[Nantou Sun Moon Lake Food] Sun Moon Lake Xinshan Thao flavor restaurant, experience authentic aboriginal specialties! (With menu inside)

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I have been to Sun Moon Lake several times, and I often don’t know what to eat. This time the owner who rented a bicycle recommended us to eat a special aboriginal cuisine.[Sun Moon Lake Xinshan Thao Cuisine Restaurant]It is located in the busiest area of Shuishe Wharf, the location is very easy to find. After eating, I feel that the dishes are creative and the taste is good. There are many people who are suitable for ordering. There are also exquisite personal set meals with few people, and they are in the Sun Moon Lake gourmet pocket!

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Restaurant information

  • Closed on Tuesday, the rest of the day 11:00-14:00, 17:00-20:00
  • Food ordering service
  • Thao flavor meal, Thao barbecue, steamed presidential fish, stalagmite, salt and pepper fried bergamot
  • There is no parking lot, but the center parking lot of the water agency can be stopped

Sun Moon Lake New Mountain Flavor|Restaurant Environment

The Sun Moon Lake Xinshan Thao Restaurant is located on Zhongshan Road near Shuishe Pier. There are many shops for renting bicycles on the side. After a meal, whether it isRide a bicycle around the lake, Experience the ten most beautiful bike paths in the world selected by CNN, orTake a boat trip to the lake, Visiting Xuanguang Pier and Itathao Pier are all must-see lists when you come to Sun Moon Lake!

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The signboard is decorated with traditional wood carvings. According to the owner, Xinshanwei Restaurant has been in business for three generations. It must have its uniqueness to stand unshakably in such a scenic spot.

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The owner is very hospitable and greets guests at every table warmly. The decoration of the restaurant is relaxed and comfortable, without the greasy feeling of ordinary fast-fried restaurants, almost no oily smoke, and it is very clean. On the contrary, the air-conditioning is a bit cold~

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There are many owner’s collections on the wall. A large wolf skin specimen is hung on the wall in the seating area on the first floor, and a mountain Qiang skin specimen is on the side. There is a large honeycomb at the end of the second floor, which is very "wild." Of a restaurant!

S 6881297 结果
▲Specimen hanging on the wall
S 6881294 结果
▲A whole honeycomb moved to the restaurant
S 6881292 结果
▲The wood carvings in the store are made by the owner and his family

Sun Moon Lake New Mountain Flavor|Menu

The Johor Bahru Thao cuisine restaurant has a rich menu. If there are not many people, there are individual set menus to choose from. If you come together, you can order items one by one. There are also good multi-person set meals or combined dishes, which will be more economical. If you don’t want to spend too much time ordering like us, just follow the dishes recommended by the boss!

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Multi-person menu

Sun Moon Lake New Mountain Flavor | Meals

We have dinner for six people and ordered as recommended[Red Fish Course D Course], There are tree red fish, iron plate venison, mountain wild vegetables, Ganoderma lucid health soup, hand-made stalagmite, Thao charcoal barbecue, salty crispy shrimp, white chopped capon, and the total of seven dishes and one soup is only 2,200 yuan. The portion is quite large, everyone is full ☺️

Thao Carbon Barbecue

When it comes to aboriginal cuisine, barbecue must be mentioned! This Thao charcoal barbecue is a must order in the restaurant. The meat quality is very good, the skin is grilled crispy, and the Q-bumped pork with onion is very good.

S 6881311 结果
S 6881303 结果

Salty Crispy Shrimp

Fried prawns have been eaten many times in the past, but fried prawns with fried tea is special! Jeffy used to be curious about whether the tea can be cooked directly, but this time I finally got it! The tea leaves are fried very crispy, and they don’t taste too greasy. It goes well with prawns! The shrimps are placed on a bamboo raft, and there is a net on the side. The shrimps are placed on it like freshly caught shrimps. You can see the creative ingenuity of the restaurant everywhere~

S 6881312 结果
S 6881310 结果
S 6881300 结果

White chopped capon

Every time we go to the restaurant, we will definitely order the capon, which can be said to be an out-and-out capon control. The cold white chopped capon is very delicious in summer, and the meat is very delicious. The soy sauce chili sauce on the side is better. eat!

S 6881307 结果

Hand-made stalagmites

In bamboo shoot dishes, this is the most oily braised tender bamboo shoot cooking method, it will not be too burdensome to eat, and because the ingredients are made of stalagmite, it is fresh and sweet!

S 6881304 结果

Red fish

Shuzi red fish was not cooked when it came to the table. The boss came to check the condition of the fish from time to time and couldn’t wait to take a bite. When I was a child, I often ate fish cooked with tree seeds. It really tasted like a grandma. Woolen cloth!

S 6881308 结果

Sizzling beef

The set meal Uehara is sizzling venison. The venison can be replaced with beef or pork. If you are afraid of eating venison, you can change it. The savory sauce drizzles on the white rice and it is very good with a little onion!

S 6881309 结果

Mountain wild vegetables

For wild vegetables, we chose fried cats. The special thing is that a raw egg yolk is added on it, which makes it smoother and sweeter to eat! Just one click and it's all done~

S 6881314 结果

Ganoderma health soup

It is very comfortable to always drink some hot soup after a full meal. The sweet Lingzhi soup is a good finishing touch to the savoury food!

S 6881315 结果

Dessert – Mountain Noodle Ball

Unexpectedly, there will be desserts after meals~ In the hot weather, the cold and slightly sweet mountain fungus soup makes people unable to stop one bowl after another.

S 6881306 结果

Cold wild pig skin

The QQ wild boar skin is mixed with peanuts, cucumbers and dried chilies. It tastes almost without the fishy smell of pig skin. What's more, the dishes are also served on the super-flavored ice sculptures. The camera and the stomach can be fed to your stomach. Yes, the vision and taste are satisfied at the same time, it is very recommended a cold dish!

S 6881301 结果

This is our dining experience at the Johor Bahru Thao restaurant. A total of six people ordered seven dishes and one soup, and the average cost is about 300 yuan per person. It is a restaurant with good CP on Sun Moon Lake. It is a restaurant near Sun Moon Lake with a full meal. After walking around, my brother also visited the famous Dragon Phoenix Palace and Yue Lao Temple, a very comfortable trip!

Sun Moon Lake Xinshan Thao Cuisine Restaurant

  • Business hours: Closed on Tuesday, and the rest of the day 11:00-14:00, 17:00-20:00
  • Address: No. 132, Zhongshan Road, Yuchi Township, Nantou County
  • Phone: 04 9285 5237
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