[Recommended accommodation in Ji'an, Hualien] Jinze residential accommodation, idyllic green buildings, enjoy the beauty of nature. Transportation/Room Type/Breakfast.

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Came to beautiful Hualien, this time we stayed in Ji’an, HualienKanazawa Residence, We both highly recommend it after our stay. The rural style close to nature and the simple way of life are like walking into a paradise, calm and comfortable. The decoration of the rooms in the homestay is made of wood to create a warm space, with a touch of Japanese Zen, which makes you feel at ease. In addition, we also like the small balcony in the room, the exclusive space full of greenery, get up in the morning and go to the balcony to enjoy the sun, drink a cup of tea or coffee, without letting us think, should we return to the basics and pursue this ordinary happiness? Woolen cloth! Let’s introduce to you all about this homestay that Jeffy loves so much. What is so attractive about it?


Take public transportation

After taking the train to Shoufeng Railway Station, take buses 1131, 1131A, 1139, 1139B to Junda Bus Station, and walk along Gancheng 2nd Road for 6 minutes.

go by self

Navigate to "Kanazawa Residence"Or "No. 121, Gancheng 2nd Street, Ji'an Township, Hualien County." After entering Gancheng 2nd Street, you will see the exclusive parking lot of Jinzeju.

KanazawaB&B exclusive parking lot


Kanazawa Residence is mainly divided into several accommodation areas. Before moving in, you need to enter the tree nest restaurant Check in with the title Kanazawa Residence. Although it has been in business for nearly 20 years, the overall environment will not give people an old feeling at all! The densely growing plants are full of business and permeated with a vigorous atmosphere. Perhaps this is what makes the "green buildings" developed by the residents of Kanazawa to be environmentally friendly!

▲Check in at Shuwo Restaurant before moving in

Shuwo Restaurant has a vast hinterland. In addition to several high-quality homestays, there are also a large banyan tree, large grasslands and ponds for tourists to relax and play. The owner of the homestay also provided badminton rackets and simple ball equipment. Children enjoy the sun in Hualien together, and the parent-child friendly environment is definitely the first choice for family outings! Seeing this large open space, Jeffy suddenly recalled his childhood, and remembered that he played baseball with his father in the grand plaza of grandma's house.

▲The pond of Kanazawa Residence B&B
▲The grass behind the tree nest restaurant
▲Freehand space full of greenery

At the door of the tree nest restaurant, we also happened to ran into a little black cat. The cat was so afraid of life. He seemed to be a frequent visitor here? So he approached our feet and snored, and lay down and started purring. The scene completely subdued our cat slaves! Let's squat down and pet the cat's high butt 😆

▲The little black cat that I met in the homestay

Free bicycle rental

There is a shelter behind the tree nest restaurant. There are many bicycles parked here. Free bicycle rental is provided. It is recommended to match the bicycle map provided by the hotel. The boss also recommended several local attractions nearby. We decisively abandon the rest of Hualien's itinerary and plan to ride a bicycle slowly to explore the plains and fields.Gancheng Community.

▲Free bicycle rental at the homestay
▲Riding on a bicycle early in the morning, ready to go!
▲Bicycle map of the homestay
▲There are more mosquitoes in the grass, and the guesthouse also provides anti-mosquito liquid intimately.


The room type we stayed in this time isCozy double room, The accommodation is located opposite the Shuwo Restaurant, and there are stone walks and landscape ponds outside the B&B. Under the warm sunshine, it is particularly comfortable to walk. The harmonious picture of the fusion of trees, greenery and architecture is like Allie's dream house Yo!

▲Our room is located on the second floor

The room is clean and tidy. The wooden floor and the warm yellow soft lighting give people a feeling of finally returning home. The space is very spacious. After placing a double bed, there is still plenty of space in the aisle. There are tables and chairs at the other end of the room where you can sit down and watch TV. In order to record our staying experience in real time, we also brought a computer to work on the computer desk for a while.


