[Yilan Food] Lancheng Jingying Roasted Duck, Five Eats, Cherry Duck Nigiri Sushi is the best of the best! (2021 menu)

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I've been thinking about eating the cherry duck from Jingying Hotel in Yilan for a long time. I even arranged a trip to Yilan for this meal. Is it really a glutton? This time I went with my family and ate their selection of six people. Special meal, the portion of the meal is super large, and it will be full.There are signature dishes, one duck and five foods, side dishes, steamed fish, seafood, soup, desserts, drinks,Surging like eating tail teeth! Price plus service charge,The average price per person is about 1200,Although the price is a bit higher, considering the meals, the gorgeous decoration of the hotel, the staff service, and the chef's live performance of duck cutting, we all think it is worth it. Let us allow ourselves to be luxurious for a long time~?

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Honglou Chinese Restaurant

  • Many people recommend booking in advance
  • Divided into four, six, eight, and ten person packages, including service charge, about 1,200 yuan per person
  • Signature meal: Cherry Bawang Duck Original Five Eats
  • Pets are not allowed, but can be stored in the pet area
  • Charging method for self-prepared liquor: $500+10% per bottle for wine, $1000+10% per bottle for spirits
  • There is a parking lot attached to the Crescent Plaza, and there is a paid parking lot opposite the hotel (50 yuan per hour on holidays, up to 220 yuan)

Lancheng Jingying Environment

The hotel is located atThe most lively shopping mall in Yilan-inside Crescent PlazaIt’s also great to visit the department store to digest the stomach after the meal! If you want to eat roast duck, you should go to the Red House Chinese Restaurant. We ate for six people. There was no number of people who arrived at the table. We were also allowed to sit at a table alone. Many people came from the meal.

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Lancheng Jingying Menu

The menu is divided into four-person, six-person, eight-person, and ten-person set menus, and the price does not include 10% service charge. If the number of people is small, you can order the cheapestCherry overlord duck five eats $3088+10%,However, it is more cost-effective to recommend people to eat more, after all, there are a lot of portions.

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Lancheng Jingying Package for Six

Although the main event here is of course roast duck, Lancheng Jingying makes the best use of duck meat and uses various creative ways to eat it! Other dishes are also done very well, combined with local Yilan ingredients, everything is amazing. After eating the whole meal, there are appetizers, cold dishes, five meals of duck meat, seafood, soup, and desserts, which are super satisfying!

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Appetizing Fruit Vinegar

The appetizers that will be served first in high-end restaurants, the cold sour and sweet taste, let us look forward to the next meal!

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Little Man in the Red Mansion

The side dishes immediately make people's eyes bright, there are a total of eight dishes. Some of them are made with famous foods from all over Yilan, we had them that dayYuanshan Honey Pumpkin, Luodong Plum Juice Tomato, Southern Australian Chinese Roll, Toucheng Rock Sugar Water Chestnut, Samsung Red Dew Chicken,Let us know Yilan by cooking, and we know that there are so many specialties in Yilan? Water chestnuts are usually rare. At first, they don’t even know the name. They taste and look a bit like water chestnut (?) It’s just crunchy, and it seems to be More delicious.

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Hot black tea

With the black tea on the table, there is a candle fire below it, and the whole tea bag is inside~

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Seasonal seafood

The seasonal seafood at the time was abalone, which was plump and plump with sweet and sour sauce. Each portion of abalone is also thoughtfully cut into quarters, which can be directly picked up in the mouth. It is elegant and convenient to eat?

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Cherry Overlord Duck Five Eats

The highlight is the duck! The chef will go to the front of each table to perform duck cutting. There is a feeling of going to Beijing to eat roast duck in an instant? There are three chefs and waiters in total. It's a big battle~ The waiter will briefly explain the characteristics of each meal, and then bring it to us At the table, the whole show lasted about 20 minutes. I was able to eat freshly cut cherry duck with a compelling aroma. I was really happy~?

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One Eat: Fragrant Braised Duck

The duck feet and wings are marinated for two hours, chilled and served cold, with Taiwanese kimchi to relieve greasiness. But we seem to look forward to the duck in the hands of the master more than we are on the ice?

