【Taipei Restaurant】CÉ LA VI Taipei high-altitude landscape restaurant, 101 million night view all-inclusive! (Transportation/Menu/Meals/Environment)

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Located at 48F, Breeze Nanshan, TaipeiCÉ LA VI Taipei, a high-end high-altitude restaurant, and you can take a photo with 101 up close. During the day, you can enjoy the lively and busy urban area, and at night, you can see the millions of brightly lit night scenes, each with different scenery. This time, the two of us took advantage of our birthday to experience the high-altitude dinner at CÉ LA VI Taipei. Although we didn't bring bartenders, we went to the open-air bar area to blow the air. Looking at the whole night scene, it was a circle. We didn't experience high-altitude in Bangkok at that time. Sorry for the bar

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CÉ LA VI |Small information

  • High-altitude dining bar low consumption of one main meal per person, outdoor box per table basic charge $4,000 for lunch / $2,000 for afternoon tea / $8,000 for dinner
  • Bar low consumption is one drink per person
  • Additional 10% service fee, credit card accepted
  • The outdoor box area must be reserved in advance
  • Children's meals and vegetarian menus are available (reservation required three days in advance)
  • There is a parking lot downstairs in Breeze Nanshan

Dress Code 👗

  • Clothing and appearance Dressing standards: business casual, semi-formal casual, elegant and fashionable
  • Refused to enter: 
  • Men's clothing: Tank top/Vest/shorts.
  • Men's Shoes: Sandals, Birkenstocks, flip-flops, flip-flops, beach shoes, blue and white slippers, chef's shoes, busch shoes (clog shoes), sports brand slippers
  • Women's shoes: Birkenstock shoes, flip-flops, flip-flops, beach shoes, blue and white slippers, chef shoes, busch shoes (clog shoes), sports brand slippers

CÉ LA VI |Transportation

Take the MRT

Take the MRT Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station, or the MRT City Hall Station, walk to Breeze Nanshan and take the elevator to the 48th floor.

Take the bus

Take Bus 66, 669, Keelung Road Main Line, Citizen Minibus 7, Taipei City Sightseeing Bus Red Line and Blue 5 to 101 International Shopping Center, walk to Breeze Nanshan and take the elevator to the 48th floor.

Drive and ride by yourself

Navigate to "CÉ LA VI Taipei", or "48th Floor, No. 17, Songzhi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City", you can park at "Breeze Nanshan Underground Parking Lot".

IMG 8548
IMG 8547

CÉ LA VI |Environment

CÉ LA VIThe restaurant is located on the 48th floor of Breeze Nanshan. When I take the elevator up, I still feel a little tinnitus. It's too high. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor dining areas. We have dinner in the indoor seats. If you want to see the night view To take a photo with 101, you must go to the open-air area outside. The interior decoration is mainly in dark tones, giving a very noble atmosphere. The waiter leads the table and orders the meal. The overall service is very good, and they will take the initiative to come to care about the dining situation.

celavi 台北23
celavi 台北22
▲CÉ LA VI restaurant kitchen

The outdoor is an open-air dining area, and the scenery outside is also one of the reasons why people come to eat here. At the beginning, Jeffy was hesitating about whether to come during the day or at night when he made a reservation. After crawling through many articles, he chose to come for dinner. It really came right!

celavi 台北19
▲ Taipei night view of CÉ LA VI
celavi 台北17
▲Outdoor open-air box
celavi 台北21

This is the first time I saw the 101 building from such an angle. I have come to eat here. I must take a photo with 101. When I approached the window, I felt a tingling feeling in my feet. It's really high here! ! ! After the later hours, the open-air dining area will be turned into the Sky Bar & Lounge, and it will be more enjoyable to enjoy this large night view.

celavi 台北20

CÉ LA VI |Menu

CÉ LA VI The menu is mainly divided into lunch and dinner. One lunch is 1300-3180 yuan, and one dinner is 2280-3380 yuan. The difference is mainly in the choice of main meal and the item matching of the set menu, but the restaurant menu will change with time. . The menu we ate a few days ago has been updated. The following is the menu after October 2021. You can also refer to the latest menu in the future.Official website.

🥄CÉ LA VILunch menu 🥄

244712932 871099940262072 4435097931075911003 n
CÉ LA VIlunch menu
244663878 871099693595430 3680381943873249871 n
CÉ LA VIlunch menu

🥄CÉ LA VIDinner menu 🥄

244747447 871100210262045 1133914461796200979 n
CÉ LA VIdinner menu
244460576 871100100262056 4153063137300760731 n
CÉ LA VIdinner menu
celavi 台北4

CÉ LA VI |Meals

Grilled Raw Tuna Salad with Wasabi Mayonnaise

This tuna salad is the most unforgettable for Allie in all the dishes. ❤️The roasted tuna is soft and tender. It brings out a new taste together with lettuce. It is a very unique and creative dish. It is definitely a must! The ingredients are rich and diverse, and we, who didn’t like to eat vegetables, actually ate all of them!

celavi 台北1
▲Boiled raw tuna salad with wasabi mayonnaise

Charcoal Grilled Caesar Salad with Aged Iberico Pork Tenderloin

rich"Rolls Royce Pork"The Iberian pork rib in the name is extraordinary, with its fresh and tender taste and rich meat aroma. It is eaten with lettuce, tomato and toast. The overall taste is very rich, and it is appetizing after eating!

