[Sun Moon Lake Bike] The world’s top ten most beautiful bicycle trails-Sun Moon Lake Lake Drive, car rental information and riding route introduction!

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Sun Moon Lake can be said to be fun to play in three ways: water, land, and air! Apart fromTake a boat,SUP stand up paddle to enjoy the lake view、If you take the aerial tramway, you must also experience the "Top Ten Most Beautiful Bike Paths in the World" rated by CNN. This time we also came to experience this name, but unfortunately, when we visited (2021/03), we were experiencing water shortage, the water level was relatively low, and there were many dry areas. But the overall cycling around the lake is still very comfortable, and the route is not long, it is very suitable for beginners to experience!

We went to Sun Moon Lake for cycling in March and May, and compiled a short video of the ride in May for everyone?

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Monarch Hotel | More than ten thousand yuan

Yunpin Hotel,Sun Moon Hotel

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Sun Moon Lake Bicycle|Car Rental Location

we are atXiangshan Merida Car Rental Leisure PlazaIf you rent a car, there is a large vacant lot on the opposite side where you can park your car. There are bikes, co-ops, and electric bikes to choose from. Don’t be afraid to ride it ?100 yuan deposit, When you return the car, it will be calculated based on the actual use time. More than 10 minutes will be counted as half an hour, and more than 40 minutes will be counted as an hour. After picking up the car, you can enter the bicycle path around the lake from the trail on the side.

  • Open all year round 09:00~18:00/Closed on stormy days
  • Address: No. 592, Zhongshan Road, Shuishe Village, Yuchi Township, Nantou County
    (Next to Xiangshan Visitor Center)
  • Phone: 049-2856558 / 0963-625158
  • Bicycle: 100 yuan/hour
  • Single electric car: 200 yuan/hour
  • Double electric car: 300 yuan/hour
  • Tie-up car: 200/hour
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Sun Moon Lake Bike|Ride Route

The Sun Moon Lake Bicycle Path is well planned, and the whole journey is very safe to ride. We are the section of the road with the most people riding on Sun Moon Lake (Xiangshan section), Xiangshan-Shuishe Wharf section, if you only ride a bicycle for about half an hour, plus take pictures and stay for about an hour.

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Forever knot bridge and concentric bridge

At the beginning, you will first enter the Tongxin Bridge, and then to the Yongjie Bridge. There are many shaded places on this section of the road, it is cool and comfortable to ride, the slope is very gentle, it will not be too tired to ride, it is very suitable for parents and children to ride together! There will also be many platforms along the way to provide viewing and rest, so you might as well stop and press the shutter when you see the beauty!

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▲A viewing platform where you can sit and rest


Riding and riding, you will come to the most beautiful Shuishe Dam in this section. One side of this wooden plank road is the road where cars and motorcycles walk, and the other is a slope, so there is a signCan only lead a car to pass by.Looking at Sun Moon Lake from here, you can see the mountains after the calm lake. It is very pleasant to walk down, but you can also see that the water level of Sun Moon Lake has become very low, and most of the small islands that originally sank in the pool have gradually emerged.

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▲A section of road that can only be driven by a car
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S 6414356 结果
▲The small islands that were originally sinking in the pool gradually emerged

Water bike lane

I was looking forward to the water bike lane becoming less beautiful due to the drought.Part of the bicycle path from Shuishe Dam to Longfeng Palace is framed on the water, Passing by homes and shops on the way, it seems to be floating above Sun Moon Lake, with beautiful lake views on both sides. Because the water shortage is too serious, in addition to exposing the dry loess, it even grows green grass?

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▲The loess is exposed after the drought

Xiangshan Visitor Center

On the return trip, we rode down a little further and came to the unique lookingXiangshan Visitor Center, You can see Sun Moon Lake from the slope onto the roof. The beautiful clear water model building is full of good spots for taking pictures on the Internet. You can also have a drink at the nearby Huisun Coffee and take a break with ice, and spend this afternoon comfortably!

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S 6414377 结果
▲Bought a Sun Moon Lake black tea ice cream

The above is our experience of riding the bike path (Xiangshan Visitor Center-Shuishe Pier) in Sun Moon Lake this time. The whole road will not be too tired to ride, and it will not be too dry under the shade of the trees. It is a pity that we did not see it this time. Going to the sparkling Sun Moon Lake, but the dry lake scene recorded also reminds us to cherish water resources from time to time, and if we have the opportunity, we must come back to experience the full water of Sun Moon Lake again, and feel this section of the world's most beautiful bicycle path again!

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