[Nantou Attractions] Sun Moon Lake SUP stand-up paddle experience, enjoy the lake scenery from the lake with a special flavor! (Activity record, matters needing attention)

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Speaking of Sun Moon Lake experience itinerary, exceptTop 10 most beautiful bicycle lanes in the worldIn addition to riding a bicycle, you can also enjoy some water activities! This time we participatedSun Moon Lake SUP (Stand Up Paddle), Paddling SUP on the Sun Moon Lake, enjoying the Sun Moon Lake from a different perspective, it is very pleasant.

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Sun Moon Lake SUP|Recommended Package Itinerary

This time we passKlook bookingThe SUP activities provided by OUDO Discovery are divided into the morning group (collection at 6:00AM), the morning group (collection at 09:00) and the afternoon group (collection at 13:00). Because the temperature in the morning is relatively low, in addition to providing life jackets, the coach also asked us if we need cold-proof clothing. In addition to simple teaching during the experience, he also cares about the learning situation of each participant. Even those who are afraid of water can relax. It is suitable for inexperienced beginners!

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S 6168765 result
S 6168766 result

Sun Moon Lake SUP|paddleExperience

Before going into the water, the coach will distributeLife jacket and paddle, And adjust the equipment according to the body shape of each person. After dressing, we will proceed brieflyAbout 10-20 minutes of shore teaching,Mainly to explain the basic operations such as forward, backward, turning, and how to protect the glasses on your face when falling into the water (otherwise there will be a goddess in the lake asking you whether you are gold glasses or silver glasses). There are many mosquitoes in the forest on the shore. Those who are afraid of being bitten can spray some mosquito repellent!

S 6168768 result
S 6168769 result
▲Ashore teaching before launching

Ready to launch, our launch location isShengbainian Ecological Rehabilitation Farm of Native FishNearby, the weather is very good this day, I look forward to what the lake view looks like. There is no shelter on Sun Moon Lake,It is recommended to wear long-sleeved clothing and take sun protection measures to avoid sunburn.A bottle of water will be given out before departure. You can tie the water to the storage rope of the life jacket or SUP paddle board!

S 6168770 result
S 6168771 result
▲Ready to launch

Before boarding, we tie the life-saving ring to the feet and fix the items that are easy to fall on the rope or body. After the instructor assists each member to board the boat, let everyone familiarize themselves with the basic operations such as simple forward, turn, and retreat. (And how to get others into the water?), will start today's itinerary, just relax and experience it!

S 6168776 result

The most difficult part of the whole trip is to stand up. It is easy to accidentally fall into the water. The coach said that first change from a sitting position to a high kneeling position, and then stand up in one breath! Jeffy had contact with SUP for the first time in Boracay a few years ago, but he only remembered that he fell into a mess, but this time I don’t know whether it was under the guidance of the coach or the calmer relationship on the lake. He stood up all at once. Now, it’s the first time to play the paddle successfully. If you really fall into the water, don’t worry, you can relax and feel the feeling of swimming in the Sun Moon Lake for a few seconds. The coach will quickly rush to your side to help re-board, very considerate~

S 6242558 结果
S 6168775 result

Paddling leisurely on the calm lake feels particularly happy, lying on the paddle board to rest for a while. In the past, I used to admire Sun Moon Lake from the shore or by boat. This is the first time to appreciate the lake and mountains on Sun Moon Lake from the water point of view. It feels very fresh!

S 6168778 result
S 6168781 result

The rainfall has been very low recently, and the Sun Moon Lake has gradually dried up. The coach said that the water level used to be near the trees, but now it has dropped a lot, and cracked soil has gradually emerged. I hope that the rain will come as soon as possible, so that everyone will not suffer from water shortage. Influence. From the lake, you can easily see the various scenic spots of Sun Moon Lake, and you can also seeFamous landmark Cien Pagoda.

S 6168777 result
S 6168764 result
▲I saw the small Ci En Pagoda in the distance

Before the end of the activity, the coach took us to a nearby houseboat to buy drinks. The houseboat is really occupied and there is a house number. It's very special! It looks like a grocery store on Sun Moon Lake ?

S 6168780 result
▲The houseboat on Sun Moon Lake
S 6168779 result
▲Buy a bottle of drink directly if you are tired

Sun Moon Lake SUP Experience|FAQ

What do I need to prepare?

Water, towels and clean clothes, it is recommended to wear contact lenses and take sun protection measures

Will it be very cold/hot that day?

We participated in the activity in mid-March. The temperature was moderate on that day and the lake was very cool, because it was cold in the morning. If you are afraid of the cold, you can wear the winter clothes provided by the coach.

How long is the activity schedule?

The activity schedule is free, simple rowing on the lake, can be customized according to the needs of the group members, usually about 2.5 to 3 hours.

Is it suitable for people who are afraid of water and beginners?

Jeffy is a land duck who is afraid of water, but after experiencing it, I feel that even beginners can get started quickly! SUP on the lake is more stable than on the sea, so it is also recommended for people who are exposed to SUP for the first time!

S 6168760 result

Finally, everyone inevitably came to take a group photo. Everyone is very satisfied with the content of the activity and the coaches this time! In the past, it was only possible to admire Sun Moon Lake from the shore or by boat. This was the first time I felt in the lake. It is an activity worth participating in to experience this attraction in a completely different way.The calm lake also allows novices to quickly get started with SUP.Hurry up and give it a try this summer!

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