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When I came to Sanyi, Miaoli, I felt a sense of back-to-nature and real relaxation. On that day, we slowly traveled to historical sites and visited the North-South Broken Bridge of Longteng Broken Bridge, and stopped by.Castle in the Sky,Shengxing Station, Shengxing Old Street, These scenic spots are very close, very suitable to be arranged together. If you have enough time, it is also recommended to experience the super popular old mountain line railway bike, admire the broken bridge from the air, and have a different feeling!

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Longteng Broken Bridge|Access

  • Public transportation: Take the Taiwan Railway to Sanyi Station-transfer to a taxi
  • Drive by yourself:
    National Highway No. 1-Sanyi Interchange-Xiangdao Miao Line 51-Provincial Highway 13-Xiangdao Miao Line 49-1-Xiangdao Miao Line 49
    National Highway No. 3-under Yuanli Interchange-County Road 140-Xiangdao Miao Line 52-Xiangdao Miao Line 49

After driving up along Miao 49 Township Road, you can see the magnificent bridge piers from a distance, and then you will see the parking lot (50 yuan per time) when you drive forward. In addition to the Longteng Broken Bridge and food vendors nearby, You can also take the popular old mountain line railway bike! However, the old mountain line railway bicycles are very popular, so it is best to buy tickets in advance to avoid being empty~
?Click here to book rail bike tickets

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▲Small vendors next to the parking lot

Longteng Broken Bridge|Introduction of Scenic Spots

The Longteng Broken Bridge is located in Longteng Village, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County. Because it used to be called "Yutengping", it is also called Yutengping Broken Bridge. The Longteng Broken Bridge has a long history. It was built during the Japanese Occupation Period. The entire bridge was made of glutinous rice, and the width of each brick was different.The bridge did not use any steel or cement, so its anti-seismic ability was relatively poor. After the Guandaoshan earthquake with a scale of 7.3 occurred in 1935, Yutengping Bridge became the later Yutengping Broken Bridge.

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#North Broken Bridge

The Longteng Broken Bridge is divided into the North Broken Bridge and the South Broken Bridge. Everyone’s impression of the Longteng Broken Bridge is the North Broken Bridge. There are six bridge piers. It looks spectacular, and I was shocked by the previous bridge building craftsmanship! The front of the broken bridge happens to be a road, and then there is a small square inside, which is better for taking pictures, and you can sit down and take a rest.

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#South Broken Bridge

The South Broken Bridge needs to go down from the trail next to the North Broken Bridge, passing Longteng River on the way, and walking for about five to ten minutes., Are easy and easy to walk trails, and you will also see the Longteng Iron Bridge built later to replace the Longteng Broken Bridge. I met a guide on the scene explaining the previous story, and it was more realistic! There are four bridge piers on the South Broken Bridge. Compared with the red bricks of the North Broken Bridge, the piers of the South Broken Bridge are mostly entangled by tenacious plants, showing a deep historical trace.

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▲The old tree roots are left on the broken bridge
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▲The tour guide was explaining at the scene

After returning from the South Broken Bridge, we originally wanted to take the old mountain line railway bike, but because we couldn't catch the last train at Longteng Station, we went back in defeat. But let's share some information on the rides in this section of Longteng Station.

#Old mountain line railway bicycle

There are three main routes for bicycles on the Jiushan Line: Class A route (from Shengxing Station to Longteng South Section of Broken Bridge), Class B route (from Longteng Station to Shengxing Station and round trip), and Class C (from Longteng Station to Shengxing Station). From Longteng Station to the tunnel group round trip),Among them, the B and C routes depart from Longteng Station.

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▲Rail bike in the sky
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▲A styling car that can be photographed on the side

Old mountain line railway bicycle route


Route B

  • Longteng Station ⇔ Shengxing Station
  • The total time is 70-80 minutes (including commentary time, the guided tour is free to participate)
  • Tunnel No. 2 (light projection), Shengxing Station (stay for about 30 minutes, you can stroll around Shengxing Old Street)
  • Single special price: NT$200 Special price for children: NT$160
  • Train on Jiushan Line-Ticket Collection at Longteng Station

ShiftDepart on timeReturn arrival

Route C

  • Longteng Station ⇔ Tunnel No. 6
  • The total time is 70-80 minutes (including commentary time, the guided tour is free to participate)
  • Yutengping Iron Bridge (33 meters high), overlooking the north section of Longteng Broken Bridge, tunnels 3-6, overlooking the back pond weir of Liyutan Reservoir, and Neishechuan Iron Bridge
  • Single special price: NT$250 Special price for children: NT$200 
  • Train on Jiushan Line-Ticket Collection at Longteng Station

ShiftDepart on timeReturn arrival

The above is our Sanyi tour! Longteng Broken Bridge is paired with railway bicycles, and you can admire the historical sites from another height.Ride to Shengxing Station to go shopping in the old streets, enjoy Hakka delicacies, and experience Hakka tea.It is also very good~ If you miss the bicycle like us, you can also go to the nearby Sky City, which takes about 10-20 minutes to experience the romance of the castle and a relaxing journey of strolling!

MiaoliLongteng Broken Bridge

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