[New Taipei Cuisine] Delicious food in Tamsui Old Street, those classic must-eat 8 kinds of copper plate snacks, if you haven't eaten it, don't say you have been to Tamsui!

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Tamsui Old Street is an old street where Allie has been shopping since childhood. He has come here too many times to count. Every holiday is always full of people, and he can see tourists from many countries. Although Tamsui is already familiar to us, we still want to come and go on holidays occasionally. On a sunny afternoon, we take a boat to eat delicious food, and walk along the golden waterfront trail. The mood is very healing! Because of the proximity to the fishing port, there are a lot of fresh catches here, and there are special delicacies such as Danshui Ajie and Tiedan that are rarely eaten in other places. Friends who have not been to Danshui, let's take a look together~

淡水老街1 拷貝 scaled
▲Beautiful scenery of Danshui Golden Waterfront Trail
淡水老街2 拷貝 scaled
▲You can sit down and watch the river scenery in the back section of Tamsui Old Street
淡水老街3 拷貝 scaled
▲The shops on the old street are quite exotic
淡水老街4 拷貝 scaled
▲There are many historical sites and foreign buildings nearby
淡水老街5 拷貝 scaled
▲In the old street, you can take a ferry to the left bank of Bali at the other end

Tamsui Old Street Food|Sour plum soup

I don't know why, but when I come to Danshui, I especially want to drink the sweet and sour plum soup, which is especially thirst-quenching under the sun! It is recommended to add ice cubes to taste better, with moderate acidity and sweetness. At that time, even Jeffy, who was afraid of sourness, said it was good to drink, which made him completely change his mind about the sour plum soup! There are many famous sour plum soups in Tamsui Old Street, among which Ama's sour plum soup and Hongma's sour plum soup are quite famous.

# Hong Ma Sour Plum Soup

  • Sour plum soup 30 yuan per cup
  • Monday to Friday 10:00–20:00, Saturday and Sunday 10:00–21:00
  • Address: No. 1, Lane 11, Zhongzheng Road, Danshui District, New Taipei City
▲Hong Ma's sour plum soup

Tamsui Old Street Food|Tashui Ajie

Tamsui Ajie is already a well-known Tamsui delicacy! There are several in the old street alone, which are cheap and filling delicacies. Hollow out the oily tofu, fill it with winter noodles, and serve it with a slightly sweet and not spicy sauce. According to the local people, the really delicious Ajie is not in the old street, but it is convenient nearby, so we just buy a bowl in the old street to eat it!

# authentic Ajie old shop

This authentic old Danshui store located in Danshui Old Street, because of its good location, is always crowded with people on holidays. Fortunately, the restaurant is very fast in serving meals, and you will be able to get hot Agi in a short while. Fish ball soup. But in terms of taste, I personally don't like this one, I feel that the taste of Ajie is bland and not very tasty.

  • Aji, fish ball soup 40 yuan each
  • Daily 08:00–22:30
  • Address: No. 4, Lane 11, Zhongzheng Road, Danshui District, New Taipei City
▲The old store of Danshui Ajie in the old street
▲ Freshwater Ajie drizzled with sweet and spicy sauce
▲The fried tofu is filled with winter noodles

Tamsui Old Street Food|Fish Ball Soup

I bought the fish ball soup by the way. The fish ball and fish paste have a thick skin and taste more Q-bomb, but relatively less filling. The soup head is ordinary clear soup sprinkled with some white pepper powder. I don't know if it is easy to eat fish ball soup outside. It tastes quite ordinary.

▲Fish ball soup

Tamsui Old Street Food|Kissed Fish and Bird Eggs

There are also many vendors selling bird eggs in Tamsui Old Street, and there are even special flavors that have not been seen outside, such as kissed fish and bird eggs, cheese bird eggs, etc. The prices are also very cheap. The hot bird eggs that have just come out of the oven are drizzled with soy sauce paste, and they are very mouth-watering when eaten one by one.

