[New Taipei Yehliu Gourmet] Four Sisters Seafood Restaurant, Wanli Crab and Crab Set Menu is only 1280 yuan for four people. If you don’t eat it, you will regret it!

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From September to December every year, the popular season for New Taipei Wanli Crab is always full of people. Today I want to introduce to you a restaurant located next to the Yeliu Dongao Fishing PortFour Sisters Seafood Restaurant, The evaluation on the Internet is very high, and it is also a pocket list of many local people. Breaking the stereotype that tourist areas are always more expensive, not only the price is affordable, but also the direct delivery from the fishing port is absolutely fresh! The recently launched "Wanli Crab and Crab Set Meal", a four-person set, eats Wanli crabs and a variety of seafood for about 300 yuan per person, which is really cheap and delicious! Take advantage of the fact that the crab season is not over yet, come and enjoy yourself!

Four Sisters Seafood Restaurant|Transportation and parking lot

Take the bus

Take 716 Taiwan Haohang, 790, 953 and 1068 and get off at Yehliu Geopark, or bus 1815 and get off at Yehliu Station, and walk to No. 160 Gangdong Road. You can arrive at Yehliu Ocean World directly opposite and Yehliu on the side. geology park.

Drive or bike

Navigate to "Four sisters seafood shop", or No. 160, Gangdong Road, Wanli District, New Taipei City, stop oppositeYehliu Geopark Car Parking Lot.

四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹33
▲Four sisters seafood restaurant storefront and signboard
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹9
▲Direct delivery of fresh seafood from the fish port
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹28
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹29
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹3
▲September to December is the season when Wanli crabs are abundant
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹4
▲Slightly orange ribbons can be seen on both sides of crab eyes, which is their rich crab yellow!

Four Sisters Seafood Restaurant|Menu

The Four Sisters Seafood Restaurant recently launched a crab set meal as follows, which contains four crabs, and you can choose to cook them as fried osmanthus, steamed or congee. In addition, the set meal also comes with vegetables, scrambled eggs with oysters, and a choice of small rolls or pork with onions. The price is only 1280 yuan! In addition to the crab set menu recently launched by Wanli Crab Season, the restaurant also has a variety of fast-fried and other meals to choose from. We also tried a steamed gentian grouper, which tasted very good and returned with a full stomach~

四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹5
▲Wanli CrabCrab set meal

Four Sisters Seafood Restaurant|Environment

The first floor of the Four Sisters Restaurant looks like a traditional fast-fried restaurant, with lively seafood on the outside, and the second and third floors are completely different dining areas. In the fast-paced hot-stir-fried restaurant, this light industrial style looks quite innovative, with illustrations of the underwater world painted on the wall on the side, adding a warm atmosphere. The kitchen is located upstairs. After the meal is completed, it will be down by the food delivery ladder on the side. The overall environment is almost free of oily smoke.

四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹7
▲Dining space on the third floor

When the weather is good during the day, the landscape window on the third floor can see the sea surface of Yehliu. It is the best location and it is very comfortable to eat. The Four Sisters is an old shop that has been passed down for three generations. After the efforts of the new generation to renovate, it has a young atmosphere. Some corners are decorated in a very elegant style, and they don’t seem to be a fast-fried shop at all. Among them, since the masters are all women, the taste is more delicate.

四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹6
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹31
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹30
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹32
▲There are many lively and lovely illustrations on the bottom of the wall on the third floor.
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹11
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹25
▲Dining space on the second floor
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹8
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹24

Four Sisters Seafood Restaurant|Dishes

If you visit Wanli Crab Season, how can you miss the most powerful Wanli Crab! AffordableWanli Crab and Crab Set"Not only crabs, but also a variety of seafood side dishes and soups, you can definitely eat a lot. It's no wonder that the price of Buddha's heart is praised by many netizens, and there are even many guests coming from afar just to eat this fresh and affordable meal!

