋 雙人湯屋1 1 scaled
▲The Kagaya Hotel next to Beitou Park
加賀屋 溫泉湯屋15 scaled
▲The resting space after the bath
北投加賀屋 天翔午餐9 scaled
▲The dining environment facing Beitou Park

Beitou Hot Spring|Shamaoshan Hot Spring Area

In addition to the many hot spring clubs in Xinbeitou, there are also many cheap soup houses in Shamao Mountain in Beitou. If you want to arrange Shamao Mountain to play with Xinbeitou, it is recommended to drive or take a bus by yourself. There is no MRT station in Shamao Mountain, and the driving distance is about 10 minutes. On Xingyi Road in Shamao Mountain, there are many famous hot spring restaurants. The price is close to the people. The price is about 400 yuan per person, including the full amount of the private soup house and gourmet food. Among them, the seafood casserole porridge is also very famous. Some shops are still open 24 hours a day. Fits well too!

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One-day tour of Beitou|Outskirts of Yangmingshan

You can play Beitou by car, and you can also take a day trip to Yangmingshan. In the morning, you can go up the mountain for a green walk, and come to Beitou in the evening for a full day! There are many trails and parent-child attractions suitable for outing on Yangming Mountain, such as Qingtiangang, Lengshuikeng, Xiaoyoukeng, Qixing Mountain, and Dream Lake. The flowering season of Yangmingshan is also a highlight, cherry blossoms from January to March, white calla lilies from March to April, blue-purple hydrangeas from April to May, lilies from May to July, and Miscanthus from October to November , you can visit all year round!

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[Taipei Attractions] Yangmingshan Lengshuikeng Ecological Pool, Lengshuikeng Hot Spring, Jingshan Suspension Bridge. Traffic control / parking / introduction to scenic spots.

Beitou is fun, with relaxing hot springs and delicacies, historical buildings with rich cultural significance, and green trails for sports and walking. The soup house alone attracts us to report every year. It is definitely not enough to come here once! The transportation in Beitou is also very convenient. It is the only hot spring resort in Taipei that can be reached by MRT. Take a small trip during the holidays to heal your body and mind!

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