[Taipei High Altitude Restaurant] Saffron 46 Saffron Forty-Six Indian Cuisine, 46th Floor Breeze Nanshan, recommended for dating! (with menu)

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Taking advantage of Jeffy's birthday in March, we decided to collect Taipei's high-altitude restaurants once again! I spent a lot of time looking for a high-altitude restaurant near 101 and found this restaurant in Breeze Nanshan.Saffron 46"Indian cuisine restaurant, meals can be à la carte or set meals. In terms of the price of a high-altitude landscape restaurant, the price is low and not high. It is very suitable for petty bourgeoisie dating, couples celebrating the festival atmosphere restaurant. After eating, we all like it and recommend it. !

信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4627
S 30474258
S 9396243

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Saffron 46|Transportation

Take the MRT

Take the MRT Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station, or the MRT City Hall Station, walk to Breeze Nanshan and take the elevator to the 46th floor.

Take the bus

Take Bus 66, 669, Keelung Road Main Line, Citizen Minibus 7, Taipei City Sightseeing Bus Red Line and Blue 5 to 101 International Shopping Center, walk to Breeze Nanshan and take the elevator to the 46th floor.

Drive and ride by yourself

Navigate to "Saffron 46", or "46th Floor, No. 17, Songzhi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City", you can stop at "Breeze Nanshan Underground Parking Lot".

🚗 Parking discount:
In conjunction with the parking discount of Breeze Nanshan Department Store, the consumption of $500 can be discounted for half an hour, and the maximum discount is three hours on the day.

Saffron 46 Indian Restaurant

  • Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 11:30–23:00, Friday and Saturday 11:30–00:30
  • Address: 46F, No. 17, Songzhi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City (46F, Breeze Nanshan, Xinyi District)
  • Tel: 02 2722 5151
  • Related links:FB,Official website,Reservation click here

"Saffron 46" in Chinese means saffron, a precious spice, and Indian cuisine does add many special spices, which are rarely eaten. There are many high-altitude landscape restaurants on Breeze Nanshan, all of which are on the 46th to 48th floors. You need to take the special elevator for the Starry Sky Tower to go upstairs, which are on the 46th floor.Saffron 46 Indian Restaurant,shinpuyuan 46 Chinese Restaurant,The Ukai Taipei Teppanyaki, 47 floorsSmith & Wollensky Taipei American Steakhouse,MiraWan French Restaurant,Wagyu 47, 48 floorsCÉ LA VI, it can be said that all kinds of exotic dishes are included!

信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 46109
▲The Starry Sky Tower View Restaurant on the 46th-48th floor of Breeze Nanshan

Saffron 46|Price

  • A single order is about 700-2000 yuan, and there is a service fee of 10%.
  • Dinner set price: NT$ 3,280+10%, with wine NT$ 800+10%.

low consumption

There are not many places in the restaurant, so you must make a reservation before you want to eat! If you want to take a photo with 101, you must designate a window seat when making a reservation. After the reservation is made online, the clerk will call again to confirm the seat. We have designated the seat by the window on that day. It is recommended to designate a seat for dinner at night, and the price of the package is more than low consumption.

  • Designated window seats: $1,200+10% per person for lunch, $1,500+10% per person for dinner. (up to 4 persons at the table by the window)
  • Yellow Sofa Seats: $1,000+10% per person for dinner.
  • High-foot sofa seat: dinner minimum $500+10% per person
  • Reduce 1 drink per person during supper
信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4635
▲Our designated window seat for the day

Saffron 46|Environment

Before entering the restaurant, there is a sense of style, and the dark-colored high-ceilinged space is even more noble. There is a glass window outside the restaurant, you can see the chef inside is making meals, and they will greet us when they see us, which is very kind~

信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 46104
信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4691
信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4699
信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 46105

Confirm the name of the reservation in the reception area outside, and the waiter will lead you to the restaurant for dinner. Last time we were on the 48th floor.CÉ LA VIHaving seen the romantic night view of 101, this time we chose to dine at noon to see the different scenery of 101 during the day! It also takes a bit of luck to eat this meal, as the weather is good 101 to take beautiful photos.

信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4688
▲ High foot sofa seat
信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4682
信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4687
▲Yellow sofa seating area
信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4686
信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4613

Saffron 46|Menu

信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 464



Indian market snacks


Traditional Indian Kiln Roast


meat entrees


Seafood Main Course



螢幕快照 2022 03 19 下午5.40.42

Indian Spice Rice


Indian bread

螢幕快照 2022 03 19 下午5.40.59

dinner menu

Saffron 46|Meals

Saffron46 has a lot of types of meals, and we were dazzled. Later, we decided to trouble the waiter to recommend the dishes. The waiter will make customized recommendations according to whether the guests like spice or not. The process is very patient and kind. , there is no sense of distance that high-end restaurants give, which is one of the reasons why we like this place very much!

# Free Hospitality Shortbread

After ordering, the waiter will attach the shortbread served to each table, which is thin but very large, and the green beans at the bottom are decorations. The waiter specially reminded us that we should not eat it. The shortbread tastes heavy with spice and has a savory feel.

