[Taipei Hotel] Pacific Business Hotel, with convenient transportation and close to the Xinyi District business district, you can see Taipei 101's high-quality hotel!

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Located in the heart of Xinyi DistrictPacific Business HotelWith convenient location, it is a good choice for out-of-town tourists or travelers. You can see from the balcony of the hotelTaipei Famous Landmark 101, If you want to visit Taiwan’s night market snacks, you can also go to nearbyLinjiang Street Night Market (Tonghua Street Night Market), If you want to get close to nature, you can go toXiangshan Trail Climbing, There are so many nearby attractions. In addition, the environment of Pacific Business Hotel is clean and bright, with simple but elegant decoration. It feels like a homecoming home, and unconsciously relaxes the body and soul. Let's take a look at this hotel that we both can't put down!

Pacific Business Hotel|Hotel Information

  • Single room, double bed, double bed, family room
  • Gym, saloon, free self-service laundry area, computer room, meeting room, Chinese and Western restaurants
  • Nearby attractions: Taipei 101, East District Commercial District, Linjiang Street Night Market, Xiangshan Trail, Sisi South Village, World Trade Center Exhibition Hall
  • Each room is individually air-conditioned
  • All rooms have free Wi-Fi and internet access
  • Stay for more than five nights, enjoy airport pick-up or drop-off service

Pacific Business Hotel|Transportation

Take the MRT

Take the MRT to Xinyi Anhe Station, exit No. 3 and walk 500 meters along Xinyi Road. Pacific Business Hotel is located at the intersection of Xinyi Road and Guangfu South Road.

Take the bus

  • Take 282, 254, or 672 and get off at Guangfu South Intersection Station and walk for 2 minutes to arrive.
  • Take the 20, 22, 33, 37, 38, 226, 266, 288, 292, Xinyi Route, get off at Guangfu Xinyi Intersection Station and walk for 1 minute.

Drive by yourself

Zhongshan Expressway connects to Jianguo Viaduct, after exiting the interchange, turn left to Xinyi Road to arrivePacific Business Travel.

  • Parking Information: Free parking for guests during their stay. The entrance and exit of the parking lot is located in Lane 450, Xinyi Road.
IMG 7540 结果
▲ The city view from the balcony of the room
IMG 7349 结果
▲ From the balcony of the hotel, you can see Taipei Landmark 101
c640154929236c70504dcc6f9eba101f7 4620693218545298301 210825 0024 结果
▲ The exterior of Pacific Business Hotel
IMG 7659 结果
IMG 7661 结果
▲ Pacific Business Hotel is located in Pacific Business Center

Pacific Business Hotel|Reception Hall

The lobby of Pacific Business Hotel is located on the 11th floor. You need to enter from Pacific Business Plaza first. After informing the administrator, we will assist the induction elevator to go upstairs. Although the lobby of Pacific Business Hotel does not have the height and style of ordinary hotels, it is illuminated by soft lighting and decorated with cultural characteristics, giving travelers a sense of peace and comfort.

IMG 7366 结果
▲ Pacific Business Center 1F
IMG 7627 结果
▲The sofa area in the reception hall
IMG 7403 结果
The reception counter of Pacific Business Hotel
IMG 7402 结果

Pacific Business Hotel | Elite Room

We stayed in the elite room this time, with a space of 12 pings. After putting down the two single beds, there is plenty of space for activities. The furniture configuration in warm colors is calming, and Jeffy, who is working on the desk, immediately enters the state, and the efficiency is doubled~The elite guest rooms are divided into a large bed and two small beds. The bed is moderately firm and the quilt is soft and has a deep covering feeling. It does not take long to fall asleep after lying down. It is so comfortable, how can it be more comfortable than the bed at home So sleepy~

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IMG 7414 结果
IMG 7427 结果
▲I especially like the warm color decoration of the hotel room, which gives people a sense of security at home.
IMG 7423 结果
IMG 7417 结果
▲ The two-bed room type of the elite guest room we stayed in at that time

The sun shines through the large glass windows early in the morning, saying that the weather does not affect the mood is a lie. Looking at the warm sun outside the window and the city view of Taipei, people can't help but lift their spirits and welcome the perfect morning! The weather was very good that day, the distant mountains and the clean blue sky, a few floating clouds lightly drifted by, the picture was beautiful.

