[Taipei wedding banquet dishes] Jingmeixing Garden Hotel, an outdoor European-style crystal church. Dishes/wedding hall/equipment finishing.

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I am honored to receive it this timeWeddings Bride StoryInvitation to the wedding banquet, comeJingmeixing Garden Hotel, It’s a coincidence that we happen to be holding a wedding banquet here, and we are very excited to share it.Founder without beams, So that the guests can see the newcomers in the audience, and the content of the dishes is also exquisite and delicious. At that time, even the picky mother was full of praise after eating! Inside the wedding hallGood audio and video equipment, The visual effect is first-rate,Light carving doorandFloating projectionIt is also a major attraction. And outdoor uniqueCrystal church,Happiness clock, It can also provide new couple shooting, so that our wedding photos are richer and impressed. We are very satisfied after the wedding! Not much to say, hurry up and introduce it to everyone!

星靓點環境 8
新靚點試菜 0815 14
▲Lobby of Starlight Garden Hotel
新靚點試菜 0815 13
▲Xingliangdian Garden Hotel reception counter

Starlight Garden Hotel|Hotel Information

  • Pure white European crystal church, available for marriage and photo taking
  • Exclusive bridal lounge
  • Provide wedding banquet planning and venue layout services
  • Xingchen Hall, Xingqu Hall, Xingyu Hall, Xingcai Hall, Bright Hall, which can accommodate 20-60 tables
  • Starting table price NT 13900+10% (please call the hotel for relevant price discount activities)
  • 20% discount for a table of wedding banquet dishes (10 persons)
  • Five minutes walk from Jingmei MRT Station
  • Jingxin Library Underground Parking Lot, Jinghua Park Underground Parking Lot, Aimai Parking Lot, Jingmei Small Underground Parking Lot

Starlight Garden Hotel|Location and Transportation

Geographical location is often one of the considerations for guests to participate in wedding banquets. Convenient transportation cannot be more important for wedding banquets! In addition to Jingmei MRT Station, there are also many bus stops near Xingliangdian Garden Hotel. In addition to the parking spaces outside the hotel, there are also several parking lots nearby.

星靓點花園飯店 (婚宴會館) 喜宴場地 結婚餐廳 位於台北市文山區景美 提供婚宴會場
▲ Traffic information of Starlight Garden Hotel (taken fromOfficial website)

Xingliangdian Garden Restaurant|Wedding banquet tasting

What we tried this time is15900+10% price, The chef does not want the guests to eat a heavy-tasting meal at the beginning, and worry that after the taste buds adapt, the subsequent dining experience will be destroyed. Therefore, in the order of meals,From light to heavy tastes arrangement. Under the concept of focusing on health preservation, Xingliangdian's wedding banquet dishes will not be too greasy to eat, and the body will not be overly burdened while enjoying exquisite meals.

Welcoming Newlyweds Colorful Disc

The cold dishes of the appetizers are just so impressive, you can see the originality on the plate, and it looks super pleasing to the eye! The colorful discs areChinese cabbage, quinoa soft silk, mullet roe, gall liver, drunk chicken.

新靚點試菜 0815 3
▲A multicolored disc to welcome the newlyweds

The first is the courage, the taste is soft and tender, and the decoration on the plate is also quite ingenious, which makes the whole dish more lively!

星靓點餐點 9
▲ A colorful dish for the welcome of the newlyweds – garlic shreds

Every time you come to a wedding banquet, the mullet roe is absolutely indispensable, together with the refreshing garlic sprouts and white radish, it is salty and crispy and appetizing!

星靓點餐點 8
▲ Welcoming Newlyweds Colorful Plate – Grilled Mullet Roe

The drunk chicken has a light wine aroma. Jeffy often feels uncomfortable if he eats food that is too alcoholic, but the wine smell of the drunk chicken is just right and I like it very much! Because of the steamed cooking method, the meat tastes more tender and melts in your mouth.

星靓點餐點 12
▲ A colorful plate for welcoming the newlyweds – Drunken Chicken

The choy sum tastes refreshing and crispy. Although there are some peppers in it, it is not too spicy when eaten directly. Instead, it officially activates the taste buds in the mouth. It is a delicious appetizer!

新靚點試菜 0815 8
▲ Welcoming the Newlyweds Colorful Dish – Crispy Choy Sum

There are some lettuce and purple onions under the soft silk. The color combination is very delicious, and the seafood is very sweet and chewy.

新靚點試菜 0815 9
▲Welcoming couple colorful discs – Q elastic soft silk

Fortune Lobster and Smoked Salmon

This meal is visually stunning! The red lobster meat is spread on the potato, and there is smoked salmon roll on the side. It is really exciting to see it. In order to reduce the salty and greasy feeling of smoked salmon roll, the chef specially uses moonlight sweet potato to neutralize it. This taste is really a perfect match for the two!

