[Taichung Food] De Zang Wagyu Beef Roasted Pork is here! Live seafood, Iberian pigs, grilled at the table by a dedicated person (with menu)

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Dizang Wagyu beef roast is a high-end roasted meat restaurant located in Taichung. It mainly sells live seafood, Japanese Wagyu beef, Australian Wagyu beef and Iberian pig. It is not cheap after a meal. This time we have a group of six people for dinner, and the average consumption is about 3000 yuan. about. But before he came into contact with Dizang Wagyu beef, Jeffy felt that the roasted meat tasted almost the same, but this time I don’t know if the meat quality has improved, or whether it’s served by the professional staff throughout the table. I think it’s super delicious. Let’s take a look at the menu and the day. Consumer experience now!

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Dizang Wagyu Beef/Restaurant Tips

  • Service fee 10%, credit card available
  • The birthday star of the month and birthday event of the same day, you can participate in the Di Zang Le Crazy Carousel if you spend 4999 yuan
  • Provide VIP boxes, low consumption of 25,000 yuan, pre-appointment required
  • Signboards: Japanese, Australian Wagyu, live seafood, Iberian pig
  • No parking lot, you can park in Wenxin Park parking lot, 10 yuan / 30 minutes
  • Dedicated table side roasting service

Dicang Wagyu Beef/Restaurant Environment

Dizang Wagyu Beef Roast is located near Wenxin Park in Nantun District, Taichung City. There are several parking lots around it. It only takes 7 minutes to walk from Wenxin Park Station of the MRT. The transportation is very convenient. Take a walk in the park to digest your stomach?

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▲The appearance of Dizang Wagyu beef

The overall decoration of the restaurant is Japanese-style, and even the waiters are wearing kimonos, instantly feeling like eating yakiniku in Japan.
The first floor of the restaurant is the waiting area, and the second floor is the dining area. The main purpose is to vacate the downstairs for guests waiting to dine, avoiding blowing air or waiting too long outside the restaurant, because only the second floor is open for dining and can be served in one day The number of people is not large, and they are all takenAppointment system.

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▲The waiting area on the first floor
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▲A Japanese-style dining environment
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▲Live seafood is sold in the restaurant
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▲The toilet provides deodorant items such as mouthwash, toothpicks and baby bears

Dizang Wagyu Beef/Menu

The waiter will first introduce the menu in the waiting area on the first floor. You can choose the set meal or order the meat you like. It is recommended that you decide what you want to eat before you go, so that you will not suddenly choose the obstacles. This time we have a total of six People dine, I ordered the Kano set meal withWowFantasy package (upgrading and rewarding can double the amount of meat), with six more servingsPackage Shenghe, Very satisfying to eat!

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▲The service staff will give an introduction before ordering
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Dicang Wagyu Beef / Meal Contents

Seasoning (white pepper, kelp salt, grated radish)

The high-end roasted meat restaurant is very good in seasonings, especially the kelp salt, which is highly recommended by my friends.

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Side dishes (black beans, big roots, kimchi)

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Kano Course

  • 150g Purebred Wagyu Beef Short Ribs
  • 50g thick-cut beef tongue
  • Pure blood Wagyu beef tendon 150g
  • Refined diaphragm 50 grams
  • One tail of live Boston lobster
  • One live South African abalone
  • One live Japanese Akkeshi Oyster

The Kano course is mainlyAustralian WagyuandLive seafoodCombination, before the seafood is processed, the service staff will first bring the lively seafood to the table, mainly to let us know that the ingredients are fresh. The parts of Australian Wagyu beef are short ribs, tongue, tendon and diaphragm. This amount is just right for two people.

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▲Kano course (wagyu part)
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▲The seafood will be delivered to the table before processing
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▲Kano course (seafood part)
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▲The lobster head will finally be boiled into a clear soup, which is very fresh and sweet

Dream Set (Wagyu Wow Reward, size × 2)

  • Japanese Wagyu Rib Ribs 150g×2
  • Japanese Wagyu Fillet 50g×2
  • Japanese Wagyu Tendon 100g×2
  • Japanese Wagyu Beef Thigh 100g×2
  • Japanese Wagyu Beef Short Ribs 100g×2

The main contents of the Dream Package include rib eye steak, filet fillet, slab tendon, thigh and beef short ribs. Because we chose the Dream package and upgraded to Wagyu Super Reward, the meat volume has doubled. Compared to Kano’s Australian Wagyu beef, Jeffy still prefers the taste of Japanese Wagyu beef, which feels softer. The distribution of the meat flower looks perfect, and it is even more delicious when you eat it!

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▲Dream Package

Vegetable salad

After eating meat, let’s order lettuce salad to get tired of it! We originally expected this kind of high-end barbecued meat restaurant salad to be a little different, but the performance of this salad is quite satisfactory, and there will be reactions to the restaurant in the follow-up, and we hope that there will be more ingenuity in the future!

