[New Taipei Gongliao Scenic Spots] Inner-Liao Line of Taoyuan Valley Trail, the prairie overlooks Guishan Island, accompanied by cattle! Climbing entrance/transportation/parking.

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Go hiking on holiday! Taoyuan Valley is located at the junction of Gongliao District and Yilantou Town. There is a hill like a fairyland. There are steps and green shades of low height along the way. It is very comfortable to walk, accompanied by a large number of cicadas. After climbing to the end of the stairs, what you see is a large stretch of grassland, cows, and the endless Pacific Ocean. Ascending to the highest point, you can even see the entire Guishan Island. The scenery of Yilan is under your feet! Just a 30-minute walk away, you can see such a beautiful scenery, hurry up and take a look at this trail with super high CP value!


▲The pictures of the cows on the edge of Taoyuan Valley are particularly beautiful under the sun.
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▲The scenery of the vast grassland climbing up to the heights is amazing


  • Daxi Line, Shiguanyin Line, Caoling Line, Neiliao Line
  • Take the bus F832, F833, you can reach the Taoyuan Valley hiking trail
  • Private parking lot is 100 yuan per trip, you can also park in white open spaces on the side of the road
  • Guishan Island, prairie, single-faced mountains, and buffalo herds can be seen in Taoyuan Valley
  • Pay attention to sun protection and replenish moisture. You can bring a thin coat when the mountain is windy
  • Nearby attractions: Shifen Waterfall, Shifen Old Street, Houtong Cat Village, Pingxi Old Street, Fulong Bathing Beach, Longdong, North Coast


Take public transportation

Take the train to Gongliao Railway Station, then transfer to buses F832, F833 toTaoyuan Valley Climbing PassGet off the bus and the journey takes about 20 minutes. The starting and ending points of F832 and F833 are Gongliao Railway Station.

  • Departure time of F832: 07:50/11:20/14:10 on weekdays, and no driving on holidays.
  • Departure time of F833: 06:50/09:30 on weekdays, no driving on holidays.

Drive by yourself

After Changtai Road (Taiwan Second C) turns into Jilin Industrial Road, it is then connected to Fangjiao Street and Neiliao Street. You can navigate directly to the "Taoyuan Valley Hiking Trail Neiliao Line". There are about 10 private parking lots near the entrance of the mountain, 100 yuan per trip. If there is no place inside, you can park on the outer white area. The main reason is not to hinder the safety of the road. The road to the Taoyuan Valley Neiliao Line is not big. There are a little troublesome cars. Fortunately, we didn’t have many cars at the time. Driving smoothly to the destination, many people on the Internet say that traffic jams are really a headache. Click here to watch ?Google Coordinates of Inner-Liao Line of Taoyuan Valley Trail ?



There are four main trails to reach Taoyuan Valley, which depart from TouchengDaxi LineandShiguanyin Line, From Fulong Railway StationCaoling Line, And what we climbed this timeInner Liao Line. Among them, the Shiguanyin Line and the Daxi Line are relatively steep and suitable for those with better feet. The Caoling Line is the longest route, with a total distance of about 8.5 kilometers. The Neiliao line we climbed this time is only about 1.7 kilometers, which is a simple and easy to walk lazy route, about 30 minutes one way. However, there are fewer public transportation services here, and on holidays, you can only come by car or bike~

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Before entering the mountain pass, there was a vendor selling drinks, tea eggs and sweet potatoes. We also bought some snacks here. The mother-in-law at the stall was very kind, and when we returned, we bought a lot of raw sweet potatoes to cook. They were quite delicious. Although the Taoyuan Valley Neiliao Line is not long, it is still necessary to keep hydrated in the process to avoid heat stroke!

▲Small vendors near the mountain pass

The first half of the Neiliao line trail is almost full of stairs and dense tree shade. Although it is summer, it is still cool to walk, and the height of the trail is not high, so it is relatively easy to walk. In the process of climbing the mountain, I gradually found that the trees on both sides are getting sparser, which also symbolizes that the end is getting closer and closer~ Thinking of the whole prairie at the end, we can't help but get excited and rush up!

▲The trail in the first half of the trail is densely shaded, making it cool and comfortable to walk.
▲The trees in the second half are gradually gone, ready to face the prairie!
IMG 3688 结果
▲See the prairie and cattle in the distance!

After arriving in the grassland, we both wow~ it has been a long time, the 360-degree expansive scenery is really beautiful! Looking at the mountains in the distance, the combination of the sky, white clouds and green hills is extremely beautiful. Looking at the cattle grazing leisurely on the grassland, we seem to have entered a paradise by mistake. It is peaceful and beautiful. No wonder there is such a good name here!


But how did this grassland and cattle in Taoyuan Valley come from? We are also very curious! It is said that this area was originally a forest, because nearby people have been grazing here for a long time, and it has become an endless grassland under the gnawing of the cattle. And the cattle continued to live on this grassland for various reasons. Life.

IMG 3694 结果

However, these cows are animals after all, and they are wild. You should keep a distance from the cows when taking pictures and don't disturb them, so as not to get hurt!



Then we continued walking and climbed to the edge of the cliff. The first reaction of many people who came up was: "It's so beautiful!!!" Here you can see Yilan, the faraway Guishan Island standing peacefully on the Pacific Ocean, just like The big tortoise resting on the sea, seeing this picture, instantly feels not tired~ Here you can also see the special single-sided mountain landscape of Taoyuan Valley, with gentle slopes on one side and steep cliffs on the other, super spectacular!

DJI 0306 结果 拷貝
▲A view of Guishan Island from the top of the mountain

The Taoyuan Valley Inner-Liao Line is a trail that we think is worth climbing recently. You can see Guishan Island, Shanmianshan, prairie, buffalo herd, and the rolling ridges all at once! Climbing in the morning should be more beautiful, but it will be relatively exposed to the sun. Remember to take sun protection measures. If you choose to go up the mountain in the afternoon like us, it is recommended that you bring some warm clothes. After sweating, you can easily catch cold by the wind. Taiwan’s topography and landscape are really rich, and I also found that there are many beautiful places worth visiting. I hope that there will be opportunities in the future, and we will challenge other more difficult routes!

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