[Taipei Art Experience] Acrylic painting experience in Sasha's studio, check in the beautiful French salon! Mini class teaching/zero-based studio.

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In Taipei, where it has been rainy and rainy for several weeks, every holiday I want to go out, but I don’t know where to go. This is the best time to arrange an indoor event! This week the two of us came to Taipei's Daan DistrictSasha StudioExperience acrylic painting, beautiful and unique decoration in the studio, romantic art space of net beauty level, and studios for taking beautiful photos everywhere. During the painting process, the teacher will be on hand to teach and teach, and beginners can easily get started and complete a work that is amazing even by themselves. Dating couples and sister gatherings are good, and I highly recommend everyone to come here and spend a poetic afternoon.

Sasha Studio|Access

Take the bus

Take the 72, 280, 505, 668, 675, 680, 109, 280 through trains, 643, 672, 676 and Songjiang Xinsheng Main Line bus to Ren'ai Xinsheng Intersection, walk into the third section of Ren'ai Road, and then pass the police station. About three minutes.

Take the MRT

Take the MRT to Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station, walk along Xinsheng South Road, and turn left at the third section of Ren'ai Road. After passing the police station, you will see the Saxia Studio. It takes about 15 minutes to walk.

Drive and ride by yourself

Go on your own to navigate to "Sasha Studio", or "No. 18-1, Section 3, Ren'ai Road, Da'an District, Taipei City", stopDudufang Parking Lot (Renai Xinsheng First Station),Dudufang Parking Lot-Renai Xinsheng 2 Station.

Sasha Studio|Price

Sasha Studio is mainly divided intoExperience classandLong-term classTwo kinds of courses, each class will provide canvas, brushes, etc., you only need people to start painting! The experience class is divided into one or two classes according to the size and difficulty of the work. In addition to referring to the ready-made templates in the studio, you can also draw the pictures you want. If you want to draw your own patterns, you must think about it two days before the class Only when the necessary paintings are passed to the teacher to prepare lessons, the teacher can provide a more complete teaching.

Experience class-1 lesson

  • Acrylic painting teaching experience No. 6 canvas
  • Price: $3800
  • Time: 3~3.5 hours
  • One-to-two acrylic painting teaching experience
  • 1 dessert and drink

Experience class-2 lessons

  • Acrylic painting teaching experience No. 10 canvas
  • Price: $7300
  • Time: 6~6.5 hours
  • One-to-two acrylic painting teaching experience
  • 2 desserts and drinks (one for each class)

Long-term classes can buy five or ten classes at a time. In addition to the optional canvas size, the challenged works can be more complex. In addition to the following long-term plans, the length of the course is mainly determined by the difficulty of the work. You can also share the number of lessons with your friends. You can discuss the details of the relevant courses with the studio!

Long-term class-5 lessons or more

  • Canvas size optional
  • Price: Buy 5 sessions at a time, single session $3650; purchase 10 sessions at a time, single session $3500
  • One-to-two acrylic painting teaching experience
  • Desserts and drinks (one per class)

Sasha Studio|Environment

The appearance of the newly opened Sasha Studio is hard not to attract the attention of passersby. During the painting process, everyone came in and asked: What kind of shop is opened here? The large glass windows bring a sense of transparency, the interior space is spacious, and the painting is comfortable and comfortable. When you walk into the studio, you will find a lot of golden animals, including leopards, monkeys, birds, dragonflies, giraffes, and flamingos. From the wall to the ground, the whole is coherent into a pleasing artwork, and there are many green plants embellished. Gorgeous with a bit of romance, in such an environment full of artistic atmosphere, even if we don’t know anything about painting, the deep sense of beauty has been inspired 😁

▲The signboard of Sasha's Wonderland
▲A French art salon of net beauty level, every corner is a studio
▲The visit happened to be Halloween, and there were many more Halloween decorations on that day.

Sasha Studio|Acrylic Painting Experience

The first time I experienced acrylic painting was when we were dating when we were students, it was a very long time ago~ I remember that we all found it very novel at that time, we were able to complete our own paintings and leave precious memories. And coming to Sasha Studio this time gave us a new and different feeling. The size of the paintings has changed a lot, and there is more room for free play. In addition, the teacher also assists with the teaching throughout the process. Although it takes a long time, it is more in the situation. , Enjoy the process of painting.


We areOne class experience class, Using canvas No. 6, will provide us with a lot of patterns at the beginning, you can also find inspiration from here. Every time the teacher finishes the demonstration, he will leave us a lot of time to paint freely, and he will also watch it silently. When we accidentally miss our hands, we will come to remedy it in a timely manner. This is my favorite teaching method. It is not too rigid. Can be completely immersed in it.

For people like us who don't know what to draw, but want to draw beautiful works, just pick an imitation from the template! For those who like to travel, we picked a picture of aurora scenery that seems a bit difficult. Just follow the steps throughout the process and you can draw a look and feel. In addition, acrylic paintings are difficult to clean and can hardly be washed off. You can also put your jacket next to it before painting, and wrap the apron provided by the studio to look more professional!

▲Paste paper tape to fix it horizontally and then paint
▲Exquisitely brush out the faint aurora
▲ Dry the acrylic painting with a hair dryer
▲Toothbrush sprays out the stars in the night sky
▲Draw the meteor after the sky is dry

Several times during the process, we felt "It's over, I ruined this painting!" Teacher Yu walked over to help remedy it silently. It didn't take long before it returned to the original state. It seems that both of us are overly nervous 🤣Because of the pressure The power paint is covered layer by layer, you can cover it up again if you make a mistake in the process, you can do whatever you want in the process of painting, let's paint boldly!

▲Color the surrounding borders
▲Finally, you can also sign in the corner of the painting

After the acrylic painting is over, there will be afternoon tea and desserts. It's a premium treatment, right! I thought it was just an ordinary cake, but I didn't expect it to be very powerful. It melts in the mouth and is sweet but not greasy. Even the plate is carefully designed. It is worth drawing for this.

▲Afternoon tea dessert in Sasha Studio

After that, the entire studio will become our studio! The teacher kindly and enthusiastically assisted everyone in taking pictures, looking for all corners of the studio, taking pictures from the door to the bathroom, professionally teaching everyone to pose, helping us to draw our hair, and there was an illusion of taking wedding dresses in an instant 🤣 also because the whole studio is very beautiful, shooting The photos that came out are also quite rich!

▲Even the dressing room has created a beautiful and dreamy atmosphere

Sasha Studio has become the most beautiful studio in our minds, a style that girls will love. Complete the acrylic painting by yourself to leave a deep memory for yourself, or make it into an exclusive gift for others, which is quite unique. Next weekend, come here to settle your mind and body, walk into the dreamlike fantasy space, and paint as much as you like!

Sasha's Wonderland

  • Appointment period: weekdays 14:00-17:00, 18:30-21:30, holidays 13:00-16:00, 18:00-21:00
  • Address: No. 18-1, Section 3, Ren'ai Road, Da'an District, Taipei City
  • Phone: 02 2784 0622
  • Related links:IG,FB

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