[Yilan 3-star private building] Taiping Mountain Aegean Sea, in the holiday atmosphere of Greece, affordable accommodation recommended!

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It is most suitable for people who come to Yilan to rent a house together. The price will not be too high, and it is also very warm to live together. It is a good choice for connecting feelings! We are most looking forward to this one during the tripVictoria Peak Aegean SeaThe hotel’s hinterland is vast, and the white and blue color match seems to be in Greece. Jeffy and Allie originally planned to go to Greece and Turkey for their honeymoon. Unfortunately, they were disrupted by the epidemic. It seems that the honeymoon can be spent with a Turkish ice cream! (Wai~~~)

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Yilan 3 Star Featured Accommodation

◾Multiple peopleBao Dong
Long town,Victoria Peak Aegean Sea,Vivali Manor,Tiger father and sheep mother's home

Petty Bourgeois Accommodation|2500-5000 RMB

Green Light Hotel,Water house,86.88B&B,Yilan Guest House,Chengqi Homestay,Bunos Manor

Basic lodging|Below 2500

Jingyue Homestay,Huiyuanju Homestay,Mingshuilu Holiday Homestay

  • *The above accommodation is the price of a double basic room type, we will classify it slightly, please refer to the website for the detailed price*

⚠Each owner of the Taiping Mountain Aegean Sea is a different person, and the interior decoration is also different. The shared article is our actual check-in situation on that day. For the detailed photos and prices of other rooms, please refer to the booking website for more clarity.⚠

⚠The room type that I stayed in on the day was the middle floor of the Gold Coast four-person building. Because the back of the first floor is a storage room, the proprietress may come in and out to cook breakfast, and there are doors on each floor that can be locked⚠

Taiping Mountain Aegean Sea|Small information

  • Exclusive for Baodong
  • Check-in time 16:00-22:00, check-out time 10:00
  • Extra bed, 600 yuan per bed
  • Each building comes with a parking space
  • If you bring a pet, you need to communicate with the owner in advance, and a cleaning fee of 200~500 yuan will be charged.
  • Barbecue matters can be negotiated
  • Nearby attractions: Sanxing Luoyusong, Zhangmei Grandma's Farm, Sanxing Green Onion Cultural Center

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Taipingshan Aegean Sea|Environment

Victoria Peak Aegean SeaLocated in Sanxing Township, Yilan County, after turning from Sanxing Road to Dakeng 2nd Road, turn right at the first intersection and you can arrive at the entrance. After driving into the park, you will see a lot of coconut trees, all of them are private homes, which has a super holiday atmosphere!

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This time we stayed in a private house with four floors. The first floor is the living room. In addition to the TV, there are checkers, chess, and mahjong to play. The proprietress said that there are karaokes in the other buildings, but unfortunately we were slow and didn't book it. The elders in the same group feel that the living room is a little darker, and there is not enough light during mahjong, but the others are great~

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The second floor is the kitchen and dining area. Like the building in the middle of the building, you can directly see the hall on the first floor. There are free tea bags and milk tea on the table, as well as beautiful cups, so quickly make a pot to enjoy.

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I really like the design of the third floor! The large transparent windows make the whole room very bright, and the empty stairs also make the space look bigger (but be careful when walking) There is also a TV on this floor, and it is always better to have a TV before going to bed. It’s a pity that the toilet and bathroom are relatively small. They are simple showers, and bath towels and toiletries are also included.

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There is a large balcony outside the windows on the third floor, as well as a double rocking chair. In the morning when everyone was still asleep, they came here secretly, very comfortable. The balcony is connected to the building next door, which reminds Jeffy of his hometown in the south when he was a child, and the neighbors talked about getting up while drying clothes.

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▲The small balcony on the third floor
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On the fourth floor, there is a small attic that looks like a foreign design. As soon as you go upstairs, you are attracted by the super glass windows. If the weather is good, you can be awakened by the bright sun during the day, which is a kind of happiness. The windows have curtains to pull up, and there are many books to read on the side. The six of us have a private building with an extra bed next to it.

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After nightfall, the Taiping Mountains and the Aegean Sea are lit up one after another, and it looks more psychedelic. It feels like the homestay is operating with ulterior motives.

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Taiping Mountain Aegean Sea|Nearby attractions

#The Secret Realm of Annongxi Fallen Pine

Because the accommodation is nearby, the proprietress mentioned the scenic spots that can come along the way~ the green avenue of 200 bark trees in two rows of the park, the bark is green in summer. If it’s from November to February every year, it’s the best time to appreciate the beautiful Taxus pineapples. It’s definitely beautiful to come here.❤

  • Stay time: about 10 minutes for pure photos, about 30 minutes for walking along the river
  • Free attractions
  • With parking lot
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#Grandma Zhangmei Farm

It takes about five minutes to drive from the Aegean Sea to the hotel, and you will immediately come to the most popular attractions in the near future.Grandma Zhangmei Farm. Grandma created a super super kawaii Japanese garden. Recently 20 capybara babies have settled in, as well as (compared to Nara, Japan) gentle sika deer. It’s okay to come here.?Put on a kimono and take a photo to punch in the idyllic torii,?Make an appointment for parent-child DIY pastoral experience activities,?Feed the deer and capybara, and taste the copper plate snacks and delicacies!

  • Suggested stay time: 2-3 hours
  • Opening hours: Closed on Wednesday, 09:30-17:00 every other day
  • Tickets are $200 yuan, which can be exchanged for scallion pancakes, red bean cakes, chicken cakes, ice cream shortcakes, ice cream (choose one from five)
  • Address: No. 161, Section 2, Xingjianxi 1st Road, Sanxing Township, Yilan County
  • No pets allowed

Click below to see Zhangmei Ama's Farm👇

[Ilan attractions] Grandma Zhangmei Farm, a healing paradise for sika deer and capybara! Transportation/Tickets/Food/Nearby Attractions.

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#Samsung Green Onion Cultural Center

The same drive takes about five minutes to reachSamsung Green Onion Cultural CenterThere are also some snacks and shops nearby. However, when I visited (2021/May), the Green Culture Center was just under renovation and was not open. You can also go to the farmer's direct sales station to visit the agricultural products, and there are many souvenirs of three-star green onions!

  • Business hours: Monday to Friday 08:30-17:00, Saturday and Sunday 09:00-18:00 (currently the cultural center is being renovated, and the farmer direct sales station remains open)
  • Address: No. 41, Section 2, Zhongshan Road, Sanxing Township, Yilan County
  • Phone: 039893170
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▲The farmer's direct sales station sells many agricultural products and souvenirs
S 6774869 结果

The above is the record of our stay in Sanxing Township, Yilan County-Taipingshan Aegean Sea. The environment of the homestay is clean and tidy, which is very suitable for families and friends to stay together. The breakfast is the breakfast that the proprietress bought outside, and the soy milk is cooked by herself. We averaged it down. We can find about one thousand yuan per person. It is a good accommodation for everyone to refer to~

Victoria Peak Aegean Sea

  • Address: No. 72, Gongzhao 8th Road, Gongzhao Village, Sanxing Township, Yilan County
  • Phone: 0930378999
  • Related links:Official website,FB

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