[Nantou Puli Accommodation] Meixi Xiaozhuang Countryside B&B, a green Zen manor (family room/private room)

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Puli is located in the center of Taiwan's geographical location. Cherry blossoms in spring, fireflies in summer, maple leaves in autumn, and plum blossoms in winter. Each season has its own beauty. It is a good place not to be missed when you come to Nantou. This time, the six of us were traveling and looking for a private accommodation where we could live together, we found this Meixi Xiaozhuang. It is run by a couple who used to be faculty members to create the Zen manor of their dreams. The environment is quiet and full of greenery. It is also a good choice for friends and families to stay together~

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Meixi Xiaozhuang|Location and Traffic

Meixi Xiaozhuang is an idyllic homestay, hidden in the peaceful countryside surrounded by Niu Mian Mountain and Meixi. It is about 30-40 minutes' drive from the famous landmark Sun Moon Lake and about 1 hour's drive from Cingjing Farm. It is very convenient! It's also a good place to stay away from the city and walk into nature without the worries of the world.

  • Phone: 049-2993038 
  • Address: No. 2-5, Shoucheng Road, Puli Town, Nantou County
  • Free parking
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Meixi Xiaozhuang|Outdoor Environment

Jeffy likes the environmental design of Meixi Xiaozhuang. The gravel-paved road surrounded by large green fields gives people a sense of relaxation, and even the singing of insects and birds can be heard. The homestay uses a lot of large glass elements, even inside the house, you can enjoy the scenery outside, and nature is integrated with the building. How pleasant it is to make a cup of coffee, sit under the sunshade and enjoy the scenery! A small pavilion was also built outside the homestay. In the embrace of so many "eye-catching" green plants, you have forgotten the boredom at work!

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Meixi Xiaozhuang|Breakfast

Every time I stay in a homestay or restaurant, what I look forward to most is breakfast! The breakfast at Meixi Xiaozhuang is buffet style, all prepared by the boss and his wife. There are also traditional Chinese dishes that the elders like. White rice porridge is paired with a variety of side dishes, and breakfast is also very full. There are also grilled jam toast, sandwiches, cold noodles, cup cakes and so on.

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The restaurant is decorated in a simple Japanese style, with many log furniture, and the transparent glass provides excellent lighting and sunlight penetrates to start our beautiful morning ceremony! Sitting here, the poetry and picturesqueness of the whole person unknowingly rises. It is no wonder that this place is called a breathing health homestay.

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Meixi Xiaozhuang|Room Type

There are six of us, and we choose the one with a private houseThree-bedroom villa (single-family, three bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms), The space and bathroom equipment are very sufficient, and the sound insulation is also very good, and the sound of the building next door is almost inaudible. In addition to private rooms, the homestay also has family rooms for 2-4 people, and the decoration design of each room is also different.

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A piano is placed in the living room, which is very rare in a homestay. Unfortunately, it was already at night when I checked in, and the scenery outside the window was not photographed. In the morning, I could see the whole garden and a small comfortable balcony. There are many chairs and sofas in the living room, and everyone has been busy all day, sitting and resting and chatting for a long time.

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There are some simple dishes in the kitchen, and you can cook by yourself, but everyone was tired that day and just wanted to relax. Originally thought that the homestay area was more suburban and there was no delivery, but I found that it could still be ordered. We also ordered from FoodPanda Sent the fried stuff.

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There are three rooms on the second floor, covered with wooden floors, but there will be a slight vibration when stepping on it. The bed board may also be due to age. Lying down and turning over or moving will make a good sound, but for us all I think it has little effect. Almost every room has a large window. I think the daylight will be very good. Before going to bed, we gave up our mobile phone and didn't set the alarm clock. We plan to let Father Sun wake up the next day. ?

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One is a small Japanese-style room with a Japanese style, but the small space is very comfortable. Before going to bed, I walked to the balcony outside the room. The moon was faintly reflected in the light. Jeffy really liked the tranquility brought by the countryside, and time slowed down.

The above is that we are in PuliMeixi XiaozhuangThe accommodation is simple to share, the overall decoration is simple, the lighting is bright, and the overall feeling is particularly relaxing. I also hope that the epidemic will dissipate as soon as possible, and everyone can travel together happily again~

Puli Meixi Xiaozhuang

  • Phone: 049-2993038 
  • Address: No. 2-5, Shoucheng Road, Puli Town, Nantou County
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