IMG 7538 结果
IMG 7619 结果
IMG 7569 结果 3
IMG 7517 结果

Toiletries are attached in the room. The toothbrush and the mouthwash cup are divided into two colors. When you wake up dimly, you can find your toothbrush immediately. The quality of the bristles is also very good. The sewing kit is intimately attached to the drawer. If you are on a business trip The buttons are out, so you don’t have to look around for a sewing shop~

S 7471112
▲ Hair dryer, toothbrush set, dental floss stick, cotton swab, razor, shower cap, comb and sewing kit in the drawer of the dressing table

There is also an NCS safe in the guest room. The biggest worry when going out is the safety of personal and property. If you are carrying valuables, you may wish to lock it in the safe before going out.

S 7471118
▲ Water and safe in the room

A set of two-seater sofas and a small table are placed near the window. Compared with the working area, this area is much more comfortable. Make a cup of coffee and sit here to rest and chat, and enjoy the good time between the two.

IMG 7419 结果
▲ The double sofa in the room
IMG 7607 结果

There is a desk lamp and multiple sockets next to the TV. It is very friendly to those who want to use the computer. The soundproofing of the room is also very good. You can hardly hear the sound outside the room, and it is a quiet space that is not disturbed. In addition to the wireless network, the drawer also provides a network cable, so that residents can surf the Internet more stably, which is conducive to work.

c640154929236c70504dcc6f9eba101f7 4620693218545298301 210825 0008 结果
c640154929236c70504dcc6f9eba101f7 4620693218545298301 210825 0006 结果
▲ The working table in the hotel is very suitable for meetings and work affairs.
IMG 7507 结果
S 7471114
▲ There is also a DVD player and internet cable in the room

In addition to Taiwan residents, Pacific Business Travel is often the choice of many foreign business people on business trips. In addition to the usual channels we usually see such as China TV, MinTV, PTV, etc., there are also well-known foreign channels such as CNN. , Fox Movies, HBO, AXN, etc.

IMG 7516 结果
▲ TV channel list

There are wine glasses, whiskey glasses, mugs, tea bags, filter hanging coffee, hot water kettles, and a small refrigerator in the drawers under the TV cabinet.

IMG 7500 结果 scaled
▲ There is a wine glass in the drawer of the TV cabinet
IMG 7505 结果
▲ Small refrigerator in the room
S 7471121
▲ Mugs, hot water bottles, tea bags and filter hanging coffee

The Elite Room and Huanyu Room are the only double rooms in Pacific Business Hotel that have bathtubs. After a hard day, a hot bath will relieve your fatigue. It's so healing! The bathtub uses the top Spanish bathroom brand-ROCA, and there is a shower head next to it that can be pulled out for use. The bathtub has ample space and Allie can soak in the whole person~

c640154929236c70504dcc6f9eba101f7 4620693218545298301 210825 0132 结果
IMG 7473 结果
▲ The faucet and shower head next to the bathtub

In addition to the bathtub, there is also a shower room next to it. Allie particularly likes the design of the curtain in the bathroom. The wooden curtain can be pulled up on its own and turned into transparent glass to see the movement of the room outside, or you can choose to put it down. The openness or privacy is determined by yourself, which is a design ingenuity.

S 7471119
IMG 7523 结果
▲After the wooden curtain is pulled up, you can see the movement of the outside room
IMG 7535 结果
▲ The bath products in the room are Oliva imported from Italy

The sink in the room has a make-up mirror that makes people like it. I remember that when I stayed out, I needed to put my face close to the mirror to make up, and even accidentally got wet. This freely retractable and movable make-up mirror is really good for girls. Too convenient ? In addition, Allie also likes the restaurant's Mediterranean olive lotion. The packaging is very textured, and it tastes fresh when rubbed.

IMG 7551 结果
IMG 7525 结果
IMG 7494 结果
▲ The makeup mirror that can be freely stretched and moved is so convenient~
IMG 7490 结果
▲ There are face towels, soap, and lotion next to the sink
IMG 7434 结果
▲ Two sets of bathrobes in the room
IMG 7442 结果

When you walk out of the balcony at night, you can see the illuminated 101 on the right. This once the world’s tallest building is still beautiful no matter when you look at it. Also because you can see 101, Pacific Business Travel usually does it during the New Year’s Eve fireworks. The room is full, and one is hard to find. Jeffy and Allie once went to 101 to see the fireworks. They felt that if they didn't have to take a ride home without crowding people, it would be better to spend the night nearby after the New Year's Eve.

c640154929236c70504dcc6f9eba101f7 4620693218545298301 210825 0128 结果
▲ 101 seen from the balcony of the room at night

In addition to the elite rooms we stayed in, Pacific Business Hotel also provides different room types according to the needs of travelers, including standard rooms, golden rooms, business rooms, world rooms, and family rooms. Let's take a look at other room types!