▲Kissing larvae and bird eggs

Tamsui Old Street Food|Big Mac Ice Cream

Jeffy remembers eating it when he was with his dad when he was a kid. At that time, he was shocked when he saw this Big Mac ice cream! This time we bought it again and still felt that it was a big one. It really tested the clerk's skill in pulling ice cream! The combined flavors of vanilla and chocolate are not too sweet. Even if the portion is large, it will not be too greasy to eat together with cookies. Otherwise, it will become more and more like a machete like our ice cream~

  • Big Mac ice cream 40 yuan, small 30 yuan
▲ The hot weather in Tamsui Old Street is very suitable for an ice cream!
▲Classic chocolate and vanilla flavors
▲ The Big Mac ice cream that melts and bends in less than a few seconds

Tamsui Old Street Food|Hanazhiwan

From a distance, we could hear the clerk shouting "Hanajimaru, a must-see when you come to Tamsui Old Street!", and we didn't consciously follow the crowd to buy it. Although there is a need to queue, but because it is already fried, the meal is delivered very fast, and there is almost no need to wait. Immediately after getting the Huazhiwan, go to the seasoning area to add your favorite flavors. The flavors here include black pepper, seaweed, plum powder, and chili. You can clearly feel the chewiness of the Huazhi when you eat it, and it is worth eating!

# Danshui Huazhi Wan (Jinchuan Food)

  • A bunch of Huazhi Pills is 20 yuan, five bunches get a bunch
  • Daily 11:00–21:00
  • Address: Lane 56, Gongming Street, Danshui District, New Taipei City and the alley next to Zhonggong Palace
  • Related links:Official website
▲Hanazhiwan in the alley next to Hezhong Palace
▲Flower balls sprinkled with seaweed powder

Tamsui Old Street Food|Small Rolls

Close to the fishing port, there are many freshly caught small rolls and larvae, and there are three fast ones along the road! The freshly caught small rolls are directly cooked on the spot, and the taste is very fragrant. You can smell the sweetness of the seafood when you pass by. I can't help but want to buy a box to eat!

# Jinsheng is now catching small volume snails

  • 100 yuan per serving, can be purchased by weighing
  • Daily 11:00–18:30
  • Address: Back Building, No. 61, Zhongzheng Road, Danshui District, New Taipei City
▲ Freshly caught fresh rolls on the old street

Tamsui Old Street Food|Tie Dan

Iron eggs are also very famous souvenirs in Tamsui! It looks like a chocolate football, but it tastes rich in egg and soy sauce. There are many merchants selling iron eggs along the road in the old street, such as the time-honored and famous grandma's iron eggs, and the flavored incense at the entrance of the old street. Jeffy personally prefers to eat hard iron eggs. It tastes firm and chewy. You can find a taste that you like and buy it~

# Apo Iron Egg

  • Daily 09:00–20:30
  • Address: No. 135-1, Zhongzheng Road, Danshui District, New Taipei City

# Flavour Fragrance

  • Monday to Friday 10:30–19:00, Saturday and Sunday 10:00–20:30
  • Address: No. 89, Gongming Street, Tamsui District, New Taipei City (entrance of Tamsui Old Street)
▲A well-known souvenir iron egg in Tamsui Old Street

The above are the delicacies and snacks we ate all day long in Tamsui Old Street! There are really many restaurants and vendors in Danshui Old Street. You are not afraid to go hungry, but you are afraid to eat too much. After you are full, you can visit the nearby historical sites, Hongmao City, Little White House and Huwei Terrace, and you can take a boat during the day. to the other sideEight Mile Bicycle, Take a boat to the romantic Fisherman's Wharf at night, it is a very good trip!

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Freshwater Street

  • Business Hours: Open 24 hours, most businesses are open until 9:00.
  • Address: No. 1, Zhongzheng Road, Danshui District, New Taipei City (the exit of MRT Danshui Station is Danshui Old Street)

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