[Mansion Food] Shida First Leg Mansion Store/One Sentai Canteen, Thai-style bento with dense juice, cheap and delicious! (with menu)

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Passing by the First Leg Mansion Store of Normal University in the mansion business district, it is hard not to be attracted by its signboard. There are branches in the mansion and Shida night market. It is rare to eat Thai-style bento with such an affordable price on the road. The special Thai-style dense sauce is the main dish. No matter what main dish is served, it is very delicious!

Normal University First Leg Mansion Store

  • Business Hours: Daily 11:00–22:30
  • Address: No. 283, Section 3, Tingzhou Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
  • Tel: 02 3365 3399
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Normal University First Leg Mansion Store|Traffic Location

The first leg of Normal University is located in the direction of the Gongguan business district towards Broadway Studios. There are many gourmet restaurants in this row, and it is often a good place for us to find lunch on holidays.

Public transportation

Take the MRT to Gongguan Station, or take buses 280, 280, 0 South, 52, 236, 251, 252, 253, 278, 284, 643, 644, 648, 671, 676, Brown 12, Blue 28, 849, Take Green 13, Roosevelt Main Line, 208, 895, 688 and other buses to the MRT Gongguan Station and walk for about 5-10 minutes to reach the first leg of Normal University.

bike driving

Navigate to Gongguan Station of the MRT. There are parking spaces for motorcycles along the road. Cars can park in the "Taipei Water Supply Office Mansion Parking Lot" and "National Taiwan University Mansion Flat Parking Lot".

公館美食 師大第一腿 7
▲The First Leg Mansion Store of Normal University
公館美食 師大第一腿 8
▲Order outside the store

Normal University First Leg Mansion Store|Environment

Although it is a cheap bento shop, the restaurant is also well-decorated, bright and tidy, with dark gray walls and wooden dining tables and chairs, which are particularly textured. The restaurant has a first floor and a basement, with about 15-20 seats on the first floor and more seats in the basement.

公館美食 師大第一腿 19
▲ Dining space on the first floor of the First Leg Mansion Store of Normal University
公館美食 師大第一腿 22
▲ Dining space on the first floor of the First Leg Mansion Store of Normal University
公館美食 師大第一腿 21
▲ After seeing every main meal, I really want to eat it!

Normal University First Leg Mansion Store|Self-service bar

Simple self-service bar, with unlimited access to rice and daily soup, you can really eat very full. There is a low price of 20 yuan per person here, you can enjoy the buffet.

公館美食 師大第一腿 20
▲Unlimited use of rice and soup at the buffet bar
公館美食 師大第一腿 11
▲ Seasonings such as sugar, fish sauce, pepper, etc.
公館美食 師大第一腿 12
▲The soup of the day was chicken and vegetable soup

Normal University First Leg Mansion Store|Menu

The menu items are all Thai-style bentos. The same main dish is accompanied by three side dishes. If you don’t like eating, there are also northern Thai noodles to choose from.

公館美食 師大第一腿 9
▲ Normal University first leg menu
公館美食 師大第一腿 10

Normal University First Leg Mansion Store|Meals

# Charcoal Grilled Creamy Pork Rice 125 RMB

Different from the pork rice that is often eaten outside, after adding the store's Thai sauce, the pork becomes super delicious and sweet! And the thickness of the meat slices is quite thick, especially Q bombs, it is very enjoyable to eat! The cold winter noodles as a side dish is also especially delicious, with an ice-cold sweet and sour taste.

公館美食 師大第一腿 13
▲Charcoal grilled pork rice
公館美食 師大第一腿 16
公館美食 師大第一腿 17
▲It's super delicious with the store's Thai-style sauce!

# Charcoal Grilled Thai Chicken Rice 125RMB

The name of the shop is Shida First Leg, and I think chicken leg rice is also a must-try sign here! And we also love to eat the chicken drumsticks here. The whole chicken drumsticks are full of weight, and the outer skin is charcoal-grilled and fragrant and oily. Just by looking at the color, we know that it must be delicious. The fresh and tender chicken juice after biting into the mouth slowly melts into the mouth, and the chicken is also very tasty, not woody at all.

公館美食 師大第一腿 15
▲Charcoal grilled Thai chicken rice
公館美食 師大第一腿 14
▲Tender and juicy charcoal grilled chicken legs
公館美食 師大第一腿 18
▲It also tastes good with Thai sauce

Affordable and delicious Thai-style bento with unique taste. It is worthy of being the favorite shop of nearby students and residents, and the turnover rate is very high. The next time you pass by the mansion and don't know what else to eat, why don't you come and try this delicious bento!

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