[Gourmet recommendation] Niu News Pineapple Cake Gift Box, the strongest souvenir of the year, a box of well-known brands in Taiwan!

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The annual Mid-Autumn Festival, when the moon is round and the people are round again-besides barbecue and grapefruit, biscuits are absolutely indispensable! Our family loves pineapple cakes, this time I receivedTwo kinds of pineapple cake gift boxes launched by Niu News, A box isFantasy Super Exciting Edition, A collection of 16 famous shops in Taiwan, the other box isLairfu Co-branded Limited Edition, A collection of 9 classic pastry shops. The pineapple cakes in the gift box have rich and diverse flavors, including soil pineapple, winter melon pineapple, egg yolk cake, as well as dessert-like macaron pineapple cake and strawberry pineapple cake, etc., sweet and salty are all satisfied, and it is a pineapple cake award. Good for giving away for personal use~

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Niu News Pineapple Cake | Gift Box Information

  • Pineapple Cake Dream Box 16 into 750 yuan, Lairfu Limited Edition 9 into 499 yuan (available in designated stores of Lairfu in Taiwan)
  • One of the wines contains meat, and the other 15 brands are ovo-lacto-vegetable and edible
  • The storage time varies from one month to several months depending on the packaging
  • Each box comes with a bag

Niu News Pineapple Cake|Collection of gift box stores

Dream Super Exciting Edition] Collect the following 16 well-known pastry shops👇

  • He Sheng Yu Pin – Crushed Apricot and Pineapple Cake
  • Chen Yun Baoquan – Original Pineapple Cake
  • Sunshine Fruits – Golden Diamond Pineapple Cake
  • Vigor Bakery – Old Flavour Phoenix and Yellow Crisp
  • Xindongyang – Tuwanglai Crisp
  • King's Daughter – Golden Diamond Pineapple Cake
  • Junmei Foods-Pineapple Cake
  • Yizhixuan – Original Golden Diamond Pineapple Cake
  • Zhaiwojia – Banana Pineapple Cake
  • Xiaopan Cake Shop – Phoenix Cake
  • Wu Baochun – No Suspect Pineapple Cake
  • SweetsPURE-Encounter Spring-Strawberry Chocolate Phoenix Crisp
  • Old Zhennan – Pineapple Cake
  • Jiade Pastry – Original Jiade Pineapple Cake
  • Mouth 8-Original flavor of earth pineapple
  • Fab Sweet – Macaron Pineapple Cake
Dream Super Exciting Edition 16pcs

[Lierfu Co-branded Limited Edition] Collected the following 9 well-known pastry shops👇

  • Royal Mansion – Fenghuang Crispy
  • Sunshine Fruits – Golden Diamond Pineapple Cake
  • Isabel – Earthy Pineapple Cake
  • Vigor Bakery – Old Flavour Phoenix and Yellow Crisp
  • Lai Chi Fong – Pineapple Cake
  • Xiaopan Cake Shop – Phoenix Cake
  • Santong Han Guozi – Liuxin Phoenix Cake
  • Wu Baochun – No Suspect Pineapple Cake
  • Jiade Pastry – Original Jiade Pineapple Cake
Lairfu Co-branded Limited Edition 9 pieces
▲The gift box contains the introduction of each business

Niu News Pineapple Cake|Brand and Taste

# Xiaopan Cake Square Phoenix Pastry

Xiaopan Cake Shop is a well-known souvenir shop in Banqiao. In addition to pineapple cakes and egg yolk cakes, the most well-known ones are the phoenix cakes in the gift box this time. Phoenix Crisp uses winter melon, pineapple and salted egg as fillings. The outer skin is soft and the filling is sweet and salty. It is delicious!

# Jiade Pastry Original Pineapple Cake

The Jiade pastry, who has won the championship of pineapple cakes, always has a long queue every Chinese New Year and holidays. Of course, they should also be included in the gift box. The outer cake has a milky fragrance, which blends with the sweet pineapple filling and bites into your mouth together. , The classic taste of pineapple cake is perfectly presented!

▲There are many brands of pineapple cakes~ These two kinds of packaging should be familiar to everyone!

# Wu Baochun no suspicion pineapple cake

I believe everyone knows the reputation of Wu Baochun’s wheat recipes~ and the special name of "Wu Baochun" is named after the mother of Master Wu Baochun, Chen Wuhua, which means that he will not give up. Among them, the local soil pineapple is used, the filling is rich and sour, and it is written and drooling~

# Vigor Bakery Ancient Flavour Phoenix Yellow Cake

I really like the pineapple pastry with egg yolks in it~ The phoenix pastry of Vigor Bakery has a soft crust, firm filling, and full of salty and sweet taste. The overall taste is great!

# Sunshine Fruit Golden Diamond Pineapple Cake

The inner filling of Sunshine Fruit’s pineapple cake is made of golden diamond pineapple sauce. The exquisite appearance can be eaten in one bite. The crispy outer skin matches the sweet and sour inner filling very well, and the packaging is also young and energetic.

▲From top to bottom are Wu Baochun,Vigor Bakery,Sunshine Fruit

# Yizhixuan Original Golden Diamond Pineapple Cake

Every time I pass by Yizhixuan, I will be attracted by their bread fragrance ~ the classic original flavor with thin skin and rich fillings. The golden diamond pineapple cake has a little egg and cream on the outside, and the thick pineapple sweetness is delicious. Sucking hands!

# New Dongyang Tuwanglai Crispy

New Dongyang Foods is also well-known to everyone! The filling of Tuwanglai Crisp is made of Tainong No. 2 pineapple from the Bagua Mountains. The outer layer is crispy and has the unique sourness of the soil pineapple. Jeffy really loves it!