Pacific Business Hotel|Standard Room

If there is only one person, standard rooms can be considered, and the price is cheaper. The size of the standard guest room is 8 pings. Although it is a traveler, the hotel is equipped with a large bed (150 cm x 200 cm), which makes it more comfortable to sleep. You can see the beautiful view of the Four Beast Mountain from the floor-to-ceiling windows. You can travel alone or on a business trip. It's ok to live.

S 7471145 结果
▲Single occupancyStandard Room

Pacific Business Hotel|Jincai Room

The Jincai room is the basic type of double room, with a double bed (160 cm x 200 cm) for two people, with a space of 10 pings. The room also has floor-to-ceiling windows with a view of the mountains and the city. It also has an LCD TV, a work area, and a separate bathroom for dry and wet, but there is no bathtub for bathing.

S 7471148 结果
S 7471147 结果
▲Basic golden room

Pacific Business Hotel|Business Room

Business rooms are more spacious than Jincai rooms, with a space of 12 square meters. It is also a warm and low-key interior design. It is a city view room. You can see 101 and Taipei city views from the balcony outside the window. There are two configurations of a large bed (160 cm x 200 cm) and two small beds (120 cm x 200 cm).

S 7471149 结果
▲Business room with a large bed

Pacific Business Hotel|Oneworld Room

The Huanyu Room is the largest of the double rooms. It is a 16-ping city view room with a large bed (200 cm x 200 cm). The living room and the bed are separated by a wall, which separates the sleeping area from the activity area, and the spatial configuration feels more comfortable. Huanyu has a bathtub like the elite guest rooms, so you can take a comfortable bath.

S 7471140 结果
S 7471146 结果
Pacific Business Hotel Oneworld Room

Pacific Business Hotel|Family Room

The family room can accommodate four people, with a space of 13 pings and two large beds (150 cm x 200 cm). It is a good choice for the whole family to travel together.

S 7471142 结果
S 7471144 结果

Pacific Business Hotel|Facilities


There is a social room behind the reception hall on the 11th floor. There are many sofa chairs in the large space. In addition to books, newspapers and magazines, it also provides a variety of snacks and coffee machines. A group of people can chat home here and have a cup of tea in the morning. Eating snacks and reading newspapers and magazines are also very comfortable! There is a public computer room in the rear, which is a comprehensive preparation of various equipment for business people.

IMG 7383 结果
IMG 7645 结果
▲ Pacific Business Travelling Hall
S 7471115
▲ FriendshipThere are a variety of snacks and tea bags in the hall
IMG 7639 结果
IMG 7633 结果
▲ FriendshipMulti-person seating area in the hall
IMG 7389 结果
IMG 7378 结果
▲ Public computer room


The hotel provides simple exercise equipment. There are two treadmills, a flywheel, 1Kg-10Kg dumbbells and towels in the gym. After exercise, you can take a shower in the shower room next to the shower room. There is a washing machine and dryer next to the shower room. Two machines each can be used for free, and the opening hours are 06:00-22:30.

c640154929236c70504dcc6f9eba101f7 4620693218545298301 210825 0110 结果
c640154929236c70504dcc6f9eba101f7 4620693218545298301 210825 0108 结果
▲ Pacific Business Travel Gym
IMG 7407 结果
▲ Free self-service laundry and drying area
IMG 7630 结果
▲ There is a microwave and coffee machine in the pantry

Pacific Business Hotel|Nearby Attractions

  • Linjiang Night Market 550 meters
  • Taipei World Trade Exhibition Building 550 meters
  • Taipei 101 800 meters
  • Xiangshan Trail1.7km
  • Eastern Commercial District 1.8km
  • Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) 3.5 km

In the past, Jeffy and Allie seldom chose business hotels as their overnight choice. They mistakenly believed that the overall configuration would be more suitable for business travelers. However, after we checked in this time, we found that it was our stereotype, and Pacific Business Travel gave people a kind of return. It is a four-star hotel that is worthy of recommendation. Unfortunately, due to the recent epidemic, the restaurant has not yet opened. I will introduce it to you when I have the opportunity in the future!

Pacific Business Hotel

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