[Scenic Spots in Ji’an, Hualien] Gancheng Bicycle Path, the rural style in the simple community, roaming the mountains and rivers by bicycle.

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▲Ride a bicycle to tour the Gancheng community
▲ Shuttle between fields and paths
▲Map of Gancheng Community Bike Path

Green corridor

On the way of cycling, it is really inspiring to see slogans in the community calling for everyone to exercise more! We seldom exercise, we always use the holidays to sweat, and we especially like to ride bicycles to travel in depth. The green corridor is 1,500 meters long and connects the Chuying Bicycle Path. Separated from the car lane, it is particularly comfortable to ride, and it will not be too hot to ride in the shade.

  • Open 24/7
  • Address: No. 45, Gancheng 1st Street, Ji'an Township, Hualien County
干城社區腳踏車8 结果
干城社區腳踏車6 结果
▲The whole row of green taichoke pines turns to maple red to be more beautiful in autumn and winter.
▲The beautiful background of white clouds surrounding the green mountains can be seen from time to time

Livestock ranch, horse auxiliary education center

Riding on, we ran into a horse! If you do not follow the schedule according to the schedule, you can enjoy the moment of traveling more. This is where we accidentally ride. It turned out that there was a livestock farm here, and the staff took the horses out to graze, and we also stopped here to observe and take pictures for a long time. The horse is sturdy, grazing with its head down, and looking up at the surrounding movement from time to time. We who usually live in the city rarely see such a scene and feel it is fun.

干城社區腳踏車4 结果
干城社區腳踏車5 结果

Lotus Flower Garden

This is one of the attractions specifically mentioned by the owner of the homestay.The Lotus Garden in Lotus City is not only free of tickets, but there is also free lotus tea to drink, isn't it a bit too Buddha's heart? We, who had been looking at the door for a long time, didn't dare to venture in, but the proprietress of the lotus garden warmly entertained us, asking us to watch the lotus inside and sit down to drink tea. Although the lotus garden is not big, the pond is covered with lotus flowers, which is very beautiful.

  • Free tickets, free tea
  • Opening hours: Daily 10:00-18:00
  • Address: No. 66, Nanhua 5th Street, Ji'an Township, Hualien County
干城社區腳踏車1 结果
干城社區腳踏車3 结果
Lotus Garden offers free lotus tea
▲We also bought lotus biscuits to match with lotus tea (100 yuan per pack)

In this way, we rode our bikes all morning. Because we were riding while taking pictures and we were not in a hurry, we spent a lot of time tasting Hualien Ji'an. There seems to be a kind of magic in Hualien, the pace has slowed down, the mood is relaxed, and there seems to be nothing worth worrying about. We seem to regain our original intention of traveling, experience the small details of ordinary life, and go back to Taipei when we are full of electricity!

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