[Hualien Attractions] Qingshui Cliff Huide Trail, looking out over the vast Pacific Ocean and the beautiful scenery of the cliffs! Traffic / parking / nearby attractions.

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The Qingshui Cliff is located next to the Suhua Highway, stretching from the Heping section to the Chonghe section, with a total length of about 21 kilometers. The steep cliffs are surrounded by steep mountain walls on one side, and on the other side is the calm and turbulent Pacific Ocean. The sea water shows different gradation colors with the depth, which is not to be missed when you come to Hualien.One of the ten scenic spots in Taiwan! This time we drove along the Suhua Highway to the entrance of the Huide Trail parking lot, and then walked along the trail for about 15 minutes to reach the Qingshui Cliff Observation Deck and the stone stele. You can see such a magnificent natural scenery with a simple walk. It is an absolute must-see when you come to Huadong!


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Qingshui Cliff|Attraction Information

  • No tickets
  • open 24 hours
  • Both the Chongde Trail (233 meters in total length) and the Huide Trail (750 meters in total length) can see the Qingshui Cliff
  • Suggested stay time: 30 minutes-1 hour
  • There is a parking lot and public toilets at the entrance of the Huide Trail
  • Nearby attractions: Chongde gravel beach, SUP and canoeing activities, Taroko National Park


Qingshui Cliff|Huide Trail Traffic


The Suhua Highway is narrow and there are many large vehicles, so cyclists pay special attention to their own safety.

Passenger transport

From Hualien Railway Station, take the Hualien Bus to Chongde to Chongde, or take the train to Chongde Station, and then walk north to Huide via the Chongde and Huide tunnels. The walking distance is about 4.7 kilometers. Or take the train to Heren Station and get off, then walk south through Heren Boundary Monument, Daqingshui to Huide, the walking distance is about 6.8 kilometers.
(※The Suhua Highway is narrow and there are many vehicles. If you visit on foot, you must pay special attention to traffic safety, reflective warning clothing or lighting.)

Drive by yourself (more recommended)

The entrance of the Huide Trail (landscape road) is at the exit of the north end of the Huide Tunnel. Follow the Suhua Highway to the north. After exiting the Huide Tunnel, you can reach it about 100 meters. Please park in the parking lot on the north side according to the regulations, or navigate to "Huide Recreation Area"The parking lot can be clearly seen from the side of the road.

Qingshui Cliff|Huide Trail Parking Lot

There is a free parking lot at the entrance of the Huide Trail, including large and small passenger cars, barrier-free, motorcycle and bicycle parking spaces. The parking lot has a large area and many parking spaces. It is better to park.

Parking lot at the entrance of Huide Trail

Qingshui Cliff|Huide Trail

The predecessor of Huide Trail wasOld road of Suhua HighwayAfter the Huide Tunnel on the Suhua Highway was opened to traffic, a part of the old road was taken to become the current landscape road. It is different from the trails composed of wooden planks or stone steps known in the past. It is the feeling of walking on the road! And how long does it take to walk on the Huide Trail? The whole way is gentle and empty, and it is especially comfortable to walk. The whole distance is about 750 meters, and you can see the pavilions after a 15-minute walk. A little further ahead is the viewing platform and the Qingshui Cliff Stele!


Qingshui Cliff | Qingshui Tunnel

It can be clearly seen from the Huide TrailClear water tunnel, I was going to leave the Huide Trail to continue our next trip, but we just saw someone waiting for the train nearby, so we stayed for a few minutes to take a look. It really showed us the moment the train passed the Qingshui Tunnel! The Huide Trail is located atTaiwan Railway Heren StationandTaiwan Railway Chongde StationIn between, if you want to see the train, it’s recommended firstOnline queryThe timetable will not be missed!

The moment the train passes through the Qingshui Tunnel

Qingshui Cliff | Observation Deck

Continuing back, you will arrive at the wooden observation deck on the second floor, where you can admire the Qingshui Cliff from a perfect angle. The nearly vertical cliffs directly into the Pacific Ocean. With the gradual blue ocean, you can't help but sigh the wonders of nature! The magnificent scenery makes people forget all the troubles in life. At this time, the trail that is stepping on at this time is also built by the predecessors leaning on the cliff and taking the risk.

IMG 4189 结果 2

Qingshui Cliff | Stone Tablet

The Huide Trail near the end is well-knownTen Scenic Views of Taiwan-Qingshui CliffMany tourists come here to take photos with the stele. Except for Qingshui Cliff, the other nine scenic spots in Taiwan areYehliu, Sun Moon Lake, Jinguashi, Guishan Island, Moon World Mudstone Badlands, Snow Mountain Circle Valley, Huoyan Mountain Nature Reserveas well asBig and Small Ba Jianshan. All these attractions are collected in your pocket, and you are expected to visit one by one in the future to discover more of Taiwan's beauty!


Jeffy vaguely remembers that he had visited Qingshui Cliff with his family when he was a child. At that time, he only felt that the mountains were so high and the seas were so blue. He hadn't experienced this place deeply yet. But this time after we went on our own, we had almost a new understanding of this attraction. In addition to the visual shock, we couldn't help but have a deep respect for nature. People say that different scenic spots will have different feelings at different times of life. Maybe that’s what it means. After the opening of the Suhua Reformation, traveling to the east is no longer a long journey. The Huide Trail is very easy to walk, suitable for all ages. Why don't you come to Hualien next time?

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