[Hsinchu Gourmet] Uilly Curry is a hidden delicacy next to the Chenghuang Temple. It offers fried chicken curry and hot pot pudding (with menu)

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The first time I saw the name "You Mile in Uilly Curry", I felt it was confusing, but when I read it, I found that the two are homophonic. You Mile = Uilly, giving people a lovely and warm feeling, just like the store environment. The restaurant is located near the Chenghuang Temple Night Market. I used to visit the Chenghuang Temple and I didn’t know where to go. Now I found this place is there, the decoration is unique, and the meals are delicious. It is very suitable for a stop and it is recommended for those who come to Hsinchu. Everyone~

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Restaurant information

  • One meal or one drink for low consumption (no low consumption for less than 120 cm), no service charge
  • With charging socket, unlimited dining time
  • Pet friendly, leash or cage required
  • Signature: curry rice, pot boiled pudding
  • No package service
  • No parking lot, you can park in nearby paid parking lots or on-street parking spaces

Uilly Curry|Environment

The restaurant looks retro and nostalgic, and the wood decoration of the whole shop allows us to relax as soon as we enter the door, giving us a sense of comfort at home.The restaurant is divided into two floors. There are several counter seats on the first floor, and the second floor is more spacious, with two or four people and sofa areas.There are many potted plants in the restaurant to embellish the atmosphere. There are large windows on the back of the second floor with good lighting. It is highly recommended for friends gatherings and couples on dates.

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▲Bar area on the first floor
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▲You Mile is on the second floor environment
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▲A table and chair suitable for two people dating
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▲Self-service drinking water on the second floor
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▲There are many cute illustrations in the corner of the restaurant, which makes people smile.

Uilly Curry|Menu

The staple food is mainly curry rice, there areThree choices of beef ribs, fried chicken, and pork,The curry paste paired with different staple foods is also different, Very hard, the boss said that the future will not exclude the addition of new staple food types, so let us stay tuned! In addition to dining, there are alsoAfternoon tea set, choose dessert + a drink can be discounted by 50 yuan,Almost every seat on the second floor has a socket, and the store is also Buddha-heartedThere is no limit to the meal time,It's not a problem to stay in such a comfortable environment all afternoon!

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Uilly Curry | Meals

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Fried chicken curry 210 yuan for inside and 170 yuan for takeout

Fried chicken curry is highly rated on the Internet. People who love fried chicken like Allie will definitely follow suit!The fried chicken is just right, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The meat is fresh and tender. It deserves such a good comment!In addition to curry sauce, there are also bamboo shoots, green peppers, eggs, cucumbers, and pickled radishes to relieve greasiness. The cold side dishes are rarely eaten with curry rice. The two are surprisingly good. The amount of curry rice is very large, and one person can definitely eat a lot. The proprietress said that the curry paste here can be renewed. If you accidentally eat too much, don’t be afraid to leave too much rice!

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Fragrant beef rib curry 220 yuan for internal use and 180 yuan for takeout

It is also the signature fragrant beef rib curry in the store. Jeffy is full of praise for this meal.Especially the beef inside is super soft and tender, and it almost melts in your mouth.I don’t know what the boss’s secret is. The curry sauce here is a bit spicy, but it’s not too spicy. Allie, who doesn’t eat spicy food often, finds it acceptable, but feels very fragrant. Pleurotus eryngii mushrooms are added to the curry, originally thought to be potatoes, and the two match up very well!

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Daily Dessert Chiffon Cake

The daily desserts are different every day. On that day, we had fruit chiffon cakes. The cake is light and not greasy, and the fruit material is also very generous. There are black grapes, green grapes, and sweet mangoes. The top is topped with slightly sweet whipped cream. It looks super dreamy and I will not bear to eat it ?

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Pot boiled pudding 100 yuan

This is a dessert recommended by Allie. After eating the curry rice, the pudding ended up so happy! The meal has a lovely appearance and a dense taste. The body is not too sweet, with whipped cream spread on the top and slightly bitter caramel at the bottom, so the layers are very rich.

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Dahu strawberry fresh milk (seasonal limited) 150 yuan

Strawberry milk that girls will love, You Lizai will also change the menu according to the seasons, and will also launch related strawberry desserts if it is strawberry season. Strawberry milk tastes faint, the sweetness is just right, and it has a fresh taste.

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Comprehensive berry bubbles 140 yuan

The fragrant curry rice is paired with refreshing and cool sparkling drinks, which is refreshing! The faintly sweet berry aroma makes it easy to drink. The color of the gradient is really reluctant to be evenly scattered, and I took a few photos to stir it hard ?

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The above is where we areUilly CurryI really like the restaurant’s environment. It’s simple, bright and comfortable. It’s also great if you bring friends or a significant other. Let’s relax for an afternoon before you know it~ Jeffy and Allie were students before I have been in Hsinchu for a while, but I always regret that there are no such atmosphere stores nearby. It's a bit like seeing a hate late ~ ? but it doesn't matter, there is a good place to stay in Hsinchu in the future, hurry up and add to your pocket list!

Uilly Curry

  • Business hours: 11:30-20:00 daily
  • Address: No. 119, Beimen Street, North District, Hsinchu City
  • Phone: 03 525 0277
  • Related links:FB,IG

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