[Hsinchu Gourmet] Three freshly grilled eels at Mikawa Nakagawaya, how to eat in Kansai, Japan. After eating it, I fell in love with eel rice! (With menu)

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This week’s holiday, I came to Hsinchu, which Jeffy was familiar with, and visited this newly opened flaming eel rice-Mikawa Nakagawaya. In fact, Allie has several experiences of eating eel rice, but he may never come across a delicious eel rice, so he doesn't particularly like eel. but! This time, the eel rice in Mikawa Nakagawaya is really amazing. Not only is the eel as fresh and delicious as the legend, but there are also three authentic Japanese Kansai ways to eat it, which opened our taste buds who like eel ❤️

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S 5054510 结果

Hsinchu Sanhe Nakagawa House|Environment

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are greeted with great enthusiasm, accompanied by the Japanese background music of the restaurant, and the whole dining atmosphere is very happy and joyful. The restaurant is divided into two floors. We only opened the first floor because we just opened at noon. The waiter asked us if we wanted hot tea or iced tea, and we immediately answered the hot tea when it was frozen by the weather outside!

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S 5054514 结果

There is an eel in the fish tank at the entrance. The sister at the counter said that the eel here was cooked by the chef at the back of the restaurant. The meat is very fresh.

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S 5054515 结果 1

Hsinchu Sanhe Nakagawa House|Menu

S 5054521 结果

Hsinchu Sanhe Nakagawa House|Meals

Eel bone senbei

This side dish is worth trying. The eel bones are crispy and crunchy. They can’t be stopped as soon as they are eaten. It is served with hot tea. We all love it?

S 5054522 结果
S 5054534 结果

Eel cabinet set meal (extra large bowl) 490 yuan

Dangdang~ The highlight of eel rice that you must try here is here! Mikawa Nakagawaya’s eel rice is slowly grilled over charcoal fire, and the sauce is fully fused with the fish. The slices of fatty and tender eel are spread over the lunch box, and the portion is also large. One person can definitely eat a full meal.

S 5054529 结果
S 5054525 结果
▲Look at the luster of this eel

Three Eels

The service staff enthusiastically shared with us the unique way of eating eel rice, which was so richThree ways to eat, One meal and three meals? First cut the eel rice into four equal portions with a tablespoon, and attach an empty bowl next to us. First eat it directly and put it in a small bowl to taste the original flavor of the eel. The eel's skin is grilled and crispy, and the inside is soft and plump. The original flavor is delicious to explosion, and I am looking forward to how I can eat it next time!

S 5054538 结果 1
▲Eel of Kansai is eaten three times, and the rice is divided into four equal portions
S 5054537 结果 1
▲One Eel: Taste its original flavor

The second meal is accompanied by seasonings.Washami and white onions, To mix evenly, a concept of bibimbap! Because of the addition of mustard, it tastes a bit spicy, but it is still acceptable. Allie usually doesn't eat spicy food, but he thinks the second food is very delicious. The two ingredients make the eel taste more layered. The greasy taste of the eel sauce also creates a new flavor, which is quite a surprise.

S 5054544 结果
▲Second Eel: Stir the greasy mustard with white onions

The third one is the one that Japan loves very muchChazukeLa! Add the eel to the broth and soak it, let the eel oil fragrant in the broth, it is another taste. Here you can add fine seaweed to eat, and it’s very happy to have warm tea rice in winter ❤️

S 5054546 结果
▲Three Eels: Rice with Chazuke in Stock

As for why it is divided into four parts? Because the fourth portion can be eaten whatever you want, just eat it according to your favorite taste! After eating, I really like the eel rice. The secret sauce of the eel is very sweet, and you can't taste the fishy smell of the eel at all. Change your mind and fall in love with eating eel?

Beef cabinet set meal (extra large bowl) 380 yuan

Jeffy, who likes to eat beef, ordered the beef cabinet set. Look at the beef here. There are so many. The set also comes with seaweed soup, side dishes, three mustards, spring onions, and broth. The extra large bowl is more than enough for boys! The beef is well cooked, moderately tender, juicy and chewy.

S 5054532 结果
▲Beef cabinet set meal
S 5054536 结果
S 5054531 结果
▲This beef is too drooling
S 5054543 结果
▲Crispy chicken skin skewers
S 5054533 结果
▲Fried Tofu

Recommend friends who like to eat eel to Mikawa Nakagawaya. The quality of the eel is good and fresh, and the special sauce is attentive. If you don’t like eel, you are welcome to try other dishes, or you will be like us and love eel if you eat it. Fan Yo ❤️

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