[New Taipei attractions] Bali left bank bicycle path, ride a bicycle to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Danshui River! Traffic/routes/spots along the road.

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ThoughtBali Left Bank Bicycle PathIt’s just a normal bike lane, but after riding this timeBali Ferry HeadarriveThirteen Lines MuseumAfter this section of the route, I feel that the scenery is invincible and beautiful, and it has become our favorite bicycle. The overall planning of the lane is perfect. Various large and small scenic spots along the way are dense, and the gentle route does not feel tired at all. Ride near the evening, enjoy the sunset, blowing the sea style and comfortable outside. This section of the bike path has also been selected as one of the "Taiwan's Top Ten Classic Bicycle Routes", not much to say! Come and take a look at this super beautiful bike path!

IMG 7148 结果
▲Riding along the Danshui River, blowing in the sea style and comfortable outside.
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▲A well-planned bicycle lane with many parking places along the road.
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▲There are many lawns along the road, and friends of all ages have a picnic on the grass.

Bali Left Bank Bicycle Path|Transportation

Take the MRT

After taking the MRT to the Tamsui MRT Station, pass the Tamsui Old Street, walk to the ferry head in the old street, and take the ferry to Bali Wharf.

  • Ferry fare from Tamsui Old Street to Bali: 34 yuan for the full ticket, 17 yuan for the preferential ticket, you can swipe your card to board the ferry
  • Frequency: 10-15 minutes/shift on weekdays, 3-5 minutes/shift on holidays

Take the bus

Take Red 22, 704, 878 and arriveFerry Head StationJust get off.

Drive by yourself

Navigate to Bali Ferry Tou Old Street, you can stop at the plane parking lot of the ferry, Bali Left Bank Park parking lot, Wenxin parking lot.

Bali Left Bank Bicycle Path|Ride Route

This time our riding routeA total of 8 kilometers back and forth,Depend onBali Left Bank WharfStart, pass in the middleBali Old Street, Old Rong Fortress, Wedding Square, Shuibizi Park,untilThirteen Lines MuseumFinish. We thought we could finish the ride within 1 hour, but because all the small spots along the way are worth stopping to take pictures, we finally rode for nearly 2 hours before returning to the rental car office. If you want to ride more, Bali’s left bank bicycle path is about 15 kilometers long. It can also be connected to the Danshui Golden Waterfront Bicycle Path from Guandu Bridge. It is a bicycle-friendly place.

IMG 7095 结果
IMG 7112 结果
IMG 7098 结果
▲It is really a good place for children to have fun when traveling with adults and children on holidays!

Bali Left Bank Bicycle Path|Bike Rental Office

After disembarking from the bow of Bali Ferry, along the bicycle path, several businesses that rent bicycles such asHappy co-drive,Bali Rental Stationand many more. Along the way, we have also seen many colorful bicycles and electric vehicles, ranging from single, two, four to six people. If there are more people traveling together, it is recommended that you can rent this kind of co-drive. You can also rent a YoubikeYouBike Smile Bike 1.0 Longmi Parking LotStation rental.

IMG 7073 结果
▲The two of us rented a co-op car with a canopy that day

Scenic Spots on the Left Bank of Bali | Bali Ferry Boat Tou Old Street

Unexpectedly, Bali at the other end of the Danshui River has a completely different landscape. The Bali Old Street in the daytime seems to be more lively than the Danshui Old Street, with a lot of snacks and vendors! There is rich wetland ecology beside the river. We also found mudskipper and fiddler crab, which are really cute. There are many children playing in the sand on the beach by the side. It is a delicious, fun, and easy-to-go sightseeing spot suitable for parents and children~

IMG 7040 结果
▲Take a ferry from Tamsui Old Street to Bali to take a beautiful scene
IMG 7063 结果
▲Beach and wetland ecology near Bali Old Street
S 7487520 结果
IMG 7160 结果
▲There are many food vendors on Bali Old Street

Scenic Spots on the Left Bank of Bali | Old Rong Bunker

The Old Rong Bunker used to be a military barracks for the army, but it was left idle for a while after it was evacuated. Then the government promoted sightseeing on the left bank and painted it in a camouflage pattern with the densely growing banyan trees on the side. It was called the old bunker~ The observation deck has also been converted into an observation deck, and you can also go up the stairs to overlook the riverside scenery.

