[Yilan Yuanshan Scenic Spots] Vanilla Feifei Aroma Plant Museum, beautiful skywalk, indoor filing in rainy days! (Pet Friendly)

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What should I do if it is overcast and rainy when I come to Yilan? While worrying about the trip, we found this vanilla Feifei in Yuanshan, Yilan. Vanilla Feifei is an aromatic plant museum and also the largest indoor glass house in Taiwan. It has a ceiling height of 4 and a half meters and is surrounded by many flowers, plants and trees. You can smell a strong aroma as soon as you enter the door. This is also a family-friendly and pet-friendly attraction. Pets can be leashed inside. There are also many DIY hand-made classrooms. Children's styling cars are free. If you bring your children, staying for a long time is not a problem!

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▲A spacious space with a height of 4 and a half meters
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Vanilla Feifei/Small Information

  • Business hours: Tuesday to Sunday 09:00 – 18:00 (closed on Monday)
  • Family friendly, free admission for children under 115 cm
  • Pet-friendly, enter by leash, basket or stroller, pets will not land on the skywalk
  • Tickets: NT$ 100 per person for site cleaning and maintenance, which can be used for consumption in the park
  • Free parking lot
  • Group package itinerary, wedding banquet, end tooth can be contacted for appointment

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▲A lot of plant products are also sold

Vanilla Feifei/Ticket

Vanilla Feifei Ticket100 yuan per person, Can be discounted for consumption in full, including potted plants or hand-made DIY (make your own potted plants or canvas bags), although there are also meals, but the price of the BUFFET self-service meal is higher, and additional money is required. The set meal is It is only available in the afternoon from 14:00-17:00.

  • Children under 115 cm are free
  • No respect for the elderly, love tickets
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Vanilla Feifei/Transportation

Take public transportation
You can choose to go to Yilan City by train or bus.
1. Take bus 752 from Yilan Railway Station (towards Taipei Rong Zong Yuan Shan Branch), get off at Rong Guang Road Station and walk for about 15 minutes.
2. Take buses 1786 and 1743 from Yilan Railway Station, get off at Xiashengou Station, and walk for about nine minutes.

Drive by yourself
Navigate and enter vanilla Feifei to find it. There is a free parking lot on site, which is very convenient for driving.

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▲ Vanilla Feifei has a free parking lot

Vanilla Feifei/Park environment

If you like plants, you will definitely fall in love with this side~ The romantic glass house built with white iron frame, next to the Sun Lake, isTaiwan’s first experience hall with the theme of "scent", with nearly 1,500 square meters of forest garden space inside,Very spacious. Use the green method to cool down, do not turn on the air conditioner, so that the summer temperature is maintained at 27-28 degrees, and plants and people can coexist harmoniously.

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▲The bird at the door said hello to us, and somersaults, super cute!
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▲A forest garden surrounded by flowers and trees
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▲Many plants are also sold on site, like a flower market
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S 6422718 结果
▲Selling essential oils, handmade soaps, diffused products
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▲The top floor of the third floor is a plant planted by the store

Vanilla Feifei/Skywalk

Be sure to take a walk on the Skywalk on the second floor, directly above the garden restaurant.The trail was planted with vines, and many romantic flower pots were hung.The view from the second floor is even more beautiful! Pay attention to the special opening hours of the Skywalk. If you miss the opening hours, it is very comfortable to stroll through the corridors on the second floor!

  • Skywalk opening hours: 09:00-11:30, 14:00-17:30
  • Skywalk pets do not land
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▲Parent-child play area in the corridor on the second floor
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Vanilla Feifei/Butterfly Gubater Potted Plant DIY

Vanilla Feifei’s ticket can be discounted for DIY Butterfly Gubate,Butterfly Gubate is a kind of decorative art. Cut out colored paper that looks like toilet paper, stick it on a bag or potted plant, and dry it with a hairdryer to complete the work.There are carry-on bags (150 yuan), eco-friendly bags (250 yuan), potted plants (large 250 yuan, medium 200 yuan, small 150 yuan). The pot comes with a plant, a water tray and fertilizer. It is very suitable for children to play~

S 6422742 结果
S 6422741 结果
▲Diy Gubat DIY colored paper
S 6422740 结果
S 6422739 结果
S 6422717 结果
▲You can also DIY potted plants

Because my mother just needs two new potted plants at home, we decided to make this DIY to get the ticket. The clerk and aunt are very enthusiastic in teaching how to make beautiful butterfly grubs. Be especially careful when applying glue.Just like toilet paper, it breaks with a light brush. It also tests patience.?

S 6422733 结果
S 6422735 结果
▲The Butterfly Gubat DIY colored paper we picked
S 6422732 结果
S 6422731 结果
S 6422711 结果
▲The completed second potted plant, the second one is more beautiful

Vanilla Feifei/Restaurant

Vanilla Feifei’s restaurant is really beautifully decorated, surrounded by flowers and plants, and the colorful curtains are elegant. It is as romantic as having a Western-style wedding.But at that time, we were full and we didn’t have the chance to dine here. Next time we have a chance, we will definitely come and eat. There are also wedding banquets and company group dinners. You can contact us by phone~

[Garden BUFFET buffet lunch 11:30-14:00]
Appetizers, salads, staple foods, soups, beverages, desserts, cakes, fruits, ice cream and other about 50 flavor dishes are served. You can use the ticket to discount 100 yuan.

  • Meal time: 11:30-14:00 daily (last reception at 13:15, full meal at 13:50)
  • Charging method: 100-140cm tall is for children, under 100cm is free, and over 140cm is for adults.
    Adult NT$ 450 + 10% service fee per person
    NT$ 280 + 10% service charge per child
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S 6422726 结果
▲Vanilla Feifei Dining Space
S 6422729 结果
▲You can also order drinks

[Garden afternoon tea 14:00-17:00]

Tickets can also be used to discount 100 yuan, and a variety of Western-style packages can be selected. The light meal package includes a drink with refills, the Xiangfei package and the chef’s package include free-flow soup, dessert, and drinks. There are also vegan packages to choose from.

  • Afternoon tea serves more than 6 special meals and unlimited drinks every season
  • Live piano performance from 14:00-16:00 on holiday afternoons
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We stayed in Vanilla Feifei for almost 2 hours. I heard that if you have children, you can stay all day. Because you are traveling in Yilan with the Mao children, Vanilla Feifei has become a great place to choose.It is also recommended for travelers with pets and children,Don't worry if it rains, there is one more recommended spot that can be arranged!

Vanilla Feifei Museum of Aromatic Plants

  • Business hours: 09:00-18:00 (closed on Monday)
  • Address: No. 650, Neicheng Road, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County
  • Phone: 03 922 9933
  • Related links:Official website

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