▲ Free hospitality shortbread

# crispy shrimp 480 yuan

I heard that it is a crispy shrimp with a high order rate. There are 4 large shrimps in it, and the skin is orange when fried, but Allie thinks that the taste is bland and not particularly amazing. It is better to dip it in the side sauce. smell.

▲Crispy shrimp

#SAFFRON 46 Special Chicken Curry 640RMB

This "SAFFRON 46 Special Chicken Curry" is really delicious! can order! The cheap chicken curry in the main meal is mild in taste, not spicy at all, and not too heavy in spice, which is very in line with the taste of Taiwanese. The chicken inside is so tender, and each piece is huge. I was worried that I wasn't too hungry to finish it, but it was all eaten up with rice!

信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4621
信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4651
▲SAFFRON 46 Special Chicken Curry

# Slow Cooked Lamb with Spices and White Sauce Curry 740RMB

There is no beef or pork available here, only chicken and mutton are the main courses of curry meat, so we will order one of each! I originally thought that the white sauce would be white, but I didn't expect it to be an orange curry sauce. It tastes slightly spicy and has a stronger spice flavor. The mutton stew is very soft and tender, without too much mutton smell. Jeffy likes to eat a bit spicy curry, and he likes this one very much.

信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4645
信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4646
▲Slow-cooked lamb curry with spiced white sauce

# Garlic Cake 130RMB

A must-order naan when you come to eat Indian food! Noodles come in many flavors, with cream and garlic flavors being the more popular ones. It tastes very special when eaten with curry sauce.

信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4618
▲Garlic cake
信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4658
信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4660
▲ Noodles are also delicious with curry

# Indian Long Rice 150RMB

Although the waiter said that it would be good to order naan with curry, but we, who are used to eating rice, still ordered a lot of rice. Curry is really a thief of rice, and before you know it, the rice is finished! The rice grains of the long rice are distinct. When the spoon is picked up, the rice grains will be scattered one by one. It is much different from the rice eaten in the past, and the shape is also very special, thin and long.

信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4622
信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4665
▲Indian long rice with distinct grains

# fennel rice 190 yuan

If you want to try a little spice flavor, you can try this fennel rice dish, which has cumin seeds, also known as cumin, which is often heard, and is usually eaten in Xinjiang barbecue at night markets. Whether you like it or not depends on your personal taste. Allie is not used to eating it, but with curry, the taste of cumin will be covered up~

信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4671
▲Fennel rice with heavy spice flavor

# mango milkshake 280 yuan

Saffron also has a bartending list, as well as non-alcoholic drinks. After eating a lot of salty food, I suddenly wanted to drink something sweet, so we ordered a mango milkshake. The mango milkshake is on the sweet side, and it's not a bad end to a big meal!

信義高空印度餐廳 Saffron 4680
▲Mango milkshake

The meal time is just 2 hours, and our birthday dinner is over! Originally, I was worried that we would not be used to Indian food, but I wanted to take advantage of the fact that we could not go abroad, to have a feast of exotic food, and to travel around the world with a sense of taste. As a result, Saffron 46 did not disappoint us at all that day, it was better than expected! Although the price is higher than the average restaurant outside, but in the high-altitude atmosphere restaurant near 101, it tends to be cheaper. It is really recommended for friends who have thought about the sense of ceremony and don't want to spend too much!

Saffron 46|Nearby Attractions

# Xiangshan Trail

From MRT Xiangshan Station Exit 2, pass through Xiangshan Park and come to the trailhead. You can see the beautiful 101 in just 15 minutes from the trailhead to the six boulders on the mountain! Elephant Mountain is named after the shape of the mountain. It is called the Four Beast Mountains together with Lion Mountain, Tiger Mountain and Leopard Mountain.

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[Taipei Attractions] The Xiangshan Trail takes 20 minutes to easily go up the mountain, six boulders overlook the beautiful scenery of 101, transportation/parking lot/ nearby attractions.

S 7520849
▲ Xiangshan Trail

#i-Ride TAIPEI Flying Theater

Also in Breeze Nanshan 6Fi-Ride TAIPEI, the immersive 5D flight experience creates the atmosphere of the airport, from the boarding gate, the ticket to the exit lights, as if you are about to fly abroad! Travelers who are bored during the epidemic, come to i-Ride and experience a fake flight abroad!

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[Taipei attractions] i-Ride TAIPEI flight theater, immersive 5D experience, let's travel around the world together!

S 8560724

# Four Four South Village

Just a few minutes walk from Taipei Landmark 101, you can reach Sisi Nan Village with a completely different scenery. Sisi Nan Village retains some of the buildings of the military dependents' village in 1948. It is the first military dependents' village in Taiwan. The small garden with multi-storey low-rise bungalows and tiled roofs attracts many people to come here to take pictures and videos~📷 If you are lucky during the holidays, You can encounter many cultural and creative life markets, music performances, and a green park next to it. It is a good attraction for adults and children!

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【Taipei Attractions】Sixinan Village Military Relics Museum, Simple Market, Haoqiu Restaurant, fun and free entrance attractions!

▲ Four Four South Village
台北 四四南村13
▲ Four Four South Village

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