【Luzhou Roasted Pork All You Can Eat】Aka Fuji Japanese-style smokeless roasted meat pot, nearly 100 kinds of meat and seafood, high CP value hot pot and barbecue!

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I don’t know if everyone is like us, every time they want to eatAll-you-can-eat, And it's the kind of thinking that you can't stop eating! Because both of us are super yakiniku, we love to invite everyone to eat yakiniku together, and from time to time I will see where there is an all-you-can-eat restaurant with a cheap and high cp price. Today I came to Luzhou’s Japanese-style smokeless yakiniku pot. , Is aBarbecue and hot potThe all-you-can-eat restaurant, high-quality Japanese-style decoration, spacious dining space, and a variety of cooked food and dessert buffet bar, I highly recommend it to friends nearby to come here for dinner!

Akafuji|Restaurant information

  • 11:30-14:30, 17:00-23:00 on weekdays, 11:30-23:00 on holidays
  • Divided into two price ranges of 658 yuan and 858 yuan, the 10% service fee will be charged at discretion
  • 110cm-140cm children's price is 290 yuan + 10%, 90-110cm may charge a cleaning fee of 100 yuan
  • Order time is 100 minutes, meal time is 120 minutes
  • Order food with tablet
  • Google reviews to send Australian wagyu or Hokkaido scallops
  • You can get one point after spending one time or over 5,000 yuan, and you can exchange for a VIP card when you accumulate three points. No service fee will be charged for future consumption


Take public transportation

By bus: You can take 927, 928, Orange 13, Orange 16, Orange 17, Blue 1 to the intersection of Changrong Guanghua Road, and walk along Changrong Road for about 1 minute.

By MRT: Take the MRT to Sanmin High School Station, walk along Zhongxiao Road to Guanghua Road, then turn right into Changrong Road, it takes about 20 minutes to arrive.

Drive or bike

Navigate to "Akafuji Yakiniku Hot Pot-Luzhou Branch"Or "No. 66, Changrong Road, Luzhou District, New Taipei City", you can park on the side of the road, orDudufang Parking Lot_Luzhou Changrong Station,Dingfeng Changxing Parking Lot,Times Luzhou Changrong Road No. 2 Parking Lot


As soon as you walk into the Akafuji restaurant, the wood-based harmonious decoration is matched with warm yellow lighting, and the wooden grille design is like walking into a Japanese-style Japanese room.. Generally, dining in an all-you-can-eat restaurant will feel particularly crowded, but not here at all!The spacious aisles and space are stress-free to use for meals, which is very suitable for friends to have fun or business dinners. In addition to the open seats, there are also some semi-open seats in the middle of the restaurant, just like the small boxes, the dining is more atmospheric.

▲Aka Fuji shop entrance
▲The decoration is mainly wood in Japanese style
▲ The restaurant aisle is spacious and stress-free for dining
▲It is always full of people to eat every night

# down-suction oven

Compared to the all-you-can-eat barbecue restaurant I have eaten in the past, the restaurant is always smoggy, and the whole body smells of barbecue when I go home. And Akafuji is quite good in terms of dining environment, the main focus isDowndraftSmokeless roasted meat table, almost no smoke will come up, and the air will not be bad when dining.

▲Aka Fuji adopts a downdraft oven

# tablet ordering

The benefits of tablet ordering are too much, and all-you-can-eat restaurants really need it! I remember that when I was drawing a list at other all-you-can-eat barbecue restaurants, I used to draw a lot of them but I didn’t know which meals were served at the end, so I drew it several times, or some of the meals were always unavailable. Ordering allows us to know more about the content of the meal, the clerk is more efficient, it will be delivered soon after ordering, and the order will not be missed, and looking at the picture on the tablet can more clearly what the meat looks like😍

▲Efficient tablet ordering without missing orders

# Buffet Area Food

The buffet area has cooked food, fried food, cakes, fruits, vegetables, hot pot ingredients, as well as Meiji Meiji and Cold Stone ice cream. The array is so dazzling that people don't know where to start, and I want to eat a bit of everything! And there are braised pork rice and curry rice, side dishes include edamame, cold cucumber, scallop lips, and the roasted pork is tired. Come here to put some dishes to relieve the tiredness, and go back to fight the second round!

