[Keelung Restaurant] Keelung Nursery Italian Restaurant, once voted as the champion fisherman's pot! Combine local ingredients and Italian cuisine.

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When you come to Keelung Seaport, the seafood is famous for its freshness, so you must try this special dish-fisherman's pot! The fisherman’s pot originated from the boat’s throwing all the fish into a large pot for stewing, and everyone enjoyed it to keep warm. Later, it became a unique delicacy in Keelung. This time we came to the Xinyi DistrictNursery Italian Restaurant, The restaurant hadChampion of Keelung Fisherman's Pot Competition, As a seafood foodie, we must come to try it~

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Nursery Italian Restaurant/Restaurant information

  • Meal time limit is 1.5 hours
  • Business hours: 11:30-15:00/17:00-21:30 on weekdays, 11:30-15:30/17:00-21:30 on holidays
  • Basic low consumption of 180 yuan, 10% service fee
  • 300 corkage fee for bringing your own wine
  • wifi provided
  • No parking lot, paid parking lot nearby
  • Nearby attractions: Zhengbin Fishing Port, Argenna Shipyard Site, Heping Island Park

Nursery Italian Restaurant/Environment

Miaopu Italian Restaurant is located on Xiner Road in Xinyi District, Keelung. There are several paid parking lots nearby (Xinyi Parking Lot, Xinyi Parking Lot, Liuhe Parking Lot). The restaurant has an exotic appearance. The green-bottomed sign reads a big Vivaio Pasta, and the entrance is a heavy iron door, which feels like a container in Keelung seaport?

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The interior decoration of the restaurant is industrial style, full of red bricks and tiles, and the overall feeling is neat and bright. The wall of the restaurant is covered with the front of Vespa motorcycles, and you can feel that the boss must be a super fan of Vespa ?

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The rear stairs lead to the seating area on the second floor. As soon as you go up, you can see a pink Vespa motorcycle. The windows are decorated with negatives, antique phones, and several mini Vespas, and they are all retro breath.

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▲Retro film of Weiss motorcycle
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There is a lamp that looks like a dentist near the counter. I'm afraid to think of it like Jeffy, who is going to see the dentist. But the bulb on it has been modified to colorful, exuding a naughty feeling.

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▲Restaurant counter

In terms of seating configuration, there are high chairs on the first floor, which is very convenient for chatting. There are also sofa chairs by the window on the second floor. It is also pleasant to watch the scenery while having a meal. There is also a sofa area for a large group of people in the restaurant. Dinner is also very suitable!

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▲Restaurant seats on the first floor
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▲The restaurant seats on the second floor
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Nursery Italian Restaurant/Menu

After being seated, there are two very "heavy" menus on the table. The cover is actually made of metal. No wonder it is a bit hard to pick up. This design is also very in line with the style of the restaurant.

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▲Water attached to the table

Nursery Italian Restaurant/Keelung Champion Fisherman's Pot Set

If you come here, you must try the award-winning fisherman's pot set menu in 2019.The set meal also comes with spicy garlic chicken spaghetti, a platter of fried dishes, and two drinks, for a total of 780 yuan.The set meal is for two people, and we two were very full at the time, and the portion was a lot.

  • The champion fisherman's pot set meal is available in limited quantities, and the waiting time is long. It is recommended to make an appointment by phone to avoid long waiting.

Fried food platter

The fried food platter has fried chicken wings, French fries and fried garlic. I thought it was ordinary fried food, but it turned out to be amazing and delicious! The chicken wings are crispy and tasty, and the chicken is juicy. Served with fresh and sweet broccoli, squash, tomato and bamboo shoots to relieve greasiness, it is a happy meal for parties!

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Pesto Spicy Chicken Pasta

When Jeffy and Allie go to a spaghetti restaurant, they will definitely order garlic chicken spaghetti, because we both love garlic fried chicken ? The garlic spicy chicken spaghetti of the nursery is really impeccable, the noodles are very tasty , Full of garlic. The juice is just right, and the chicken is fried very successfully. It is a very recommended meal?

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S 6054077 结果

Champion Fisherman Pot

The highlight is coming! The seaport Keelung selects the most distinctive fisherman’s pot every year.The champion fisherman of the nursery is the champion!Unlike the fisherman's pot that I thought of in the past, the fisherman's pot in the nursery combines Italian style, using local ingredients, and a variety of seafood is placed on a pure copper hand pot. It looks very exaggerated.Mussels, jigula covered with fish paste, several clams, sea bass, prawns and small rolls with egg intestines,The set meal also comes with bread, which can be eaten with the sweet sauce in the pot, so special! The sauces are made from fresh ingredients, no semi-finished products or cooking packages are used.

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▲It's delicious to eat with seafood soup

The prawns on the beach have a very good taste. The prawns taste very fresh and taste very sweet. Egg sausage is a unique delicacy in Keelung.Combine the special egg liquid with the Q bomb rolls,It’s so amazing, Jeffy really loves this taste, and he ate several bites ?

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▲Keelung's unique gourmet egg sausage

Hot black tea

You can choose iced or hot black tea in the restaurant. The tea bag used for hot black tea is Dilmah black tea (Dilmah).

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The above is our actual eating record at the Nursery Italian Restaurant this time. The most famous one is the fisherman's seafood pot. Combining local ingredients and Italian cuisine, you can even feel the store's dedication to the fisherman's pot. The restaurant is decorated in style and the food is unique. It is recommended that you come and eat when you come to Keelung ?

Nursery Italian Restaurant/Surrounding Attractions

You can drop by to have the name of the Taiwanese version of VeniceColor House in Zhengbin Fishing Port, Is a popular photo spot for IG, the colorful houses make the fishing port lively, not to mention it is really a bit of the atmosphere of the water capital of Venice! Nearby tooRuins of Argena Shipyard, Heping Island Park, Very close Yo!

Nursery Italian Restaurant

  • Business hours:
    Monday to Friday 11:30-15:00, 17:00-21:30 (last meal 14:00, 20:30)
    Saturday and Sunday 11:30-15:30, 17:00-21:30 (last meal 14:00, 20:30)
  • Address: No. 172, Xin'er Road, Xinyi District, Keelung City
  • Phone: 02 2425 2855
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