  • Address: No. 27-29, Lane 21, Duchuantou Street, Bali District, New Taipei City
  • Phone: 02-26102621
IMG 7157 结果
▲Hidden beside the lively vendorsOld Rong Bunker

Scenic Spots on the Left Bank of Bali | Mounted Police

As soon as the handsome Mounted Police appeared, he immediately attracted the attention of friends of all sizes, but I didn't even know that I could see Mounted Police here! The Mounted Police on patrol can enter areas that are inconvenient for vehicles and motorcycles. The New Taipei City Mounted Police has been established for 19 years. Every holiday it will go to Banqiao Xinban Special Zone, Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf, Bali Left Bank Park, Xindian Bitan East Bank. And Yingge Ceramics Old Street and other sightseeing spots are on duty, really invincible kawaii ~ The gentle white horse can also touch and take pictures for the people, it is so lucky to meet❤

S 7446552 结果 1
S 7446554 结果 2
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Scenic Spots on the Left Bank of Bali|Wedding Plaza

Heart-to-heart squareis also calledWedding PlazaThe romantic color scheme makes people feel happy and unconsciously. There are several large-scale installations here, such as a rainbow bridge, a love boat, a giant pearl necklace, a church bell, and a stereoscopic mirror in the shape of a love heart. It's so full~

  • Address: No. 36, Guanhai Avenue, Bali District, New Taipei City
IMG 7152 结果
Rainbow Bridge Sweetheart Trail
IMG 7077 结果
IMG 7076 结果
IMG 7154 结果
Giant pearl necklace
IMG 7082 结果 scaled
IMG 7083 结果
▲The heart-shaped mirror-shaped mirror receives happiness

Scenic Spots on the Left Bank of Bali | Shuibizai Park

After passing the wedding park, the bicycle path will be connected to a section of wooden plank road, and it is very comfortable to walk here! On the side is Shuibizai Park, which is also the mangrove reserve on the Bali side. The water pen child is named after the seedlings are like hanging pens. It is an important plant in the estuary and can prevent soil loss. The entire driveway is full of greenery, and if time permits, you can also appreciate the special ecology here. In addition, the bike lanes here are relatively narrow, so you need to be very careful when meeting cars.

IMG 7144 结果
▲Shuibizi Ecological Zone with lush greenery

Scenic Spots on the Left Bank of Bali | The Thirteen Lines Museum

The Thirteen Lines Museum is the final stop of our cycling journey. It displays the relics of the Shisan Lines site in the prehistoric era, and the appearance of the building is also quite distinctive. Next to the museum is a large grassland. Many parents and children take their children to exercise, play baseball and so on. In addition to the museum itself, the external park is also well maintained.
目前因疫情關係,近期博物館參觀採預約制,不接受現場候補,預約連結👉Click here to make an appointment👈

  • Address: No. 200, Museum Road, Bali District, New Taipei City
  • Phone: 02-26191313
  • Business hours: 09:30-18:00 on weekdays and 09:30-19:00 on holidays
IMG 7131 结果
IMG 7114 结果
IMG 7126 结果
Showing artifacts from prehistoric timesThirteen Lines Museum

Scenic Spots on the Left Bank of Bali | New Taipei Archaeological Park

The New Taipei Archaeological Park is right next to the Shisanhang Museum.The largest archaeological park in northern Taiwan. The overall design is based on the theme of thirteen lines of culture. There are several fence-style buildings where you can stroll and experience the life of prehistoric humans. There is also a sandpit for children to play. However, there are not many shelters in the New Taipei Archaeological Park, so you need to take sun protection measures. So as not to get sunburned!

  • Address: No. 2, Shanggang 3rd Road, Bali District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Phone: 02-26191313
  • Business hours: 09:30–17:00
IMG 7116 结果
IMG 7123 结果
IMG 7129 结果
▲The New Taipei Archaeological Park next to the Shisanhang Museum
IMG 7135 结果
IMG 7137 结果

Scenic Spots on the Left Bank of Bali | Danshui Old Street

After riding the bicycle, you can take the ferry back to Tamsui Old Street for a walk. In addition to eating food and snacks, we also like to stroll on the golden water bank, blowing the cool sea breeze~ You can also find a cafe or restaurant with a view of the Danshui River and sit down, sipping a drink and watching. A leisurely time in Guanyin Mountain.

IMG 7162 结果
IMG 7175 结果



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