[Taipei Attractions] The Xiangshan Trail takes 20 minutes to easily go up the mountain, six boulders overlook the beautiful scenery of 101, transportation/parking lot/ nearby attractions.

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The Xiangshan Trail in Taipei City is a popular hiking spot for nearby residents. The trail is easy to walk and it does not take too long to reach the top. The view from the mountain is even wider, the basin city is panoramic, and the night view is beautiful. A great place for couples to date. The Xiangshan Trail mainly has three hiking trails, namelyYongchungang Trail Mountaineering Entrance,North Star Palace Climbing EntranceandLingyun Palace Climbing Entrance, This time we also took advantage of the good weather to come to the most popular mountain entrance of Lingyun Palace, and took many beautiful 101 photos along the way. Let’s take a look!

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Xiangshan Trail|Travel Video

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Xiangshan Trail |Small information of attractions

  • Xiangshan MRT Station Exit 2 and walk for 10 minutes to reach the mountain entrance
  • Good Stop Xinyi Five Public Parking Lot, Times Songren Road Parking Lot, Global World Trade Building Parking Lot
  • Nearby attractions: Taipei 101, East District Commercial District, Linjiang Street Night Market, Sisi South Village, World Trade Center Exhibition Hall
  • It takes about 20 minutes to climb to the six boulders from the mountain pass of Lingyun Palace
  • There are a lot of mosquitoes in the trail, so mosquito prevention measures must be taken

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Xiangshan Trail|Transportation

Take the MRT

Take the Xiangshan MRT station, exit No. 2 and walk along the Xiangshan Park to the end, turn left into Lane 14, Lane 150, Section 5, Xinyi Road, and walk for about 10 minutes.

Take the bus

Take Route 32, 33, Chengde to Xinyi Middle School (Songren) Station and get off at the Xinyi Middle School (Songren) Station, and walk along Lane 14, Lane 150, Section 5, Xinyi Road to reach the entrance of Lingyun Palace.

Drive by yourself

Turn left at Section 3 of Zhongxiao East Road under National Highway No. 1 and Jianguo Elevated Road, go straight and turn right at Songren Road, then turn left at Lane 150 to Lane 22, Section 5 of Xinyi RoadThe entrance to Lingyun Palace.

Xiangshan Trail|Parking lot

  • Good Stop Xinyi Five Public Parking Lot: No. 360, Lane 150, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City
  • Times Songren Road Parking Lot: Next to No.169 Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City
  • Global World Trade Center Parking Lot (less parking spaces): No. 2, Lane 150, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City
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Xiangshan Trail|Qinshan Trail

Because of its resemblance to the shape of the mountain, Xiangshan is called the Four Beast Mountain together with the neighboring Lion Mountain, Tiger Mountain, and Leopard Mountain. It is a simple mountain-friendly trail, among which the Xiangshan trail is the most famous trail. The trails are mostly stairs and stone roads, which are suitable for all seasons. We climbed from the footpath of Lingyun Palace to the six boulders that day, passing by on the wayCamera platformIt is an excellent spot for shooting 101, and it is also a rest stop in the middle. Go up the stairs from the camera platform and you will arrive at the photo spots on Net BeautySix boulders, The other way will beOne-line sky.

▲XiangshanLingyun Palace Climbing Entrance
IMG 7681 结果
IMG 7679 结果 1
▲The beautiful scene of 101 can be seen at any time on the way up the ladder
IMG 7696 结果 1
▲The rest station camera platform in the Xiangshan Trail is also a good place to shoot 101.

All the way up the stairs is a bit difficult, and because it is more humid and there are more mosquitoes, travelers who go there may wish to bring mosquito repellent to avoid being bitten like Allie! Along the road, I saw many chairs in Xiangshan font to provide a rest. It was very cute. Although I wanted to sit down and rest, in order to get to the top of the six boulders and look at the scenery above, we decided to rush up~

IMG 7687 结果
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▲Lovely Xiangshan font seats along the road
IMG 7838 结果

Xiangshan Trail | Six Giant Stones

After going up from the camera platform for about five minutes, you will arrive at the peculiar scene of six huge rocks, six huge rocks standing on the mountain. It is said that if you look to the right from the six boulders, you can see the long mountain range of Xiangshan stretching to the big city of Taipei. It looks like an elephant's trunk, which gives it the name Xiangshan ~ 101 Although it is often seen from time to time, but Appreciating from the six boulders, there is a different sense of picture! The 101 in the distance stands on a large mottled rock, with dense green leaves on the side, it looks super layered!

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▲Six boulders at the 101 net beauty spot

Xiangshan Trail|Nearby Attractions

In addition to climbing, there are also many scenic spots near the Xiangshan Trail. You can go shopping if you want to go shopping.Near 101OrEastern business district, A dazzling array of goods are soft at your fingertips! If you want to participate in the exhibition, you can go toWorld Trade Exhibition Hall, If you want to visit historical buildings, you can go toFour Four South Village, To explore the first military village in Taipei. Or take a cultural tour to the nearbySongyan Cultural and Creative ParkFinally, we will end the day trip to Linjiang Street Night Market to eat food. The surrounding transportation is convenient, and it is very easy to arrange a day trip.

IMG 7669 结果 2
▲Near the Xiangshan TrailLingyun Palace
IMG 7666 结果 1
▲Xiangshan Park at Exit 2 of Xiangshan MRT Station

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台北 四四南村27

It’s really convenient to have a pro-mountain trail near the city~ In the busy and stressful life, it is very happy to be able to go up the mountain nearby to absorb Fendolin! If you don’t stay on the entire Xiangshan Trail, it will take about 15-20 minutes to walk from the entrance of the trail to the Six Giant Rocks, and about 10 minutes to go down the mountain.

Xiangshan Mountain Trail

  • Business hours: 24 hours
  • Address: Lane 342, Lane 150, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City
  • Phone: 02 2759 3001

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