[Sun Moon Lake Restaurant] Minghu Old Restaurant, with a view window to admire the Sun Moon Lake, a Chinese-style restaurant with a combination of dishes/landscape.

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On this day, we came to the shopping street of Shuishe Pier for lunch. At that time, because we were too hungry, we went to the nearby Sun Moon Lake restaurant to have a meal. Overall, the view of Minghu Old Restaurant is very good. You can see Sun Moon Lake directly from the big window. Get a glimpse of the lake scenery. The meal part Jeffy feels a bit more ordinary, but if a group of people come to eat together, or bring the elders, it is a good place, the following actual eating records to share with you~

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▲The appearance of Minghu Old Restaurant
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Minghu Old Restaurant/Location

The restaurant is located next to Shuishe Wharf. There is a paid parking lot within a five-minute walk (Zhongxing Parking Lot, 40 yuan/1hr, 100 yuan on weekdays, no ceiling on holidays). It is great to have a parking lot in the crowded roads of Shuishe Wharf ? Convenient, it's just next to Sun Moon Lake.

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Minghu Old Restaurant/Environment

Jeffy and friends in the same group think that the most powerful part of the restaurant is the large window at the back. If you can, it is recommended to sit by the window. From the window, you can see a large area of Sun Moon Lake and layers of mountains. You can enjoy eating while enjoying. The lake view is super cozy ?

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Minghu Old Restaurant/Menu

Take a look at the menu! There are many ways to order food in restaurants. In addition to a la carte, there are also set menus. A single point can be made into small or medium servings. This time, six of us ate, most of them ordered medium portions, and they were super full in the end!

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Minghu Old Restaurant/Meals

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▲Entertainment tea

Fried salted pork/400 yuan (medium)

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The salted pork is fried very tasty. It tastes delicious with green onions. It is a very good dish for rice thief. It has more fat, not too spicy, and has a heavier taste.

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Mapo tofu/300 yuan (medium)

Mapo tofu is also a very home-cooked dish. The tender tofu is mixed with some ground meat and sprinkled with a little green onion. Those who like Mapo tofu can grab half a bowl of white rice with just a spoonful of it!

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Iron plate deer willow/300 yuan (small)

Teppan deer willow is also a strong-tasting dish. Deer willow is stir-fried with shallots, onions and a little chili, then seasoned with black pepper, and heated continuously on the hot plate, you will feel the scent as soon as you serve it on the table! This dish has a lot of quantity, and the CP value is relatively high!

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Fried water lotus/350 yuan (medium)

The water lotus with low calorie and rich fiber has a crisp taste. But it didn't feel very tasty.

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Cold rice with bamboo shoots/200 yuan (small)

After eating more heavy salty meals, it's great to have some simple rice shoots to relieve the greasiness! The taste of water bamboo shoots is very crisp, with a thick soup, it tastes slightly sweet.

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Ginger large intestine/300 yuan (medium)

There are plenty of ginger intestines. Those who like to eat large intestines are also recommended to give it a try! The overall taste is a bit sour, but it is full of Jeffy's taste. Jeffy likes the sour ginger large intestine. It is good to eat with one bite of large intestine and one bite of ginger!

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Three cups of local chicken/700 yuan (medium)

The chicken of the three-cup chicken is tender and not firewood. The whole pan is very delicious. Everyone finally eats up the chicken, the nine-story pagoda and even the garlic. This dish is really delicious! However, the asking price for such a pot is 700 yuan, which is slightly higher.

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Clam Soup/300 yuan (medium)

The amount of clam soup for six people is just right. There are a lot of clams. The only drawback is the taste of the soup. In addition to the sweetness of the clams, it feels a bit weak.

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Fruit treat after meal

After the meal is over, don’t forget that there is still fruit. Remember to leave after eating the fruit!

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The above is our restaurant at the Minghu Old Restaurant in Sun Moon Lake. The window position has a very good view, and some meals are also well prepared, but the overall price is indeed higher. It is for everyone who wants to go to Sun Moon Lake for reference!

Minghu Old Restaurant

  • Business hours: 11:00-14:00 17:00-20:00
  • Address: No. 15 Mingsheng Street, Yuchi Township, Nantou County
  • Phone: 049 2855228
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