celavi 台北2
▲Charcoal grilled Caesar salad with aged Iberico pork tenderloin

Chicken Meatballs with Perilla Chicken in Ginger Bonito Soup

The waiter will pour hot soup to the table, and the light and sweet ginger bonito soup is very warm to the stomach. The taste of the chicken balls is also subtly combined with the soup base, and the meat inside is very tender.

celavi 台北3
celavi 台北6
▲Ginger bonito soup with basil chicken meatballs

Pan-fried Special Pork Sausage with Corn Bell Pepper Sauce

This is a relatively thick soup, the soup is very rich, and it is very smooth to drink. Crispy corn kernels, sweet peppers and savory pork sausages are cleverly embellished, taking the overall taste to a higher level.

celavi 台北5
▲ Pan-fried special pork sausage with corn bell pepper sauce

Baked Hiroshima Oysters with Garlic Miso

Although Jeffy usually prefers raw oysters, but this time he was overwhelmed by this baked oyster~ After biting it, you can feel the rich cheese flavor and soft Q baked layer, followed by the juicy oyster meat, super enjoyable. !

celavi 台北8 1
▲Roasted Hiroshima oysters with garlic miso

Sauteed Alaskan Cod with Salted Winter Melon Cream Sauce 5OZ

I didn’t like cod very much at first, but after eating this dish, I kept thinking about it in the future🤤 The taste of cod is very delicate. It is paired with winter melon cream sauce. Their sauce is really delicious, salty and sweet, unforgettable.

celavi 台北7
celavi 台北9
▲ Fried Alaskan cod with salted winter melon cream sauce 5OZ

Oven Grilled PRIME American Rib Eye Steak 10OZ

Jeffy, who wanted to gulp down steak, ordered this. The 10OZ rib eye steak is made of Prime-grade beef. The outer layer is fried to a slightly golden brown, and the inside is just right. The meat is very sweet, and you can feel the complete preservation of the gravy when you chew it. Occasionally with roasted garlic, green peppers and mashed potatoes on the side, it is very greasy, and it is very satisfying to eat!

celavi 台北10
celavi 台北12
▲Oven grilled PRIME American rib eye steak 10OZ

Khao Thai Milk Tea Tower with Matcha Ice Cream

Today is Allie's birthday,CÉ LA VIThe chef also thoughtfully wrote Happy Birthday on the dessert plate, and the plate was also beautiful! The taste of Thai milk tea is very rare. There are also a few soft Q pearls sprinkled on the side. It is like drinking pearl milk tea.

celavi 台北14
▲Khao Thai milk tea tower with matcha ice cream

Chestnut Montblanc with Yogurt Blackcurrant Sauce

This snowman-shaped dessert is even more cute. It makes people reluctant to eat it. At first glance, I thought that the ice cream was dancing and was about to melt! The French dessert Mont Blanc, dipped in black currant sauce, tastes sour, sweet and delicious!

celavi 台北15
▲ Chestnut Montblanc with Yogurt Blackcurrant Sauce

Beverages – tea

At the end, there are hot and iced teas to choose from, which can be regarded as the perfect ending to this meal.

celavi 台北11
celavi 台北13

CÉ LA VIThe meals are very ingenious, and every time there is something surprising and impressive. However, the food will be forgotten after eating for a long time. The most unforgettable thing is the gorgeous high-altitude night view! Except for the 48th floorCÉ LA VIIn addition, Breeze Nanshan High Sky Restaurant also has a top steak restaurant on the 47th floor.Smith & Wollensk", top roast meat restaurant "Wagyu 47"and the Japanese restaurant on the 46th floor"The Ukai Taipei”, they are all good choices for celebratory dinners and couples’ dates. Hurry up and put them into the pocket list of high-altitude restaurants!

CÉ LA VIAttractions near 101

# Xiangshan Trail

From MRT Xiangshan Station Exit 2, pass through Xiangshan Park and come to the trailhead. You can see the beautiful 101 in just 15 minutes from the trailhead to the six boulders on the mountain! Elephant Mountain is named after the shape of the mountain. It is called the Four Beast Mountains together with Lion Mountain, Tiger Mountain and Leopard Mountain.

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S 7520849
▲ Xiangshan Trail

#i-Ride TAIPEI Flying Theater

Also in Breeze Nanshan 6Fi-Ride TAIPEI, the immersive 5D flight experience creates the atmosphere of the airport, from the boarding gate, the ticket to the exit lights, as if you are about to fly abroad! Travelers who are bored during the epidemic, come to i-Ride and experience a fake flight abroad!

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[Taipei attractions] i-Ride TAIPEI flight theater, immersive 5D experience, let's travel around the world together!

S 8560724

# Four Four South Village

Just a few minutes walk from Taipei Landmark 101, you can reach Sisi Nan Village with a completely different scenery. Sisi Nan Village retains some of the buildings of the military dependents' village in 1948. It is the first military dependents' village in Taiwan. The small garden with multi-storey low-rise bungalows and tiled roofs attracts many people to come here to take pictures and videos~📷 If you are lucky during the holidays, You can encounter many cultural and creative life markets, music performances, and a green park next to it. It is a good attraction for adults and children!

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▲ Four Four South Village
台北 四四南村13
▲ Four Four South Village

CÉ LA VI Taipei

  • Business hours: closed on Monday, Sunday to Thursday 12:00-02:30, Saturday and Sunday 12:00-03:00
  • Address: 48th Floor, No. 17, Songzhi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City
  • Tel: 0909 956 000
  • Related websites:Official website,fb

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