[Nantou Puli Food] Very beef charcoal grilled steak Puli shop, 600 grams of super crazy steak, all-you-can-eat side dishes, drinks, and ice cream.

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After spending a whole day of energy in Sun Moon Lake, of course, you have to eat meat to replenish some energy to enjoy it! This day because my accommodation is located in Puli, I cameVery Niu Charcoal Steak Puli Store, Very Niu Char-grilled Steak is a popular chain restaurant originating from Taichung. After the meal, the meat is tender and juicy, and you can enjoy it inside.Unlimited enjoyment of ice cream, drinks, corn soup, borscht and side dishes,It won't work if you don't record it!

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Restaurant information

  • 10% service fee, credit card available
  • 120~140cm low consumption 200 yuan, 140cm above low consumption one main meal
  • Menu: Angus Beef, Iberico Pig, Cherry Duck Breast, German Pork Knuckle, Chicken Drumstick
  • There is a parking lot, not much location, you can park at the white line of Heping East Road

Puli Very Beef Char-grilled Steak|Restaurant Environment

Very Niu Char-grilled Steak is located on the second section of Zhongshan Road. The huge sign makes it hard not to notice this restaurant. The logo is very interesting and the English name is God Beef Ingeniously became the body of a cow, and the name "very cow" proves that it is a restaurant with a great steak?

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▲Charcoal-grilled steak signature

The meal day was Friday night. It was full at that time. I waited for about 20-30 minutes in the outside seating area. It is recommended to reserve a table first.

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▲The waiting area outside the restaurant

Steak ingredients are fresh,The "wet-aged" chilled steak is used,Although the beef is vacuum packaged, it tastes tender and juicy. Seafood is also availableLive seafood.

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The interior decoration and decorations are somewhat industrial. The bull's head hanging on the wall makes the shop more atmosphere. The seats are mainly divided into leather sofa area and four-person tables and chairs. There is also a dining area on the second floor. However, there is not enough staff on the second floor. Not open.

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S 6570016 结果 1
▲Dining area on the first floor
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S 6570015 结果 1
S 6570017 结果 1
▲Dining area on the second floor
S 6570022 结果 1

Restaurant toilets are also providedMouthwashandDental floss stick, So that guests can leave the restaurant clean and refreshing, so sweet! It also solves the problem that small pieces of meat are always stuck in the position of wisdom teeth after eating steak?

Puli Beef Charcoal Steak|Menu

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▲ Very beef charcoal grilled steak menu

Puli Very Beef Char-grilled Steak|Meals

The restaurant has a variety of parts to choose from. Among them, you can customize the portion of the Angus plate tendon. Jeffy, who loves meat, chooses 600 grams at a time. Those who don’t eat beef also have cherry duck breast, Iberico pork, Matsusaka pork, and chicken drumsticks. You can choose between steak or German pork knuckle, which is a restaurant with a lot of meat.

Self-service bar/side dishes

Side dish isKimchi and pickled radish,The sweet and sour is very appetizing!

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▲Kimchi, pickled radish

Self-service bar/soup

SoupCreamy Corn SoupandBorscht soup, BothUnlimitedof. The thick soup tastes very rich, it tastes smoothly, and the ingredients are very solid, so it's sloppy because it's a self-service. The borscht soup is very tasty and rich in ingredients. It tastes a bit sweet and slightly sour, which makes Jeffy, who doesn't like tomatoes, drink it very much.

S 6570008 结果 1
▲Cream corn soup
S 6570007 结果 1
▲Borscht beef soup

Self-service bar/drinks

There are hot and cold drinks, but only cold drinksJapanese SenchaandCalpis, The choice is a bit less, if you want to drink other, you need to add more, the hot drink is a simple coffee machine.

S 6570021 结果 1
▲Beverage area

Buffet Bar/Ice Cream

Ice cream isMeijiThe brand has four flavors: strawberry, mint chocolate, mango and matcha.

S 6570014 结果 1
▲Meiji Ice Cream

Angus Board Tendon Heart 600g 589 yuan

Wow! ! The 600g steak looks superb? The steak I ate this time isRecommended by the store, The taste is very tender, it tastes juicy and not burnt, and there is no problem of biting. I suggest you try the 600g serving size, it's super enjoyable! Each row meal is served with the mealAttach a pot of garlic slices and a stone boiled to 350 degrees, If you really want to eat a little more cooked meat, you can cut it off and heat it yourself. If you want to eat as much cooked as you want, it’s very special!

S 6569999 结果 1
▲600 grams of Angus board tendon
S 6569993 结果 1
▲Garlic slices

TGB crispy potato main meal plus purchase price of 39 yuan

Order a main meal and you can purchase an additional meal. The French fries are deep-fried and are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

S 6570004 结果 1
▲TGB crispy potato

Lava shrimp ball main meal plus purchase price of 69 yuan

The outer layer of the lava shrimp ball is fried so that it is crispy and crispy. After biting it, there will be a rich cheese flowing out of the inside. Be careful to burn the mouth.

S 6570003 结果 1
S 6570002 结果 1
▲Lava Prawn Ball

3 salt-grilled large grass prawns 249 yuan

If you think that Nantou can't make delicious seafood dishes without relying on the sea, then you are wrong! The grass prawns are large in size and the meat is very fresh. The salt grilled is very tasty and makes people eat their fingers straight. Those who like shrimps must try it!

S 6569996 结果 1
▲Salt-grilled large grass shrimp

In the end, of course, you have to have a bottle of beer and beef to taste! Use Corona beer to draw the end of the meal.

S 6569995 结果 1
▲Corona beer

The above is the actual eating record of our restaurant in Puli. The beef and seafood are of very good quality, and the cooking skills are also very good. It makes friends in the same industry full of satisfaction. And diversified meal choices, ordering food is alsoEnjoy all-you-can-eat side dishes, soups, ice cream and drinks, Eat well at all! It is a good choice for gatherings of three or five friends at home.

Very Niu Char-grilled Steak Puli

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