There is a large floor-to-ceiling window in the room with good lighting. The next morning the sun lightly penetrates, quietly awakening us who are sleeping, let us continue to explore this beautiful town. The floor-to-ceiling windows opened up to a small balcony with a set of tables and chairs. We made a cup of hot coffee and admired the scenery here, just like this quietly feeling the sun and enjoying the fresh air that the city doesn't have, and instantly feel super happy ❤️Don't rush to the trip, feel the local atmosphere, it is also what attracts us to travel!

▲TV in the guesthouse
▲Large floor-to-ceiling windows in the bed and breakfast room
▲You can see the Yangyuemeidi Resort Hotel on the opposite side from the balcony
▲ Enjoy coffee on the balcony in the morning

The facilities in the room are complete. In addition to the usual kettles, tea bags, and mineral water (which turned out to be large bottles), it also includes our snacks, large cola nuts and welcome apples, as well as a peeler. All small ideas surprise us.

▲A welcome apple in the room

Bathrooms and toilets are mainly paved with elegant stone bricks, with wooden doors and wooden roofs, and it instantly feels like taking a bath in a cabin. The design of separation of dry and wet and good ventilation in the bathroom will not be too humid after showering. In addition to the fixed hair dryer in the bathroom, there is another hair dryer in the underwear cupboard, so you don’t have to worry about grabbing the hair dryer when you stay together~

▲Razors, soap, cotton swabs, toothbrushes, shower caps provided by the hotel


The decoration and furnishings of the restaurant are very close to the pastoral theme. Looking out from the big windows, you can see a grassland and pond. Dining here is very pleasant! However, starting in 2020, Shuwo Restaurant will not provide simple meals, hot pot and other meals. It is currently only used as a dining area for guests’ breakfast! Before 8 o'clock in the evening every day, the restaurant will also provide a snack bar, some welcome biscuits, guests can take a rest here after Check in.

▲Shu Nest Restaurant Counter
▲Reception biscuits at Shuwo Restaurant


Breakfast can be said to be the most anticipated link for Jeffy every time he stays outside. Jinzeju B&B offers a group of Chinese meals. In addition to the staple food porridge and steamed buns, there are six kinds of side dishes (floss, bean dates, peanuts, beans). Dried, scrambled eggs and green vegetables), and a fruit plate is included with the meal, which makes people salivate! Drinks can be selectedBlack tea, green tea, soy milk, coffee or juice, it’s so hearty, and such a diverse Chinese breakfast will definitely be well received by the elders!

▲Breakfast at Kanazawa Residence

KanazawaHomestay|Nearby Attractions

# Dry Town Bike Path

Kanazawa Residence in Gancheng Community, you can drop byride a bicycle, circle around the bicycle path, and shuttle through the trails at a slow pace. You will find different Hualien in the simple community, and you will also encounter many novel things! The owner of the B&B especially recommends the free ticketLotus Pond, drink lotus tea for free and admire the blossoming lotus in the pond.

For more information on the dry city bike path, please refer to the article below👇

Gancheng Bicycle Path, the rural style in the simple community, roam the mountains and rivers by bicycle.

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干城社區腳踏車6 结果
▲Roaming in the Gancheng community by bicycle
▲ Gancheng Bicycle Map

# Ji'an Keishuin

When you come to Hualien Ji'an, a well-known scenic spot, Keishuin, is a tertiary historic site with a long history, and it is also a good place to escape from the heat in hot weather. Although the park in Keishuin is not large, it has many landscapes such as traditional Japanese buildings, landscaped courtyards and ponds, as if you are in a Japanese temple.

For more information about Keishuin, please refer to the following article👇

Keishuin is a traditional Japanese temple, with a garden landscape pond, full of Japanese style!

吉安慶修院 封面
▲ Keishuin is a historic tertiary monument

We all love the Kanazawa Residence we stayed at this time! The park is carefully maintained, the rooms are spacious and tidy, and the breakfast is rich and delicious. It is an affordable and recommended homestay. We are also very fortunate that we rode a bicycle that day, and deeply felt the surrounding area, let us re-acquaint and fall in love with Hualien!

Kanazawa Residence

  • Business hours: 09:00-21:00 daily
  • Address: No. 121, Gancheng Second Street, Ji'an Township, Hualien County
  • Phone: 03 852 1981
  • Related websites:Official website,FB

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