[Staying in Toufen, Miaoli] Shangshun Junle Hotel, combined with large shopping malls and parent-child indoor amusement parks, can play thoroughly at one time!

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When I came to Toufen, Miaoli, I did not hesitate to choose to stay at the Shangshun Junle Hotel, all because of the convenience of transportation and functions! It takes about 5 minutes to arrive at the Toufen Interchange. Shangshun Recreation World includesShangshun Education Paradise,Shang Shun Shopping Centeras well asGrand Park Shangshun, comprehensive shopping, parent-child paradise, hotel accommodation, exotic food street, adults can easily shop, children can also have fun, it is a recommended scenic spot for parents and children to travel together! This article will introduce the situation of the day we stayed at Shangshun Grand Hotel!

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  • *The above accommodation is the price of a double basic room type, we will classify it slightly, please refer to the website for the detailed price*
▲There are many parent-child amusement facilities in Shangshun Education Paradise
▲Shangshun Yu Le Tiandi floor table
▲Dream carousel
▲Rotating coffee cup on the 5th floor
▲Small ski resort
▲Drift Kart
▲Tom Bear Playground
IMG 0300 2
▲The rock climbing area with the most children

Shang Shun Grand Hotel|Price

We decided to stay in the hotel the day before, usingCoolpadordered,CoolpadThere are very favorable prices for temporary accommodation, but there are not too many types of hotels to choose from. Before you check in, you can check whether there is any hotel you want. We were stayingDeluxe Twin RoomThe price is 3250 yuan for two people.

Shang Shun Grand Hotel|Transportation and Parking

Drive by yourself

Navigate to "Grand Park Shangshun”, or “No. 6 Yule Street, Toufen City, Miaoli County”, the accommodation provides free parking and there are many parking spaces. The whole area adopts a "first come, first stop" system, and it is not possible to reserve parking spaces in the hotel building.

map01 parking 1536x1019 1

🚗Shangshun Yule World indoor parking lot (connected to the ground floor)

  • Enter the underground parking lot (shopping mall) from Dongtao Road
  • Enter the underground parking lot from Heping Road (Jun Le Hotel)
  • C Enter the underground parking lot from Heping Road (Yu Le Tian Di)

🚗Shangshun Yule World Outdoor Parking Lot (next to Shangshun Junle Hotel)

  • Shangshun tour bus parking lot

🚗Surrounding parking lot

  • E Shangshun Plaza Parking Lot (Heping Road)

Take the high-speed rail

Get off at Miaoli Station and transfer to the high-speed rail express bus (High-speed Rail→Zhunan Science Park Line) and get off at Toufen Junior High School Station, then walk for 2 minutes to Shangshun World; or take a taxi, about 25 minutes' drive away arrive.
Get off at Hsinchu Station and transfer to a taxi. The journey takes about 40 minutes to Shangshun Paradise.

Take the train

After getting off at Zhunan Station of the Taiwan Railway (via the east exit of the station), transfer to a taxi or take the Miaoli Bus. The journey will take about 10 minutes to Shangshun Paradise.

Take the Miaoli Bus

Get on the train at Zhunan Station of the Taiwan Railway and get off at Liuhe Elementary School. The routes are 5802, 5803, 5804, 5805 and 5806.
Get on the bus at Toufen Main Station and get off at Liuhe Elementary School. The routes are 5802, 5803, 5804, 5805, 5806, 5810, 5823.

Take Guoguang Passenger Transport 1823

Get on at Taipei Main Station and get off at Liuhe Elementary School Station

MiaoliGrand Park Shangshun

  • Address: No. 6, Yule Street, Toufen City, Miaoli County
  • Tel: 03 753 9555
  • Related websites:Official website

Shang Shun Grand Hotel|Lobby

The lobby of Shangshun Junle Hotel is very spacious, with clean and bright space and polished floors. When you see this scene, you will feel a vacation immediately! To the right of the gate entrance isOu Yage Western Restaurant, is also the place where guests have breakfast in the morning. After going up the escalator on the left to the second floor, you can directly reach the next door via the overpass.Shangshun Education ParadiseandShang Shun Shopping Center, food, clothing, housing, transportation, entertainment, and entertainment are almost all arranged in Shangshun Group~

▲Shangshun Grand Hotel check in counter
▲The bright lobby of Shangshun Grand Hotel

There is a sofa in the middle of the hall. You can take a break here while waiting for Check in. There are cute and eye-catching big dolls everywhere, which are very interesting for children. Children can't help but look forward to the trip to the indoor park!

尚順君樂 1
▲Western restaurant dining space
▲Nearby Miaoli Night Market

Shang Shun Grand Hotel|Room

We stayed this timeDeluxe Twin Room, The room of 13 pings is very easy to move, and the space is very large for two people! The spacious aisle and the clean and tidy environment make people relax immediately. The room is equipped with two double beds, which is really a great boon for Allie who likes to roll quilts and like a quilt per person 🤣

▲Shangshun Junle Hotel Deluxe Twin Room
▲The hotel is equipped with two luxurious beds

There is a desk at the other end of the room. If you encounter an urgent matter at work, you can deal with it directly here. We also sorted out the photos taken all day.

▲A small desk is attached
▲Two small sofa chairs
▲The hotel comes with tea bags, mineral water, and cups

The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, with shower facilities and bathtub. I like the decoration of the bathroom in this hotel very much. It is bright and warm, but it has a luxurious feeling. I will not feel strange or scared when I live in it. The point is that the space is very large! Although there is no hot spring in the Grand Hotel, we still took a hot bath, which was very comfortable♨

▲Luxurious space in the bathroom

The toilet uses a non-treatment toilet. For Jeffy, who has to shiver every winter when he sits on the toilet, he is so happy to be able to sit on a warm toilet seat in the cold and creaking winter! There is also enough storage space on the sink, and you can directly put your bags and cosmetics on this night.

▲Immunity toilet for toilet
▲Included toiletries

Shangshun Grand Hotel|Breakfast

Shangshun Junle Hotel's bed and breakfast is mainly composed ofOu Yage Western Restaurant on the first floorandDim Sum shop on the second floorProvided, the breakfast content provided by the two restaurants is the same. It is a buffet-style buffet. There are almost all kinds of breakfasts such as white porridge, hot dishes, grilled toast, fried vegetables, salad, fresh milk, soy milk, etc. There are many choices, everyone You can see which restaurant you like and then go to dine. We went to the Ou Yage Western Restaurant on the first floor.

▲The buffet-style buffet of Ou Yage Western Restaurant
▲Japanese miso soup and rice porridge
▲Cold salad

Shang Shun Grand Hotel|Facilities


The gym is quite spacious, with dumbbells, several flywheels, treadmills and steppers in it. If you accidentally eat too much when you come out to play, you can come here to make up for your guilt~


meeting room

Another room on the same floor as the gym is a conference room. There are several sofa chairs and a small table. You can chat here or discuss some business affairs. There are also computers and a list machine at the back. However, the light here is dim, and it is not suitable for using a computer.

▲Meeting room

Stay at the Shangshun Grand Hotel for one night, get up the next day, and then go to the entertainment world and shopping mall next to it, it is super convenient! I didn't expect that there is such a large entertainment space in Toufen, Miaoli. It is indeed an entertainment world built at a cost of 4.5 billion. It is very worth visiting. Both the shopping center and Yule Tiandi are completely indoor spaces. You can have a good time shopping even on a light rainy day. Next time you want to take your children for a walk, this place is also highly recommended!

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