[Attractions in Beipu, Hsinchu] Jiang A Xinyang Building, the classical architectural aesthetics in Beipu Old Street! Tickets/Transportation/Nearby Attractions.

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Beipu Old StreetThere are many historic sites, including Citian Temple, Jin Guangfu Mansion, Zhongshu Hall, etc. You can enjoy the buildings while strolling the old streets! That day, we accidentally bumped into the "Jiang A Xin Yang Building", which is also located in the old street. Unlike the classical temples on the side, it is a single-family western-style building, which seems to be a bit out of tune with the old street. The western-style building actually carries the common memories and stories of many Beipu people.,It seems to be a good choice to come in and enjoy the coolness in the hot weather, sit and rest while learning about the history, and admire the previous architectural styles and exquisite craftsmanship!

📣This scenic spot is the prototype and location of the story of the TV series "Tea Gold"

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▲The appearance of Jiang Axin Mansion
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Jiang A Xin Mansion|Transportation

High-speed rail

Take the High Speed Rail to Hsinchu Station, transfer to the Taiwan Hao Xing Shishan Line at the bus shelter, and get off at Beipu Old Street.

Passenger transport

Take the bus to Zhudong-Hsinchu Bus Terminal, then take a bus to Beipu/Shishan/Shanzhu Lake, or take a taxi (about 200 yuan) to Beipu Old Street.

Drive by yourself

Just search for "Beipu Old Street" on Google Maps. There are many paid parking lots near the Old Street.
National Highway No. 3-Zhulin Interchange-County Highway 120-County Highway 123-County Highway 122-Dalin Road-Provincial Highway Taiwan Third Line.

Chiang A-Hsin Mansion

  • Business hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 5pm
  • Phone: 03-5803586
  • Address: No. 10, Beipu Street, Beipu Township, Hsinchu County
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Jiang A Xin Mansion|Parking

image 2
▲Parking information on Beipu Old Street

Jiang A Xin Mansion|Ticket

  • Flat fare 50 yuan
  • Three scheduled guided tours a day during holidays
  • Opening hours Saturday and Sunday 10:00-12:00/13:00-17:00
  • Book a guided tour at 100 yuan per person (including tickets) from Tuesday to Friday, with a minimum charge of 500 yuan
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Jiang A Xin Mansion|Guide introduction

There are many volunteers who provide kind services when entering the Jiang Axin Mansion. There are a lot of wooden floors in the mansion. You must take off your shoes inside to enter, and there are also shoe covers on the outside. At the beginning, enter the audio-visual guide area. Inside is a small room, which plays the historical story of the western-style building.Jiang Axin used to be a distinguished family in Beipu. He built a tea factory-Yongguang Tea Factory, and hired many local people from Beipu. At that time, the western-style building was also a reception place for many foreign guests.

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▲Provide replacement shoe covers
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▲The projection surface shows the history of Beipu and foreign buildings

The tea industry later declined, was defeated by emerging markets such as India, and faced a crisis of bankruptcy, and foreign buildings were also forced to mortgage to the cooperative vault. However, after many years, Jiang Axin's descendants managed to bid back this foreign building after a lot of hard work and piece together. The western-style building has a total of two floors.There are still many precious furniture in the room, many of which were returned by sea. There are many lost construction methods in the house, so it was not easy to repair it at that time.

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▲Furniture across the ocean
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S 7077924 结果北埔姜阿新洋樓 1
S 7077922 结果北埔姜阿新洋樓 1
S 7077918 结果北埔姜阿新洋樓 1
S 7077920 结果北埔姜阿新洋樓 1

Many woods are used in the Jiang Axin foreign-style building, and they are well-preserved, including black stone, cypress, camphor, beech, incense and other high-quality woods. The geometrical wood ceiling and the unassembled complete wood make the western-style building elegant and quiet. Although it has a history, it is not old and still fits the current style. In particular, there is no kitchen inside, and there is no air-conditioning on the second floor. All of them rely on the design of windows and holes to allow the wind to flow naturally. Jiang Axin also likes windows very much. There are many large window sash designs, and almost every room is full of light.

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S 7077927 结果北埔姜阿新洋樓 1
S 7077926 结果北埔姜阿新洋樓 1
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▲The Jiang Axin Mansion uses a lot of high-quality wood

After the tour, you can buy souvenirs. There are swelling tea, small leaf black tea, Assam black tea, etc. It is very textured in a re-enacted tea can, engraved with the words Yongguang black tea, and the service staff are also kind Provide tastings and introduce the story of the rise and fall of Jiang Axin Tea Factory.

▲A Souvenir of Jiang Axin's Re-enacted Tea Caddy

After walking out of the western-style building, I found that there was a cafe next to it, because the closing time did not pass. If you have time, you can take a coffee break.

▲Jian A Xin Yang Lou Coffee

Jiang A Xin Mansion|Nearby Attractions

Jiang A Xin Yang Building is located in Beipu Old Street. There are many historic sites in the historic old street. There are 7 historic sites on the short 200-meter old street. The density of historic sites is the highest in Taiwan. , for details of historical sites and attractions, please refer to our other article👇

One-day tour of the 7 historical sites of Beipu Old Street! Traffic/parking information/surrounding attractions play online.

▲There are many historic sites in Beipu Old Street

Come to Beipu Old Street, in addition to enjoying Hakka cuisine, experiencing tea, eating and drinking, you may wish to visit temples and historical sites here, learn more about the historical stories of Beipu, and make travel more in-depth and interesting!

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