[Yilan Jiaoxi Attractions] Maomao Rabbit Haunts at Jiaoxi Transfer Station! The installation art of Jimmy Rabbit is good for healing and taking pictures of the hot spring park.

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I saw the Jimmy Bunny in Jiaoxi on the Internet for a long time, but I never had a chance to step on it. This time I stayed in Jiaoxi with Jeffy for one night and took a walk along the way to take pictures. I found that the furry rabbit is cute and interesting. It is suitable for the whole family to visit together. It is like walking into a Jimmy picture book and feel the childlike atmosphere. Let's take a look at these cute little bunnies!

Jimmy Rabbit in Jiaoxi|AttractionsSmall information

  • No tickets
  • Stay time is about 10-20 minutes
  • The toilet is located next to the Jiaoxi Visitor Center (bubble hot spring)
  • Parent-child friendly, pet friendly
  • Nearby attractions: Tangweigou Hot Spring, Yishunxuan Companion Gift Shop, Hot Spring Fish Feet, Wufengchi Waterfall, Kong ㄟ Farm

Jimmy Rabbit in Jiaoxi|Access

Jimi Rabbit is located next to the Jiaoxi transfer station. It is the drop-off point for passenger transport to Jiaoxi. There are also many urban bus transfers here, so the transportation is very convenient. If you are going by car, you can navigate to the "Jiaoxi Transfer Station" or "Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park". There is a parking lot nearby.

礁溪轉運站兔子18 结果
The giant white rabbit entrance next to Jiaoxi Bus Station
礁溪轉運站兔子9 结果
The two rabbits with luggage seem to have just got off the passenger transport and are ready to play in Yilan!
礁溪轉運站兔子10 结果

Jimmy Rabbit in Jiaoxi|Location

From Jimmy’s popular picture book Hairy Rabbit, along the wayJiaoxi Bus StationarriveJiaoxi Hot Spring Park,Jiaoxi Visitor Center, You can find the figure of Jimmy Hairy Rabbit! The traveling passengers seemed to have entered the world of fairy tales, and their body and mind were healed. You can also walk for about 10 minutes to nearby attractionsTangweigou Hot Spring, Experience the hot spring fish feet, visit famous souvenirs and food vendors, and then stay at the hot spring hotel to spend a beautiful day in Jiaoxi!

礁溪轉運站兔子12 结果
There are many rabbits standing beside the corridor, waving at us along the way!
礁溪轉運站兔子13 结果

Jimmy Rabbit in Jiaoxi|Furry Rabbit Installation Art

The furry rabbits in the hot springs are really cute. There are towels on their heads, which fully demonstrate the local characteristics of Jiaoxi. Seeing them so relaxed, I want to soak in the hot springs! The Hot Spring Bunny is located next to the Jiaoxi Visitor Center. It is also a seat for the public to rest. Sometimes there are massage stations for the visually impaired nearby to provide paid massage services. It is really a well-planned and beautiful park!

礁溪轉運站兔子11 结果
礁溪轉運站兔子3 结果
The three rabbits soaked in the hot spring, it looks super enjoyable!
礁溪轉運站兔子1 结果
礁溪轉運站兔子2 结果
Even the body is soaked and sweaty!
礁溪轉運站兔子4 结果
The rabbits dance around the trees
礁溪轉運站兔子16 结果
礁溪轉運站兔子14 结果
礁溪轉運站兔子17 结果
Everyone is standing on the rock and looking up, don't know what they are looking at?
礁溪轉運站兔子15 结果
Cute bunny wearing socks and backpack

At the end of the rain-covered corridor leading to the Jiaoxi transfer station, there is an eye-catching rabbit seesaw. The rabbits are playing on the grass. Although they want to sit on the seesaw and take photos with them,These installation art cannot be touched, In order to allow more people to watch these beautiful works, we must take good care of these rabbits.

礁溪轉運站兔子7 结果
Non-physical rabbit seesaw
礁溪轉運站兔子8 结果
The colorful bunnies sit in rows, so cute
礁溪轉運站兔子6 结果
礁溪轉運站兔子5 结果

The Jimmy Rabbit created by Yilan County this time makes Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park more interesting, and it is easy for adults and children to take pictures. In the past, I used to drive to Jiaoxi only to Tangweigou. I rarely walked here. This time, thanks to Jimmy Rabbit, I walked around the hot spring park and I was very comfortable and relaxed. Friends who want to visit Jiaoxi next time will also come here. Let's go shopping!

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