▲Aka Fuji's cooked food all-you-can-eat bar
▲Potato fries and sweet potato fries
▲Various sauces necessary for roast pork and hot pot
▲The cooked food has scallop lips, edamame, cold cucumber
▲Curry paste with rice
▲Stewed pork rice
▲Hot pot ingredients and vegetables
▲The dessert cabinet has oranges, small square cakes, and cheese cakes
▲The beverage bar has a coffee machine and a variety of drinks
▲There are also various tea bags if you want to make hot tea
▲Cold Stone ice cream cabinet
▲Meiji ice cream cabinet

Akafuji|Menu and prices

The menu is divided intoExclusive selection (658 yuan)andThe Supreme Association (858 yuan)For both prices, a 10% service charge is required, and both of them enjoy hot pot + barbecue. Among them, the blue font on the menu is a meal that is only available at 858 yuan. Compared with 658 yuan, 858 yuan has a lot of high-end ingredients. In addition to the barbecue grill, each table will also be accompanied by hot pot soup, there areKelp, spicy, medicated foodThree types of pot bottoms can be selected.

▲Aka Fuji Menu


Here comes your most anticipated meal! We had a plan of 858 yuan per person, with more high-end ingredients. There are nearly a hundred choices on the menu, from seafood, meat to desserts. We who are greedy no longer know where to start. Ordering here will adjust the number of meals according to the number of diners. The plate ordering limit is limited to 8 orders at a time, and you can order again after the meal is on the table.

# Extremely Frost and Falling Cow

You can't miss the Frosted Beef for barbecue. Let's order full slices of meat first! The frosting butter flower is evenly distributed, the meat is smoother and tenderer, and it won't be too big to bite. Simply sprinkle with salt is super delicious and full of happiness!

▲Extremely frosty cattle

# top grade black cow wing plate # top grade tender shoulder cow

The beef wing board is the softer part of the beef shoulder. The meat is elastic, and it tastes more chewy than other pieces of meat. It is cut into large pieces and it is very enjoyable. The premium tender-shoulder cow is a bit similar to the Jiangshuang cow, both of which are just the right size for a bite, compared to a ring of grease next to the Jiangshuang cow.

▲Left isTop black cow wing board, the right is the top tender shoulder cow
▲Top Black Bull Wing Board

# Peeled Chili Beef Roll

It is rare to see dishes with peeled peppers in the barbecue. The beef is rolled with the peeled peppers and grilled. The taste is actually quite spicy. Quickly serve it with a sip of sparkling drink to relieve the spiciness.

▲Peeled Chili Beef Roll

# Wagyu diaphragm

Hearing wagyu, you know it is advanced! This beef taste is heavier than other parts, it is very chewy, but it is soft and tender.

# American Beef Short Ribs

The beef short ribs are thicker. They are grilled almost until the juice is juicy on one side, and then turned over and grilled. They can be served after both sides have changed color. It is delicious when it is sprinkled with salt or dipped in barbecue sauce.

▲Left isAmerican Beef Short Ribs, Wagyu diaphragm on the right

# Super Snow Cow

Sometimes I know that snowflakes are oilier, but I really want to order them to taste it! The large slices of snowflake beef are cut into fan shapes, and the portion is very large enough to satisfy the desire to eat meat. Although it is a snow cow, we don't think it will be too oily.

▲Super Snow Cow

# Miso Beef Streaky

In addition to eating roasted meat alone, we also like to order meat made with special sauces, which may bring different surprises. The sauces show different flavors and taste more juicy.

▲Miso Beef Five Flowers

# Premium Matsusaka Pig

Matsusaka pork is a relatively high-quality ingredient in pork. I especially like the unique taste of Matsusaka pork. Compared with other parts of pork, it tastes more chewy and has a stronger pork flavor.

▲The best Matsusaka pig

# Teriyaki Diced Chicken Drumsticks

Aka Fuji's chicken drumsticks are really delicious when grilled, and Allie is full of praise! The chicken skin is grilled until it is slightly crispy, and it is tender and juicy after biting it down. I can't help but want to order it again!

