[Damshui Attractions] Tamsui Japanese police officer dormitory, Japanese-style Japanese-style wooden building, come to a tour of historical sites!

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There is nearly28 monuments,7 historic buildings, After the Spanish and the Dutch occupied successively, foreign companies from various countries set up trade here, and many foreign buildings can be seen on the road. Today we areFreshwater StreetWalking around, I suddenly saw a clear indicator of "Dashui Japanese Police Officer's Dormitory", which immediately attracted our attention. The "Dashui Japanese Police Officer's Dormitory" is located in the alley next to the Fuyou Palace, a third-level historic site. Walk to the end from Lane 12, Zhongzheng Road, in the alley, and you can see it when you climb the stairs. This day just happened to meet the Yoshino cherry blossoms. The pink and white cherry blossoms and Japanese wooden buildings are really beautiful. Let's take a look at the private spots in this alley!

Tamsui Japanese Police Officer's Dormitory|Visit Information

  • Ticket-free, reservation-free
  • Slippers are required for entry, and the maximum number of passengers is 25. Admission is restricted.

Tamsui Japanese Police Officer's Dormitory|Transportation

Take the bus

Take bus 593 toFuyou Palace StationGet off the bus and walk up along Zhongzheng Road Lane 12, it will take about three minutes to arrive.

Take the MRT

Take the MRT to Danshui MRT Station, walk along Danshui Old Street to Zhongzheng Road, then turn right along Zhongzheng Road Lane 12, it takes about 7 minutes to walk.

Drive by yourself

Navigate to "Tamsui Japanese police officer dormitory”, or “No. 5, Lane 12, Zhongzheng Road, Danshui District, New Taipei City”, you can stop if you drop by Danshui Old StreetFreshwater parking lot.

Tamsui Japanese police officer dormitory

  • Business hours: Monday to Friday 09:30–17:00, Saturday and Sunday 09:30–18:00
  • Address: No. 5, Lane 12, Zhongzheng Road, Danshui District, New Taipei City
  • Tel: 02 2623 0172
  • Related links:Official website

▲Above the stairs is the Tamsui Japanese police officer dormitory

Tamsui Japanese Police Officer Dormitory|Introduction

Tamsui Japanese Police Officer's Dormitory was built during the Japanese occupation period. It is located at the commanding height of Tamsui Old Street. From here, you can clearly see the Tamsui River and Guanyin Mountain in the distance, which is convenient for monitoring whether there is smuggling. After World War II, the National Government took over this place. It was used and continued to be used, and became the dormitory of the branch director of the Tamsui Branch. In 2018, it spent tens of millions of yuan to renovate and retain its historical value~

▲The entrance of Tamsui Japanese police officer dormitory
▲Introduction to the pattern

The whole building preserves the complete Japanese-style architectural pattern, including the entrance, the entrance (entrance reception), the reception room (reception room), the seat (living room), the dormitory (bedroom), the tea room (dining room), and the desk ( The kitchen), the edge side (corridor) and the toilet (toilet), etc. The living room and bedroom are even paved with tatami mats. Although the weather was hot that day, the room was very cool. I really want to lie down and take a nap here!

▲ Bedroom with tatami
▲Bedroom (left) and living room (right)

The edge is also the corridor, which is also our favorite place! The indoor promenade on the left side of the building has several large windows, very good lighting, and there are several tables and chairs. You can sit here and take a break, imagine yourself as a former Japanese high-ranking official, and feel the short-term tranquility and comfort. .

▲Corridor with rest on the side

The reception room next to the door is the place where the police officers who lived here in the past received guests. The table on the side also records the police officers who brought their families to this dormitory in the past~

▲The reception room where guests are received

There is a small slope in the backyard of the dormitory. From here, you can see the entire roof. According to the staff, because it has been in disrepair for a long time, only about 10% of original materials are preserved here, and most of them are reconstructed. A small locked door was also found next to the backyard, which was later found to bedugout, built with strong cement along the mountain, which shows the importance of the identity of Japanese police officers at that time.

▲The rear of the dormitory
▲ Cherry blossoms blooming outside the dormitory

Come outside and take a photo with this blooming Yoshino cherry tree to end this leisurely tour of the historic site. Unexpectedly, the residences full of authoritative characters in the past have now become attractions that we can visit at will, and we can also savor the historical stories of the past through them.


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