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Set meal is 160 yuan per serving

  • Appetizer: Dicang Pro-stuffed Kimchi
  • Appetizer: Egg Honey Wagyu Sushi
  • Selected meal: Choose one of the seasoned vegetables/salt-grilled sweetfish
  • Staple food: phantom rice, Niigata Prefecture Uonuma / Wagyu Tamagodon (+99 yuan) Choose one of two
  • Drinks: Seasonal sparkling drinks/fruit tea/Calpis/Coke/Asahi draft beer (+100 yuan) Choose one of five
  • Dessert: The chef’s special is baked / today's limited cake / iced three choice

Compared to the meat and seafood of Guisongsong, the additional purchase price of the set meal is so cheap. The set meal will come with appetizers, appetizers, side meals, staples, drinks and desserts. After eating, I think it’s just wagyu sushi. It's worth buying!

Egg Honey Beef Sushi

A super recommended dish, the grilled wagyu beef slices are rolled on rice, and a large bite of raw egg yolk is dipped in it. It tastes smooth and tender and super satisfying!

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S 6127651 结果
S 6127645 结果
▲Egg Honey Wagyu Sushi

Seasonal Vegetables

The set of vegetables is a combination of vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, shiitake mushrooms, corn, eryngii mushrooms, yam, purple onions and other vegetables. Among them, yam, purple onion, purple onion and other vegetables that are not strung together will be cooked in the pot, and others The vegetables that are skewered will be grilled.

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▲Seasonal Vegetables
S 6127642 结果
▲The rest will cook the soup together

Salt-grilled sweetfish

Those who like to eat fish can also add 99 yuan to replace the vegetables with salt-grilled sweetfish. The grilled taste and texture are really good!

S 6127659 结果
▲Salt-grilled sweetfish
S 6127649 结果
▲Grilled seasonal vegetables and sweetfish

Wagyu Tamakodon

The staple food +99 yuan can be upgraded to Wagyu Yuzidon Rice. The half-cooked Wagyu beef slices are grilled and served with half-boiled egg yolk. It is super happy! It is recommended to increase the price to upgrade!

S 6127655 结果
▲Wagyu Tamakodon

Seasonal sparkling drinks, fruit tea

To eat roast pork is to pair it with some ice-cold drinks! The sweet and sour is very greasy!

S 6127654 结果
▲Seasonal sparkling drinks
S 6127653 结果
▲Fruit tea

Today's limited cake

Today’s limited edition cake is lemon mousse, which is more special. The top is dense mousse, which tastes slightly sour, and there are some crushed biscuits underneath. After eating the roasted meat, eat this very greasy one!

S 6127628 结果
▲Today's limited cake-lemon mousse

Haagen-Dazs ice

S 6127627 结果
▲Häagen-Dazs ice

Chef's special cheese

S 6127626 结果
▲Chef's special cheese

Promotion of Tibetan Wagyu Beef/Restaurant Activities and Promotions

This time we participated in three kinds of restaurant activities, namely Di Zang Le Crazy Carousel (you can turn the carousel once after spending RMB 4,999), check-in gift and birthday gift. The contents of the gift are also very good, and they are particularly pleasantly surprised. ? But Jeffy went to the restaurant to dine in 2020/03, not sure if there will be the same event in the future!

S 6127660 结果
▲Associate Zang Le Crazy Carousel Activity Carousel

Di Zang Le Crazy Turntable/Fresh Fried Oysters

The most easily obtained fresh fried oysters from Crazy Turntable?, this is the first time I have eaten it! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the overall taste is very special!

S 6127650 结果
S 6127648 结果

Di Zang Le crazy turntable/angel red shrimp nigiri sushi

The size of the Angel Red Shrimp is not big, but it is not too demanding because it is a gift. It tastes sour and sweet after a little bit of lemon.

S 6127637 结果

Check-in gift/milk scallops, scallops

Check in on FB or IG to get milk scallops or scallops!

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S 6127631 结果 1

Birthday Gift/Cherry Duck Breast 80g

The birthday star of the month will give a cherry duck breast. It seems that the birthday star will have different activities on that day. Those who specially come to celebrate their birthday should not forget this discount!
I don't usually eat roast duck meat, and it tastes less tender and firmer than wagyu beef.

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Dicang Wagyu Beef/Tableside Service

The most special thing about Dizang Wagyu beef is their full table-side service! Jeffy is really a person with very poor cooking skills. Every time he eats roasted meat, he always grills the meat in a mess. In order to avoid this kind of "smashed" food situation, Dizang is served by a dedicated person throughout the whole process, so that we can truly Eat the deliciousness of Wagyu yakiniku!

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S 6127635 结果
▲The waiter will put it on the plate and bring it to the table after baking

The above is the experience of our meal at Dizang Wagyu Beef. I have to say that you get what you pay for! In addition to the super good meat quality, the serving staff's barbecue skills are also very good, so that a group of people will return with a full load, share it with everyone, and have a chance to eat once!

Dizang Wagyu Beef Roasted Meat

  • Business hours: Monday to Thursday 17:00-22:00/Friday, Saturday, 11:00-14:00, 17:00-22:00
  • Address: No. 36, Daguan Road, Nantun District, Taichung City
  • Phone: 04 2389 2227
  • Related links:Official website,FB

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