▲Teriyaki Diced Chicken Drumsticks

# beer shrimp

Shrimp is soaked in beer and grilled. Listening to the name, it feels very special. It will not taste too strong, but has a light beer aroma.

▲Beer shrimp

# Argentina Angel Red Shrimp

Generally speaking, angel red prawns feel noble and extraordinary. They are larger than ordinary prawns, and they are also relatively high-grade seafood. The angel red prawns with long palms taste plump and satisfying. How are the red angel shrimps that were originally red cooked? In fact, as long as the shrimp is grilled on both sides until white and the head is bubbling, it is already cooked!

▲Argentine Angel Red Shrimp
▲Angel red shrimp grilled on both sides until white

# Cream Fan Lipei

Soaked in a small piece of unmelted butter, grilled and grilled, the butter gradually melts into the fanlibei, slightly absorbing the sweetness of the butter. Although it is smaller than scallops, it tastes unique!

▲Cream scallops

# large scallops

Because we were eating as two of us, we served two large scallops. When roasting the scallops, pay special attention to the heat. Both sides are slightly whitened from the turbine color and can be quickly picked up. The taste is just right, and the inside will not be too dry.


# Hot Pot Lamb Slices

In addition to barbecue, don’t forget to eat hot pot! In addition to the hot pot ingredients and vegetables in the self-service bar, you can also order hot pot ingredients on the plate. There are three choices for hot pot pork slices, namely beef, lamb and pork. We usually like to eat lamb, and the mutton slices of Akafuji are especially tender after being cooked, and the taste will not be too old!

▲Hot Pot Lamb Slices
▲The buffet bar has many hot pot ingredients

# wrapped meat lettuce

Eating too much roasted meat is really suitable for a little bit of lettuce to relieve the greasiness. Wrap the roasted meat in the lettuce and eat together. The taste is also great!

▲Lettuce wrapped in meat

# Japanese style salt onion

The two of us are definitely the number one fans of spring onions. When we see Japanese-style salted spring onions, we want to order them. It has a different flavor when paired with roasted meat. It is super heavy!

▲Japanese-style salted spring onion with roasted meat

# Baked Ice Cream

In terms of desserts, I have too much thought, such as the classic roasted mochi, roasted marshmallows... It was a pity that we were too full that day, and in the end we only ordered a roasted ice cream to relieve our hunger. I was afraid that the ice cream would melt. I bake it and eat it right away, but the inside is still very frozen. It seems that it’s not a problem to bake it for a longer time next time. The inside is vanilla flavor, the hot crust is paired with slightly melted ice cream, it is a dessert that adults and children love to eat!

▲Baked ice cream


  • Completing the comment to give a gift: to "Akafuji Yakiniku Luzhou Branch"Google comments and show it to the on-site service staff, you can get Australian wagyu or Hokkaido scallops.
  • Check in and give a gift: check in and share on your personal page " Akafuji Yakiniku Luzhou Branch "You can get a three-point crab (one for two to check in), but this is a seasonal event, you need to contact the store first!
  • VIP card system: one point will accumulate for a single purchase, and a little more for a single consumption of 5,000 yuan. After accumulating three points, you will get a VIP card, and you can waive the service fee for subsequent consumption.

We feel that the overall dining space of Akafuji is very textured, and the decoration is also very careful. It is not the same as the all-you-can-eat restaurant that was previously memorable and big bowls, and the service attitude is also very good. The day we ate was six o'clock in the evening, and guests came in one after another. Afterwards, it was almost full, which shows that it is quite loved by the nearby residents. And Akafuji can enjoy grilled food for as little as 658 yuan, and the ingredients are of a certain quality. It is a high-CP all-you-can-eat restaurant that both of us are willing to visit again!

Akafuji Japanese-style smokeless yakiniku hotpot Luzhoudian

  • Business hours: 11:30-14:30, 17:00-23:00 on weekdays, 11:30-23:00 on holidays
  • Address: No. 66, Changrong Road, Luzhou District, New Taipei City
  • Phone: 02 8283 5252
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