[Hsinchu Attractions] Halloween Tombstone Town Zombie Park in Leofoo Village, an annual super-atmospheric drag party!

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Trick or Treat! ? The annual Halloween is here again! Every time this time comes, there will be some Halloween-related activities in the local area. Children can take the opportunity to make-up and make ghosts. Adults can also reminisce about virginity and take the opportunity to make trouble. Although we are in Taiwan, through various activities, we can deeply Feel the atmosphere of Halloween. When it comes to Halloween events, one has to mention the Leofoo Village Halloween Park, the largest in Taiwan –Tombstone Town in Leofoo Village!

Leofoo Village Halloween Ticket Order

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Leofoo Village|Tombstone Town

Tombstone Town is just as its name! Just by hearing the name, it must be a terrible place. The internal installation art is very attentive. In addition to the tombstones scattered around before entering Tombstone Town, the buildings in the town are also covered with spider silk, and the classic Halloween installation-pumpkins! From the outside to the inside, you can feel the full sincerity of the park. If you want to participate in one of the most grand Halloween parties, you can come to Tombstone Town. The pictures are also super atmosphere!

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▲ Another group of ghosts encountered on the road, a large collection of ghosts came

Normally, we who are fake ghosts and fake monsters certainly can’t miss this opportunity. Although we have participated in this event two years ago, after all, Halloween is only once a year. If you want to make trouble, take advantage of this time XD

Because it was so fun, we participated twice. Last year we dressed up as It, a faceless man, a zombie, a little girl in red, and a ghost baby Chaji. After participating in the past few years, we found the costume of Leofoo Village. Ghosts are really getting more and more atmosphere, and there are more and more people entering the garden together with makeup!

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What we are going to be dressed up this year, I want to break our heads. At first, I wanted to play the most popular group in recent years-Paper House. However, considering that the costumes will take a while to arrive, and it may be a bit like a hostage XD. Just plan to make a essay on the face. This time we are dressed as Annabel, the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, and the puppet in the Imperius Saw (Billy the Puppet), but it looks like a clown instead?!

When I arrived in the park, I had already entered the time for the afternoon ticket. In the end, I only bought the afternoon ticket. It’s another story...

And this year, our dress up!

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Ghosts in broad daylight are kind of funny??

I began to look forward to the coming of the evening. The Leofoo Village in October will have more atmosphere as the night goes by, and the more terrifying the later!

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When it comes to Leofoo Village, the most important thing is of course the amusement facilities! Does it look like a group of people have been forced into a barrel of thieves, ready to play a game with the puppets of the Imperius Saw!

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And in the ridesWhitewater raftingLater, because the body will definitely get wet, the park is also intimate inWhitewater raftingA human body dryer is set up at the exit. After all, it’s most likely to catch a cold during the handover of autumn and winter. If you forget to wear a raincoat, tourists who have frustrated bodies after playing the water rafting can come and dry their bodies (100 yuan per time). While drying the body, we discovered that we are also extremely scary under the red light ?

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During the Halloween Tombstone Town event, the holiday business hours of Leofoo Village are extended to 8pm. At 2pm and 7pm, the park will release a bunch of zombies and evil ghosts parade, which is also the highlight of Tombstone Town!

With strong sound effects and lighting, our ugly faces will also scare the children beside us from time to time. When watching activities, we hear the children asking their parents to take themselves away from us, and we don’t even know who we are. So terrible?

But overall, Leofoo Village Tombstone Town is a very suitable activity for all ages. In addition to experiencing the super-hardened Halloween Party, you can also take the opportunity to play Cosplay. Hurry up and join in!

Leofoo Village|Transportation

Drive by yourself:

Take National Highway No. 1 (Zhongshan High): Drive south on the 52K Airport System Interchange towards National Highway No. 2 towards Taoyuan Yingge, then go south from National Highway No. 3, and from the 79K Kansai Interchange, follow the signs for about 4 kilometers to the "Leofoo Village Theme Park", if you go north, then It is connected to National Highway No. 3 at the Hsinchu System Interchange, and exits from the 79K Kansai Interchange to the north. Drive along the signs for about 4 kilometers to the "Leofoo Village Theme Park".

Take National Highway No. 3 (North Second High): Driving south or north, please take the 79K Kansai Interchange and follow the signs for about 4 kilometers to the "Leofoo Village Theme Park".

By High Speed Rail or Taiwan Railway:

Taiwan Railway:You can get off at Taiwan Railway Zhongli Station, and take the Hsinchu Bus Line 5653 bus from the front station exit to the opposite Hsinchu Passenger Transport Zhongli North Station. The journey takes about 50 minutes to reach the "Leofoo Village Theme Park".

High-speed rail: Get off at Taoyuan Station of the High Speed Rail, and go from Exit 5 of the station hall to the bus platform of the passenger terminal, then transfer to the Leofoo Village Taoyuan Shuttle Bus (run only on holidays); or take a taxi from Exit 4 of the station hall to "Liu Fu Village" Theme amusement park". The shuttle bus is free, but the official website reminds you to make an appointment first, you can arrive firstReservation systemFill in the relevant information, the outbound time is 08:45, 11:20, 16:10, and the return time is 09:50, 15:00, 17:45.

By bus or passenger:

Taiwan United Passenger Transport 5350(Direct): From Songshan Airport (recommended pick-up point) → Nanjing Dunhua Intersection → MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station → Chenggong Guozhai → Gongguan → Xiulang Elementary School → Zhiguang Commercial Service → MRT Jing'an Station → Liufu Village Theme Amusement Park

Taichung Passenger Transport 9012(Transfer required): From Taichung Bus Terminal, Chaoma Station→Longtan Station→Taxi→Leofoo Village Theme Park

Hsinchu Passenger Transport 5653(Direct): From Zhongli→Longtan→Leofoo Village Theme Park

?Click here to buy [Limited period up to 35% off] Leofoo Village Theme Park Ticket? During the 2021 event period 9/18-11/14, limited-time themed events "Invasion of Evil Ghosts", "Eternal Night", "Phantom of Special Effects", "Nightmare of Midnight Curse", "Trick or Treat"

Leofoo Village Theme Park

  • Address: No. 60, Guanxi Town, Hsinchu County
  • Phone: 03 547 5665

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