新靚點試菜 0815 18
▲Fortune Lobster and Smoked Salmon
S 7356461 结果
新靚點試菜 0815 17

Love for life to celebrate consummation

Tangyuan, a symbol of consummation, is one of the indispensable meals at the wedding banquet! The glutinous rice balls of different sizes look colorful, with healthy nuts attached to them. The glutinous rice balls are filled with red bean paste and white bean paste. The crispy texture with a bit of Q bomb makes people unable to stop one bite after another~

S 7356462 结果
▲Lifelong celebration of love

Stewed live abalone with ginger and fresh vegetables

The nine-hole abalone used here is stewed with pork ribs and baby vegetables because of the black garlic chicken soup that has a stronger flavor at the back. The soup is boiled with old hen, and it tastes very sweet.

星靓點餐點 29
星靓點餐點 30
新靚點試菜 0815 4
▲ Stewed live abalone with ginger and fresh vegetables

Garlic Wild Vegetable Sea Prawns

Freshly fried grass prawns sprinkled with a little minced garlic, with string beans, it tastes greasy, and the prawns taste fresh. Different from the potato fries that are often paired with fried grass shrimp, the chef cleverly replaced it with sweet potatoes. On the one hand, he played with different ideas in the cooking. On the other hand, he also considered that the sweet potatoes will be eaten after the shrimps are eaten, which is easy to cool. It’s still delicious to eat after cooling off.

星靓點餐點 1
星靓點餐點 19
▲Garlic wild vegetable sea prawns

Braised black ginseng with oyster hoof tendons

It is made from pork tendon (tiger's palm) and black ginseng with oyster sauce. It is topped with broccoli on the side. The color and presentation are perfect. Jeffy loves the chewy, collagen-rich dishes!

新靚點試菜 0815 19
▲ Braised black ginseng with oyster hoof tendons

Matsuzaka Chestnut Pearl Cake

Rice cakes are very common in banquets, so that every guest is absolutely full. ❤️Rice cakes are usually usually served with sakura shrimp, red rice cakes or eel, but this time we ate rice cakes with Matsusaka pork. It's so special! The premium Matsusaka pork is marinated with red fermented rice. It tastes very tasty, and it goes well with the flavor!

星靓點餐點 28
星靓點餐點 18
▲Matsusaka chestnut pearl cake

Scallops with Chicken Sauce and Seasonal Vegetables

The plates are stacked into a circle, which seems to symbolize that the newcomers can be consummated. Fried fish bones are used to replace the bok skin (fried pork skin) in the stewed cabbage. The stewed Chinese cabbage is very tasty, and it is sweeter when paired with scallops.

新靚點試菜 0815 5
新靚點試菜 0815 6
▲Scallops with chicken sauce and seasonal vegetables

Juicy Fruit Live Grouper

The steamed grouper meat is dipped in a broth made of tree fruits and salty winter melon. It tastes sweet and slightly salty, so it won't taste too strong. Allie really likes this kind of food, the succulent and tender fish, the mouth is fragrant.

新靚點試菜 0815 12
新靚點試菜 0815 15
新靚點試菜 0815 7
▲ Live Grouper with Juicy Fruit

Stewed Chicken with Black Garlic and Mushrooms

The stewed local chicken is made by using healthy Yunlin black garlic, dried mushrooms and cordyceps. With the steaming and blending of mushrooms, it tastes completely without the original spicy feeling of garlic. The taste of the soup is endless, and the quality of the local chicken is It is also very fresh and tender, and it will not feel like dry wood at all. A bowl of hot soup and a few slices of chicken as a savoury finishing touch couldn't be better!

新靚點試菜 0815 20
▲Stewed chicken with black garlic and mushrooms

Hong Kong Style Delicious Barbecued Pork Crisps

Every time I eat the last few moments of a wedding banquet, my stomach is so strong that I can’t squeeze anything, but when the sweets are on the table, the second stomach can always be reopened. The crispy and sweet outer skin and the fragrant char siu filling make people love it. It tastes sweet but not greasy. Those who like exquisite Cantonese desserts will definitely fall in love!

新靚點試菜 0815 10
▲Hong Kong-style delicious barbecued pork crisps

Exquisite and delicious ice cream

Finally, vanilla ice cream is the end of the meal! The ice cream produced by Michelin is used, which is also a common ice product in state banquet grades. The vanilla bean pods are ground into powder and added to the ice cream. No wonder it tastes rich and smooth.

星靓點餐點 7
▲Exquisite and delicious ice cream

Starlight Garden Hotel | Banquet Hall and Bridal Lounge

In addition to the super dazzling European-style crystal church outside the hotel, the beautiful star, there are five different styles of banquet halls to choose from, and the number of tables that can be accommodated in each hall ranges from 20 tables to 60 tables. With the color system of the wedding banquet hall matched with the exclusive bridal lounge, which is equipped with a safe, reception sofa, large mirror and dressing table, the brides can feel at ease with makeup.

Pretty Star

Before entering Xingliangdian, you will be attracted by this dreamy crystal church first! Unexpectedly, in the downtown area of Taipei, there is something like this hiddenOutdoor wedding space, So that guests can be romantic before entering the hotel✨The design inspiration of the starThe Church of the Sea in Guam, The nine-meter-high dome-style building, walks in and feels full of happiness. This is also a place for newlyweds to witness the marriage. It can accommodate about 40 people. If you want to have a dreamy marriage ceremony witnessed by relatives and friends, you must not miss this place ?

