[Hualien Attractions] Hualien Starbucks Container House, a beautiful specialty store, visit New Paradise! Transportation/Food/Nearby Attractions.

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The unique appearance of the container house Starbucks has been on the social media for a long time. It is composed of 29 containers from all over the world. The store has a unique architectural design. This is one of the must-visit attractions in Hualien! Sitting in a container floating across the ocean, taking a break with cakes and coffee, and temporarily avoiding the hot sun outside. If you happen to be full, you can also drive through Drive Through (similar to McDonald's) to order a meal and take a cup of delicious coffee!

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(Video source: Hualien Starbucks Hualien Store youtube)

Starbucks Container House|Transportation

Take public transportation?

After taking the train to Hualien Railway Station, transfer to bus 301 and get off at New Paradise Station. After getting off the bus, cross a section of Vietnam Bin Road and walk for about 2 minutes to reach the Starbucks Huilan store.

Drive by yourself?

Navigable toSTARBUCKS Starbucks (Huilan Store), Or navigate by address, you can see the parking lot next to it, with a lot of parking spaces.

  • Container Starbucks Address: No. 505, Section 1, Nanbin Road, Ji'an Township, Hualien County
  • Phone: 03-8420014

Starbucks Container House|Environment

The Huilan store is the first container store store built with containers. The appearance was designed by the architect Kengo Kuma. Multiple containers are stacked to form the four-story building of the inverted pyramid, allowing these containers to continue in another aspect after retirement. Add a lot of elegance to Hualien~ Although you often see containers on the roads in Taiwan, it is the first time you see a coffee shop stacked with containers, and you can walk around freely inside, which is very eye-catching!

花蓮星巴克10 结果
花蓮星巴克11 结果
花蓮星巴克12 结果
花蓮星巴克3 结果
花蓮星巴克13 结果
花蓮星巴克2 结果
花蓮星巴克1 结果

Most of the stores retain the original appearance of the containers, but also incorporate the culture and art of the Ami people, and the aboriginal totems are cleverly presented in the stores. There are interior seats in every corner of the container, a large area of daylighting skylights, sitting in a long and narrow container, watching the movement outside through the transparent glass window, this journey seems to be poetic.

花蓮星巴克9 结果
花蓮星巴克8 结果
▲Shuttle in multiple different containers
花蓮星巴克7 结果
花蓮星巴克5 结果
▲The seats in the container house

The container has stayed in major cities in the world such as New York, Baltimore, Marseille, Barcelona, etc., and the cities and latitudes that the container has visited will also be written on the container. It is quite interesting. It seems that these containers have gone through a lot of journeys. Flying farther than us~

花蓮星巴克6 结果
▲The journey of the container

In addition to the Huilan store, Starbucks also has many other specialty stores, such as the reconstruction of the US military house, located in Shilin DistrictCaoshanmen CityTianmu under the shade of the forestTianyumen City, Tamsui combined with theater artCloud Gate City, The northernmostMatsu Gate, The collection of Lukang eleganceChanghua Lukang Store, Rich in island characteristicsSheraton Penghu Store, The first green building in the lakeCivil Rights Store, And the most beautiful Starbucks in TaiwanMinxiong Store, I really want to take photos for collection after seeing the photos!

Starbucks Container House|Nearby Attractions

Hualien New Paradise

After drinking a cup of coffee in the container house, you can go to the new paradise next to it. On the ground floor, you can experience exciting survival games and parent-child amusement facilities. Various VR activities. The second floor is a food court, the third floor is a well-known Hong Kong-style tea shop-Tang Chao, and on the fourth floor, in addition to the Wayshow Cinemas, there is the longest double spiral slide in the world. It is a very novel complex shopping mall!

  • Shopping hours: 10:30-18:30 on weekdays, 10:30-18:30 on holidays
  • Vista Studios business hours: 11:30-21:45 on weekdays, 11:00-21:45 on holidays
  • Address: No. 505, Section 1, Nanbin Road, Ji'an Township, Hualien County
IMG 9122 结果
IMG 9152 结果
IMG 9150 结果
IMG 9129 结果
▲Sugar Chao on the third floor of New Paradise

Hualien Ji’an Keishuin

Keishuin, also located in Ji’an Township, Hualien County, is a well-known county historic site in the eastern region and the best-preserved Japanese-style temple building in Taiwan. There are eighty-eight stone Buddhas invited from four countries in Japan, and they are full of Japanese style. They are beautiful no matter how they are photographed. You must not miss it when you visit Ji'an Township!

  • Tickets: 30 yuan for full ticket, 15 yuan for half ticket
  • Business hours: 08:30-17:00
  • Address: No. 345-1, Zhongxing Road, Ji'an Township, Hualien County
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IMG 9106 结果

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