四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹27
▲The Four Sisters Seafood Restaurant has been well received by netizens, and it has also left high scores on Google.
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹18
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹17

Wanli Crab and Crab Set-Steamed Wanli Crab

This is definitely the highlight of tonight! Just seeing the crabs on the table, the saliva flowed out~There are actually three kinds of Wanli crabs, namely, flower crab, three-point crab, and stone crab.This time, we ate three-point crabs. As the name suggests, the crabs have three spots on their bodies. They are also called "the best crabs" among the residents of the fishing village. Three points crab meat is very soft and tender, it tastes very sweet and does not have a too coarse fiber feel. It's so happy when paired with rich and plump crab roe!

四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹19
▲Steamed Wanli Crab
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹20

Seeing that we were eating very awkwardly, the proprietress also specially taught us the skills of eating crabs. A light push from the crab's mouth with the thumb can push the crab roe off the shell. In the season of Wanli crab, female crab yellow is usually very rich, so there will still be a lot of crab yellow remaining on the shell, remember to scrape it and eat it, don’t waste it!

四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹22
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹26
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹23

Wanli Crab and Crab Combo-Fried Osmanthus with Crab

Fried sweet-scented osmanthus is actually scrambled eggs, stir fry together with onion, green onion and garlic. Compared with steaming, fried osmanthus has a richer flavor. In addition to the sweetness of the crab meat itself, it also has some egg and onion aromas. The overall presents a very unique flavor. Although the process of taking crab meat is more difficult, But we can eat two different cooking methods at the same time in the same meal, which makes us love and hate Wanli Crab😂

四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹15
Fried osmanthus with crab

Wanli Crab and Crab Combo-Oyster Omelette

I thought it was just a normal omelette. Upon closer inspection, there are so many oysters inside, and the size of the oysters is amazing. They are of a completely different level from the oyster fried usually eaten in the night market! The fried eggs and oysters are served together with oysters. It is definitely the rice killer tonight! We will clear this plate all at once~

四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹12
▲ Oyster Omelette
四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹21

Wanli Crab and Crab Set-Small Roll with Five Flavors

The four sisters' small rolls are plump and juicy, and they are full of flavor. It is worthy of being a restaurant next to the fishing port. The ingredients are delivered directly and the ingredients are very fresh. The simple Sichuan hot is very delicious! In addition, it can be paired with the five-flavored sauce on the side, which is also very delicious!

四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹13
smallFive flavors

Wanli Crab and Crab Set-Clam Soup

You can choose the soup partClam soup or fresh fish miso. I remember Allie exclaimed when she saw the clam soup just on the table: Why are these clams so big! In addition to the high-quality ingredients, the chef's fire is also well controlled, locking the most essential part of the whole clam. It was a cold snap when I went to this day, so happy to drink a bowl!

四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹10
▲Clam Soup

Wanli Crab and Crab Set-Seasonal Vegetables

The seasonal vegetable that day was stir-fried cabbage, which happened to be our favorite vegetable~ The seafood served on the whole table was just enough to relieve the greasiness, and the bite was sweet and crisp!

四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹14
Stir-fried cabbage

Steamed grouper 690 yuan

This dish is in addition to the Wanli Crab and Crab Set Menu, and it is also a la carte. It is also recommended to add some fresh fish dishes here! Steaming is our favorite cooking method. There is no multi-flavored sauce, and you can taste the original taste of the ingredients. After the fresh gentian grouper is steamed, the fish tastes very fresh and sweet, with a delicate taste and a bit of Q-bomb feel. It is topped with a sweet sauce, which is super enjoyable!

四姐妹 野柳 萬里蟹16

Jeffy was stabbed countless times by fish bones when he was a child. After he grew up he always rejected fish dishes (except sashimi), but this steamed grouper was so smooth, he even ate the fish unknowingly!

IMG 0056 结果

The Four Sisters is a restaurant we really recommend. Where can I find such a cheap restaurant? The proprietress also said that there are many customers who come to eat especially by car, and that the gas is worth the money! Next time you visit Yehliu, you might as well stop and go home after a meal here!

Four Sisters Seafood Restaurant

  • Business hours: Monday to Thursday 10:00-19:00, Friday 10:00-19:30, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-20:00
  • Address: No. 160, Gangdong Road, Wanli District, New Taipei City
  • Phone: 02 2492 1602
  • Related websites:Official website,FB

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