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Second meal: cherry duck nigiri sushi

This dish is really super, level, good and delicious! But obviously it’s a six-person set meal, how come there are eight nigiri sushi? Do you want to frame our friendship and capsize? In order to eat that sacred bite, everyone competed and I grabbed a big competition and decided to guess the boxer to compete! Combined with the concept of nigiri sushi,Wrap the rice with duck breast, the plumpest part of the cherry duck.The skin is plump and juicy, and the taste melts in the mouth. The chef especially reminds you to eat it warmly.

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Three foods: sliced duck roll with three-star green onion pancake

The scallion pancake made of three-star shallots is wrapped in duck leg meat. It is the first time to eat such delicious scallion pancakes with whole scallions in it. This is also easy to push~

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Four foods: shredded duck wrapped in lettuce

You can choose one of four to eat, lettuce wrapped duck shreds or three cups of duck bones in clay pot,We choose shredded duck wrapped in lettuce. This dish tastes a little bit nonsensical, maybe the duck slices in the front were too good to eat! Cut the duck breast into shreds and stir-fry with apples. The sauce tastes quite strong, and there seems to be no duck taste in the impression.

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S 6422593 结果

Five foods: Slow-fire cabbage duck soup

This dish is also unforgettable with our relish! A 10-hour broth made with duck and Chinese cabbage is added. The whole soup is rich and smooth, condensing all the essence of the duck? Even if I have eaten a lot before, I still want to drink up the soup!

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Jingpin Sea Fresh

If you are tired of eating duck meat, let’s have some fish meat. This dish is also very satisfying. The fish skin is soft and elastic, the fish is fresh and tender, and the sauce is also very sweet. With the onion on top, the saliva flows down~

S 6422581 结果蘭城晶英

Chef's Private Kitchen-Fried Shrimp in Oil

The main house’s private kitchen can be chosen,Duck with Mapo Tofu, Fried Shrimp in Oil, Salted Egg Pleurotus eryngii, Seafood Tofu Pot, and Preserved Egg in Typhoon ShelterWe chose prawns, and felt a little disappointed after eating. The prawn meat seemed a bit too old, and the skin was made of sweet sauce.

S 6422589 结果蘭城晶英

Duck onion oil mixed with vegetables

Vegetables haveWater lotus, water spinach, cabbage, five-element vegetables can choose two from four,Sent a bowl of duck fat to eat together. It seems that I ate a lot of oil for this meal. Should I go back and lose weight?

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Freshly squeezed watermelon juice

A glass of fresh juice per person, orange juice and watermelon juice can be chosen, the waiter said that you can also choose a large pot of your own, it would be more.

S 6422574 结果蘭城晶英

Taro Sago

Dessert forChoose one of eight sweet taro puree, purple rice red bean lotus seed dew, taro sago dew, I thought that one person had a small bowl, but the result was a big bowl directly and unceremoniously. It was super enjoyable! The sago sauce is fragrant, and it's icy and cool as the end of the meal, so happy ❤️

S 6422595 结果

In the end, we really couldn’t finish eating. We took out soup and dessert sago. We thought it was just a plastic bag. I didn’t expect the restaurant to use such a textured bag with a zipper on it. It’s not afraid of walking and spilling it outside. It's very considerate~

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Lancheng JingyingTake-away bag

After coming to Yilan to eat this meal, I am totally satisfied~ I go home with a full stomach. After I get home, I still think about it from time to time, and I really try to become a patron! If there are enough people, based on the level of banquets, on average, one meal will not be too expensive. I recommend friends who have never eaten to come. Maybe we all love roast duck. Creative one duck and five meals It really wins our hearts~

Silks Place YilanRed House Chinese Restaurant Silks Place Yilan

  • Opening hours: Lunch 11:00-15:00 / Dinner 17:00-21:00
  • Address: No. 36, Section 2, Minquan Road, Yilan, Yilan County
  • Phone: 03 935 1000
  • Related links:Official website

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