[Hsinchu Scenic Spots] Beipu Maike Pastoral-Yan Kiln Barbecue, Hakka Rice Tea DIY, Stitching Scarecrow, Hakka and Rural Culture!

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Maike Tianyuan is located in the Nanpu Cultural and Ecological Zone in Beipu Township, Hsinchu, covering an area of 12,000 square meters. The park can accommodate many people at the same time.Parent-child family trips, company group activities, and off-campus teaching are all super suitable!Experience Hakka and rural culture, there areAncient farm tool exhibition area, cute animal area, ecological area,Also haveHakka rice DIY, Hakka tea DIY, Yan kiln, barbecue,The itinerary is very rich, and it’s also nice to spend a day leisurely in the park~

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▲Entrance of Maike Pastoral
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Attractions information

  • Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00 daily
  • Entrance fee NT$100/person, NT$50 can be used to pay for consumption in the sales department (Entrance fee is free for children under three years old)
  • 6 people (inclusive) or more can participate in the package tour (please call)
  • It is forbidden to bring large pets and unprotected small pets into the park (except guide dogs)
  • Activity schedule: 焢 kiln, barbecue, Hakka rice DIY, Hakka tea DIY, ox cart ride, water play (summer), scarecrow (winter)
  • Equipped with parking lot, sales department, barrier-free toilet, breastfeeding room, nursing station
  • Nearby attractions: Beipu Old Street, Jiang A New and Old Mansion, Beipu Citian Temple

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▲Mike pastoral itinerary (picture from official website)
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▲A parking lot is attached to Beipu Maike Tianyuan

Maike Garden/Yanyao Barbecue Area

The ingredients are ready here, as long as people come to participate in the activity, it is very convenient. Everyone stacks the red bricks and prepares to burn the kiln. There are tables and chairs on the side, which is also a place waiting for us to have lunch. The part that controls the high temperature of the kiln is assisted by the staff.

  • Yanyao (1): A group of 10 people. 20 sweet potatoes, 10 corn, 1 earth kiln chicken.
  • Yanyao (2): A group of 10 people, 10 sweet potatoes (for corn and chicken legs, an additional charge of 50 yuan)
  • Barbecue: a group of 10 people, 20 slices of plum meat, 10 chicken wings, 10 sausages, 10 dried tofu, 10 green peppers, 10 sweet and not spicy, 10 crispy balls, toast
    Click here for the additional purchase menu of # other barbecue ingredients
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S 6242612 结果
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S 6242621 结果
S 6242637 结果
▲Lunch area
S 6242640 结果
▲The staff explained carefully
S 6242619 结果
▲The sweet potatoes that were taken away by everyone are very fragrant and sweet
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▲There are also corn and grilled chicken
S 6242620 结果
▲Hakka soup dumplings
S 6242618 结果
▲Xiancao honey

Mai Ke Garden/Hakka Lei Cha DIY

After eating, we came to the classroom to prepare ourselves to make Hakka tea! Hakka Lei Cha tastes very fragrant and strong, but I found that a small cup is not easy when I started to make it by myself!Put peanuts, black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds and other nut ingredients into a large bowl of kilometer noodles, and grind them continuously with a wand, first grind them into powder, and then grind them until the juice is produced.We grind together at the table and we grind for a long time, but we sweat first ?

S 6242609 结果
S 6242605 结果
▲Add Leicha powder after juice
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▲Pour in hot water and stir evenly
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▲There are biscuits for the children (us) to eat during the process

Maike Pastoral/Mixed Rice Milk

We walked and saw the traditional rice milling machine. We ran to play with the novel ones. It’s a lot easier for boys to grind, but it’s still a bit heavier. It’s okay to take pictures. I don’t know how much effort it takes to grind a cup. ?

S 6242585 结果
S 6242587 结果
S 6242586 结果

Maike Pastoral/Tha Scarecrow

Finally, we came to the winter activities, making scarecrows~ but some people's skin will itchy when they touch the straw, so we should pay special attention to whether there is any discomfort during the activity. The explainer humorously explained how to make a well-developed scarecrow, first make the head, then start the hand, and it will soon take shape! The children like this activity so much. We also watched it very fascinated if we haven't seen how to make a scarecrow. The activity is not long, and it ends in about 20-30 minutes.

S 6242634 结果
S 6242639 结果
▲The scarecrow starts with an iron cross

Maike Pastoral/Cute Animal Area

There are so many cute animals in the park~ Luckily, the peacock opens up. This peacock is very cute and keeps showing feathers to the chicken next door. I don’t know if I think it’s the same kind (?) There are turkeys on the other side of the park. , Cattle, based on the love of animals, riding in an ox cart is not a real cattle, but a car, you can take a car around the park.

S 6242636 结果
S 6242579 结果
S 6242611 结果
▲The turkey calls are so loud
S 6242602 结果
S 6242610 结果
▲The cattle in the park
S 6242575 结果
▲The cow after get off work has to be taken home
S 6242581 结果
S 6242576 结果
▲Take a car

Meike Pastoral/Park Scenery

The park is very large, with many flowers, plants and trees. There are also signs on them to recognize plants. There are also green trails, ecological ponds, large waterwheels, and ancient Hakka farm tools. In summer, a water playing area is also open for everyone to play.

S 6242622 结果
▲The empty grassland for children to play
S 6242613 结果
S 6242597 结果
▲Sales Department
S 6242596 结果
▲Large waterwheel
S 6242600 结果
▲Bell flowers in the park
S 6242589 结果
S 6242616 结果
▲Tools in traditional rural life

The Maike Pastoral in Beipu is really suitable for the whole family to travel together! The series of experience activities are full of surprises, and the rhythm of the activities is not too fast. Children can freely play on the grass, learn about animals and plants, and the park staff carefully explain them. It is not boring all day long, but it is very exciting. It is really a good place to educate and have fun~

Beipu Maike Pastoral

  • Business hours: 09:00-17:00 daily
  • Address: No. 13-3, 2nd Neighborhood, Nanpu, Beipu Township, Hsinchu County
  • Phone: 03 580 5678
  • Related links:Official website,FB

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