[Yilan Three Star Parent-child Attractions] Congziliao Experience Farm, pull the green onions on your own scallion pancakes! Food is still recommended by players.

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Yilan is about to board our favorite city in Taiwan! The mountains, the water and the scenery are great, the weather is super nice every time you come, and the air is super fresh. It’s the right way to go here every holiday. There are always endless sights to discover. This time I came to Yilan’s Sanxing Township to pick green onions with Jeffy. They said that Yilan’s 3-star green onions are the most fragrant. I have eaten three-star green onions several times. It’s the first time to come to Sanxing Township. Let’s take a look at our Yilan picking experience!

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Congziliao Experience FarmExperience projectAnd cost

200 yuan itineraryBring the spring onions home
Green onion field tour: plucking green onions, washing green onions
Scallion pancake DIY: one per person (from the dough to teach)

150 yuan itineraryScallions do not take home (pure experience) 
Green onion field tour: plucking green onions, washing green onions
Scallion pancake DIY: one per person (from the dough to teach)

[100 yuan itineraryMake scallion pancakes alone
Scallion pancake DIY: one per person (from the dough to teach)

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Congziliao Experience FarmExperience process

CongziliaoIt has been visited by a food player, and it is the home of onion farmers that has been passed down for three generations.. I came here today to be a half-day farmer,From pulling green onions, washing green onions, to making scallion pancakes by yourselfFor Allie, an urban kid, it sounds really super interesting. I saw a lot of parents with their children on the scene. The whole classroom was full of children’s laughter. At one time, we felt that our childlike innocence was out of place. , But it’s okay, it’s just fun ?

S 4169892 结果

A whole piece of ~~green! The sun is really too big. The farm has free hats to borrow. It looks more like a farmer. It’s really hard to pick green onions under the scorching sun. Everyone wants to go back to the shade after picking them. Only the two of us have been taking pictures crazy. jeffy laughs is really an urban vulgar who has never seen Tian haha

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Oh, you see, I frowned. This green onion is too difficult to wash. Why is the sister next door washing cleaner than me? After washing the green onions, I thought I would go in and cut the green onions to wrap them in pancakes. The result was a big misunderstanding. It turns out that you can return the green onion directly to the store after washing the onion. The store has already prepared the onion ingredients for the scallion pancakes. I knew I didn’t need to wash it so seriously. (Incorrect)

S 4169886 结果

I still worked hard to pack my scallion pancakes, and felt that I had already packed a lot of scallions. I did not expect that after the end, the aunt in the shop said that I was too polite and should give it more scallions?

S 4169885 结果
▲It looks good if there is filling
Y008179000001 7 1

After the package is over, let the aunt fry it for us! In order to be afraid of getting the green onion pancakes packaged by others, everyone has an exclusive brand. After the pan is fried, the aunt will call the name to receive the pancake, and there are sauces on the side that can be dipped and eaten more delicious.

Congziliao Experience Farm|FAQ

Approximately how long will the Congziliao Experience Farm stay?

The whole activity will not take too long. It took us about two hours from picking onions to finishing the cake, which was faster than expected. There are not too many people who enter the classroom to make pancakes at a time, and it only takes about ten minutes to wait for the aunt's pancakes.

Do I need to make an appointment for Congziliao Experience Farm?

We didn't make an appointment at that time, and it happened that there were not many people on the scene, so we almost went in to experience it without waiting. If you are worried, you can make an appointment with the special line 0937995104. Those who arrive early can also go to nearby sales offices and fields to take pictures.

Attractions around Congziliao Experience Farm?

Nearby attractions include Qingshui Geothermal, Taiping Mountain, Green Onion Cultural Center, Changpi Lake, Jiuliao River, Atayal Bridge and Mushan Natural Trail.

Congziliao experience farm traffic?

Go south: Taipei→National Highway No. 5→Get off at Luodong Interchange→Turn right on Zhongshan Road (Taiwan Qibing Line)→Go straight to Sanxing Road (towards Atayal Bridge)→Turn right in front of Xianming Elementary School→Go straight to the right in front of Atayal Bridge Transfer→Advance by indicator→Congziliao Experience Farm

Go north: Hualien → Suao (Taiwan Line 9) → Turn left on Zhongshan Road (Taiwan Qibing Line) and go straight to Sanxing Road (towards Atayal Bridge) → Turn right in front of Xianming Elementary School → Go straight and turn right in front of Atayal Bridge → Follow Index advance → Congziliao Experience Farm

YilanCongziliao Experience Farm

  • Opening hours: 8:30-16:30 daily
  • Phone: 0937 995 104
  • Address: No. 13-2, Dongxing Road, Tianfu Village, Sanxing Township, Yilan County

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