[Xinbei Restaurant] Green Cube landscape restaurant, a red brick castle hidden in the forest, you can see transportation, menus, and nearby attractions at once!

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Green Cube is located on Yinhe Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City. Seeing the unique beauty on IG will immediately burn us. Hurry up and arrange a day trip. The nearby attractions are not only immortal.Milky Way CaveThe waterfall trail, Wulai of Meirentang Hot Spring, famous for tea tasting and cable carMaokongIt is also within walking distance. This time we set off from Maolan Maokong station all the way throughZhanghu TrailWalk to the Green Cube, back and forth about50 minutesAround, we, who are sweaty and sweaty, sit in a restaurant with a beautiful view and enjoy exotic cuisine. There is a kind of beauty that comes from bitterness and sweetness. It is a very good and super recommended restaurant with a scenic view!

Green Cube|Restaurant Information

  • Opening hours: 10:30 – 18:00 daily, appointment is recommended.
  • Basically, a low consumption of 120 yuan per person, 10% service fee, credit card available
  • WIFI is attached, because it is close to the mountain, the network signal is poor
  • Pet-friendly restaurants, you must bring a leash or bag
  • With parking area

Green Cube|Transportation

Drive by yourself

Green Cube is located on the hillside of the new store, Google Map navigation ""Blue Cube" is enough, and there is an exclusive parking lot for Blue Cube.


1. toMaokong Gondola Stationgo"Zhanghu TrailIt takes about 20-30 minutes to arrive. In the middle, you will pass through a short section of residential buildings, then pass the tongue-shaped drum chairs and blessing bells. There are not many steps on the whole road. Many, need to rely on navigation, and because there are many shades on the trail, it is necessary to take anti-mosquito measures~

2. Many people finish climbingMilky Way CaveWill stop byGreen Cube Restaurant, byYinhedong Mountain TrailAt the intersection, go uphill past Lingshan Mazu Temple, and then up toThe Green Cube is an uphill road, and it is hard to walk.

Take the bus

After taking the Green 12 bus to Yinhedong Station, walk for about 30 minutes to No. 98 Yinhe Road, but the road is also uphill, it will be more difficult to walk!

▲Walk from the Zhanghu Trail in Maokong to the Green Cube

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Green Cube|Environment

The castle on the mountain is a bit like a city in the sky, and the independent red brick wall is like a broken dragon bridge. A little red among the green bushes ~ the green path has a feeling of walking into a peach blossom field?


In addition to the distinctive architectural style, the flowers and trees outside the restaurant are also well-maintained. Embellished by these plants, it seems to have walked into a painting called the forest to dine.


The restaurant has indoor and outdoor dining areas. The indoor dining area is air-conditioned in summer. It is a great treat for the two of us who are exhausted from walking on the trail! There are many rooms in the interior, and each room also shows a different style of furniture. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, the beautiful scenery outside can be clearly seen, creating a freehand dining atmosphere.

▲Dining partitions prepared in response to the epidemic

The outdoor dining environment is integrated with nature. The side is full of greenery, and you can see the antique red brick wall on the side. It seems to have traveled through time and space to come to an ancient castle for dinner!

▲The red brick wall can be seen from the outdoor balcony

There is a small viewing platform behind the restaurant. From this perspective, Jeffy imagined that he had arrived at a certain war relic. After the war, weeds grew on the mottled red brick wall after the war. As everyone knows, this side is not far from Taipei. It takes 1 hour to reach it!


There is a stone wall next to it, deliberately hollowing out the appearance of an adult's face, maybe you can take a photo at a certain angle, you can completely put the side face in it?


Green Cube|Meals

Green Cube’s meals are mostly Western-style set meals, including pasta, stewed rice, curry rice, etc., and desserts include cakes and muffins. Although the price is not cheap, considering such a beautiful scenery, I think it is acceptable, and it is also a landscape restaurant that I would like to recommend to my friends!

▲Green cube desserts are updated from time to time and can be selected in the dessert cabinet.

Thai style shrimp flat noodles 390 yuan

Jeffy ordered thisThai-style prawn flat noodles, the Thai-style sauce is not sour, but has a kind of sweetness, which suits our appetite! The flat noodles are hard and chewy. The two grass prawns are fat and juicy. It is sweeter with cherry tomatoes and bamboo shoots. It is super blissful. The size of the meal is small, but it is enough for one person with the set meal. , Or maybe our exercise volume is too much this day, and the whole appetite is wide ?

Thai Style Shrimp Flat Noodles

Stewed rice with scallops in green sauce 390 yuan

The stewed rice has a very rich flavor, which makes us who love to eat green sauce can't put it down. Pine nuts are added to the rice, which makes the taste richer. There are three scallops. The fried scallops are slightly golden and slightly burnt on both sides, and the taste is relatively flat, but the inside is very soft and tender, and they are decorated with chili shreds, which looks super delicious!


Set meal with salad and soup of the day

The set meal comes with salad, drink, soup and cake respectively. Eat a bowl of refreshing salad after climbing the trail, so that we, who were originally hot and poor in appetite, quickly appetized. Today’s soup is corn soup, the thick soup is slightly sweet, and we drank it all at once~


Set meal with black tea/ice American


Set meal with cake

Excitedly took the dessert fork and cut it off. I thought it would be a soft filling, but it was solid raw chocolate. The aroma of cocoa is rich, and the wonderful taste that melts gently in the mouth, Allie thinks it is very delicious.


Green Cube|Menu

Green Cube’s meals are very diverse. The main meals range from rice and pasta to row meals. If you want a small snack, you can also order fried food, salad, muffins or crepes. The choice of beverages is also abundant. Headache ? The minimum consumption for each person is 120 yuan, and it’s nice to spend an afternoon sitting with a drink and enjoying the scenery.

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In addition to the beautiful garden, the quality of the meals at Green Cube is also good. Although we are a relay point for the trail trip, there are also people in the restaurant who come to visit by car. Comprehensive mountain forest landscape and restaurant meals, Green Cube is indeed a special landscape restaurant not far from Shuangbei, share it with everyone~

Greenery Cube Café

  • Opening hours: 10:30 – 18:00 daily
  • Phone: 02 2217 8768
  • Address: 98 Yinhe Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City
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