▲From top to bottom are Yizhixuan,New Toyo

#SweetsPURE Strawberry Chocolate Phoenix Crisp

SweetsPure strawberry chocolate phoenix pastry is very eye-catching. It is sprinkled with dried strawberry fragments. It stands out from the pineapple pastry group. Allie sees the girl's heart erupting directly. Although the taste is a combination of many sweets, the overall taste is not too sweet and too greasy, but it makes people want to eat it all at once!

SweetsPURE Pineapple Cake

# Fabu Sweet Macaron Pineapple Cake

This macaron pineapple cake is dreamy enough! What new flavor will the French macarons match with Taiwanese pineapple cakes? The outer skin is 100% almond flour mixed with fresh protein and baked at a high temperature. The crispy has an almond flavor. The filling is made of pineapple, but after a long time of slow cooking, it does not taste the slight sourness of pineapple. Those who like to try fresh Definitely like it!

# House Wo Home Banana Stream Banana Pineapple Cake

Home is happiness, home is warmth, home is love, and the three characters of home and home give people a feeling of happiness. This banana stream banana pineapple cake is even more impressive. The appearance is a cute banana shape, the outer skin is mellow, and the filling uses Tainong No. 17 golden diamond pineapple and Qishan small farmer's original North banana. It has a sweet and sour taste. !

▲The top is the banana stream banana pineapple cake, the bottom isFabu Sweet Macaron Pineapple Cake

# Old Zhennan Pineapple Cake

Jiu Zhennan is a well-known wedding cake brand. The outer skin is made of high-quality eggs and fresh cream. The pineapple filling is made of Tainan Guanmiao pineapple. The fiber on the pineapple is carefully ground to make it easier to eat. It is packed in golden yellow small. In the carton, it looks even more expensive!

# Eighth Mouth Pineapple Original Flavor

The earthy pineapple cake without the sweet winter melon filling has more pineapple sourness, with a slightly sweet crust. The eighth bite of pineapple cake has the name of the most flavorful pineapple cake brand in Taiwan. It even has the flavor of jalapeno pepper. I will definitely try it in the future and feel the combination of pineapple cake and exotic flavors!

# Hesheng Royal Crushed Apricot and Pineapple Cake

Hesheng Yupin, famous for its mung bean yellow, is also participating in the war! The combination of pineapple cake and almonds is really great~ Sprinkle almond diced on the sweet and rich outer skin, and use New Zealand imported butter instead of ghee, which will neutralize each other, and eat too much without getting too greasy!

▲Upper, middle and lower areOld Zhennan,Eighth mouth,Hesheng Royal Products

# Junmei Food Pineapple Cake

The outer packaging of the handsome pineapple pastry is an ancient Chinese painting style. When Jeffy looked at the Chinese textbook, he suddenly remembered the scribbled Chinese textbook before. After opening the package, he immediately smelled the rich fragrance of milk. The pineapple pastry tastes slightly sticky, and the whole is not too sweet. , It feels like you can eat a lot of them at once!

# King's Daughter Golden Diamond Pineapple Cake

Da Wang Qianjin’s Golden Diamond Pineapple Cake has a dense and sweet taste with solid fillings. The overall taste is sweet. A piece of pineapple cake for afternoon tea is perfect for drinking with a cup of tea or coffee!

# Chen Yunbaoquan Original Pineapple Cake

Chen Yun Baoquan, who has won the first prize of pineapple cake-the best vitality award, has a history of more than 100 years, this time is also included in the dream super exciting gift box! Tainan Guanmiao pineapple is used for the filling. The outer layer tastes firm and soft, and you can't stop after a bite!

▲Upper, middle, and lowerJunmei Food,King's daughter,Chen Yun Baoquan

# Santong Han Guoli Liuxin Phoenix Yellow Crisp

If the most flamboyant appearance is SweetsPure's pineapple cake, then the most special filling is the Liuxin egg yolk cake of Santong Hankui! The sweet and slightly sour pineapple filling and winter melon filling can be baked for about 1-2 minutes after refrigerating. The taste is even more amazing! The hot egg yolk comes out of the crust, which makes people reluctant to eat it!

# Royal House Phoenix Crisp

Huanglou is a well-known brand of wedding cakes. The egg yolk flavor is very rich, soft and slightly salty. It combines with the original sweetness of pineapple to make the mouth feel good. It is the taste and taste that ALLIE likes very much. It is definitely the Phoenix we will repurchase in the future. Crisp one!

# Isabel Earth Pineapple Cake

Isabel is also a favorite brand of Jeffy and Allie. In addition to the good Western-style wedding cakes, the performance of the soil pineapple cake is not inferior. The filling uses the local Tainong No. 2 soil pineapple, and the outer skin is crisp and fragrant.

# Lai Chi Fang Lai Chi Pineapple Cake

The rectangular outer packaging has a solid skin and tastes very firm. After biting, you can feel the sweet and sour soil pineapple fiber.

▲From top to bottom respectivelySantong Han Guo,Imperial building,Isabel,Lizhifang

This time we ate 20 pineapple cakes in one go, each with its own characteristics! The most impressive thing is the special appearance of sweets, banana heart, and the evocative Liuxin Fenghuang crisp, Wu Baochun, Chen Yunbaoquan, and Huanglou. In fact, they all like them very much. Allie likes to eat winter melon and pineapple cakes, and Jeffy likes to eat pineapple cakes. It tastes so much fun, and he also knows more pineapple cake brands that have not been discovered before. If you want to eat so many brands at once, there are not many opportunities. It should not be too late, so hurry up and place your order!

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