星靓點環境 17
▲ Outdoor European-style crystal church
▲Before the wedding banquet that day, the photographer took the time to take a photo for us at the Crystal Church. We all liked it.
星靓點環境 21
▲The happy clock and romantic flower ball outside the hotel
星靓點環境 19
▲ The entire pink wall is also very suitable as a background

Star Hall

The Star Hall is located on the first floor, with diamond white as the main color, and can accommodate about 22 tables. However, there is no crystal aisle in the Star Hall. On the day of the wedding banquet, the store will spread a red carpet for the couples to use.

Star Music Hall

The Star Music Hall is located on the second floor, with romantic and happy Tiffany blue as the main color, and the layout is a beautiful rectangle without beams and shelters. Walking on the shining crystal trail with the exaggerated winding crystal chandeliers on the ceiling, I feel like I have become a superstar! The Xingqu Hall can accommodate about 28 tables and is a good choice for petty bourgeoisie marriages!

星靓點環境 3
▲The Star Music Hall on the second floor, with romantic and happy Tiffany blue as the main color.
星靓點環境 15
▲The bridal rest room with the Star Music Hall on the second floor

Star Language Hall

On the same second floor, the Xingyu Hall is located next to the Xingqu Hall. The layout of the two halls is basically the same except that the main color tone is different. Instead, the elegant and romantic purple is used. Because the elders prefer red tones, and the Star Music Hall that Allie liked at the time was booked by others, we ended up having a dinner in the Star Language Hall. The environment and facilities of the banquet hall made us very satisfied, and under the leadership of the wedding host, Pooh, the whole wedding was filled with joy, let us look at the photos and have endless aftertastes ?‍❤️‍?

星靓點環境 13
▲Xingyu Hall on the second floor, elegant purple.
星靓點環境 14
▲The bridal rest room with the Star Language Hall on the second floor

Xing Cai Hall

A lot of photos of the banquet table! The Xing Cai Hall on the third floor can accommodate up to 63 tables. The main color is the beaming golden carpet, and the decoration is gorgeous and solemn. The Xing Cai Hall is equipped with two LED screens, which can take care of the guests on the left and right. However, because the two halls are connected, there is no crystal trail, but a red carpet.

星靓點環境 9
▲The Xing Cai Hall on the third floor uses a beaming golden carpet as the main color.

Brilliant Hall

The bright hall on the fifth floor is also one of the options for multiple tables. It is dominated by a large red carpet and can accommodate about 52 tables. Compared with the grand feeling of Xing Cai Hall, Bright Hall gives people a more romantic and dreamy feeling ❤️

星靓點環境 12
▲The bright hall on the fifth floor is more romantic
星靓點環境 11
▲Bridal rest room with bright hall
星靓點環境 10
▲ The wedding banquet on the fifth floor at that time

Starlight Garden Hotel | Audio-visual equipment

Xingliangdian Garden Hotel features two special equipments-Light carving doorandFloating projection. Before the newcomers enter the arena, there will be a lovely light sculpture show on the door, and the newcomers will then walk out of the light sculpture door and instantly become the heroes and heroines of fairy tales! The floating projection is when the newlyweds perform the champagne tower ceremony, a transparent curtain will be lowered in front. Guests will watch the newlyweds pour the wine from the animated curtains of the floating projection. The picture is richer and more interesting. But because of the layout, these devices It may only be provided in some banquet halls. For details, please contact Starlight Garden Hotel!

星靓點環境 20
▲The floating projection animation of the champagne ceremony at that time, there are also a variety of animations to choose from
星靓點環境 23
▲ Animation of the light carving door before the newcomer enters the venue

Starlight Garden Hotel | Wending Ceremony

Want to come to the Wending ceremony, but are so overwhelmed with relevant information? do not worry! Starlight Hotel can provide Wending venues, as well as the tea service, bridal chairs, and low stools to step on when putting on shoes for the Wending ceremony. Hotel staff can provide assistance. However, you still have to prepare your own six gifts, invitations, rings, etc.?

星靓點環境 2
▲Xingliangdian provides the venue for the Wending ceremony
星靓點環境 16
▲ Related preparations for the Wending ceremony

The above is the complete introduction of Xingliangdian Restaurant. Although we have eaten Xingliangdian dishes once during the banquet, the experience of tasting dishes is still unexpected! Under the detailed explanation of the chef, you can better understand the design ideas of the entire menu and fully demonstrate the characteristics of each meal. In terms of wedding banquet dishes, Xingliangdian's food is of good quality, and it is even more delicious after cooking. The elders pay the most attention to "eating" in the wedding, and hope that every guest can eat happily and enjoy their food. This will give Starlight Point a full score immediately ✔

Jingmeixing Garden Hotel

  • Opening hours: Daily 10:00 – 22:00
  • Address: No. 81, Jinghou Street, Wenshan District, Taipei City
  • Phone: 02-29338868
  • Related links:Official website

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