[Accommodation in Jiaoxi, Yilan] Chenxinchen 㦤 Hot Spring B&B, enjoy a bath in the warm middle of the building! Transportation/Room Type/Nearby Attractions (Pet Friendly)

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Every time you travel with your elders at home, you need to look for accommodation with the following requirements: can bring a puppy, have a hot tub, a low price, and convenient transportation. The result of these intersections is not too much. It is really often spent a lot of time looking for accommodation~ this time We came to Chenxin Chenyi Hot Spring Resort in Jiaoxi, Yilan, which is located near the well-known scenic spot Tangweigou Park. All the conditions that my mother likes are met, and the overall decoration is very atmospheric, as if staying in a small wooden house, comfortable and comfortable. Although it is a pet-friendly accommodation, the overall environment is clean and tidy, and the warm atmosphere has made us return visits many times. I like it very much, let's take a look!

Chenxin Chenyi|B&B Tips

  • Room types are divided into double rooms and quadruple rooms
  • With parking lot
  • Pets are friendly, must communicate with the hotel in advance, no extra charge
  • All rooms have baths and hot springs
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Nearby attractions: Tangweigou Hot Spring Park, Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park, Jimmy Rabbit Installation Art, Kong ㄟ Farm, Wufengchi Waterfall, Linmei Shipan Trail, King Car Biotechnology Aquaculture Research and Development Center, Rabbit Maze

Chenxin Chenyi|Traffic and parking

Take the train

After taking the train to Jiaoxi Railway Station, walk along Wenquan Road, then turn left into the fifth section of Jiaoxi Road, turn right when you see Prince Hotel, and you will reach the guesthouse in about 10 minutes.

Take passenger transport

After walking along Jiaoxi Road to Section 5, turn right when you see the Prince's Hotel, and it will take about 15 minutes to arrive. Or take bus No. 191 or 112 to Tangweigou Station and walk for another three minutes.

Drive by yourself

Navigate to "Chen Xin Chen Yi", or "No. 11, Lane 15, Ren'ai Road, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County."

Chenxin Chenyi|Environment

Located in the alleys, Chenxinchenyi has four floors. The first floor is a check-in counter, a lobby and a common dining area, and there is a simple kitchen. There are double rooms on the second floor, and quadruple rooms on the middle floor on the third and fourth floors. There are not many rooms. The decoration is based on wood, and there is a faint wood fragrance in the air. With bright lights, the whole is particularly warm. We are ready to move in with large bags and small bags, and we immediately feel the enthusiasm of the proprietress as soon as we enter the door.

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Chenxin Chenyi|Quad Room

We stayed twice in a rowChenxinchenyi’s quadruple room is designed in a middle-rise building, and the space is very spacious. The decoration is simple but elegant. The high ceiling makes people feel no pressure. Next to the bed is a dressing table and work table, and there are plenty of sockets. Lazily lying on the bed empty, it looks like a dream house.

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Chenxin Chenyi's four-person room is designed for the middle of the building
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There are basic toiletries, hair dryers, toothbrushes, water cups, towels, free bottled water, simple tea bags, and three-in-one coffee in the room. The downstairs is equipped with a TV, a small refrigerator and a kettle. The upper and lower floors are air-conditioned, so it won’t be too hot to sleep in summer.

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▲The refrigerator in the room is a small refrigerator, if you have larger items, you can borrow ice in the refrigerator in the lobby
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Chenxin Chenyi|Hot Spring

The space between the toilet and bathroom is also very spacious, with a small bathtub in it, and there is plenty of space for two people to soak together. It’s so happy to be soaking in the famous beauty soup in Jiaoxi for a whole day! Jiaoxi Hot Spring contains sodium bicarbonate, also known as Beauty Soup, which has the function of softening cutin and promoting metabolism. After bathing in the hot spring, the body relaxes and makes it easier to fall asleep.

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▲When the faucet is turned on, it is Jiaoxi Beauty Soup
辰馨辰懿13 结果
▲Shampoo and shower gel in the bathroom

Chenxin Chenyi|Breakfast

When staying at the homestay, the proprietress will provide a Mos Burger voucher for one person, one guest. You can walk from the door of the homestay for about 5 minutes to reach the Moss Jiaoxi store. The exchangeable items are as follows:

  • Morning tea (07:00 – 10:30): Bacon and egg burger, tomato cheese burger, ham omelet burger, +5 yuan upgrade seasonal burger (cuckoo chicken burger or curry pork chop burger), +5 yuan upgrade moss Hot dog fort; with drink ice tea (medium cup) or hot coffee
  • Afternoon tea (after 10:30): Chicken nuggets and French fries set, potato biscuits + konjac, 2 packets of follicular coffee, potato biscuits + French fries; served with ice tea (medium cup) or ice green tea
辰馨辰懿14 结果
▲ Moss Burger Breakfast Roll provided by the B&B

Chenxin Chenyi|Nearby Attractions

Tangweigou Park

Step out of Chenxin Chenyi B&B is Tangweigou Park, a well-known tourist attraction that must be visited when you come to Jiaoxi. There are many vendors selling snacks along the way, such as three-star green onion rolls, grilled squid, egg waffles, and peanut roll ice cream. After eating, you can go to the free hot spring bath to spend a relaxing night~

辰馨辰懿20 结果
Tangweigou ParkFree hot spring foot bath
辰馨辰懿21 结果
辰馨辰懿19 结果
▲Many shops where hot spring fish bite their feet
辰馨辰懿22 结果
▲The lively snack bar next to it

Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park-Jimmy Hairy Rabbit

FromChenxin Chenyi can be reached on foot for about ten minutesJiaoxi Hot Spring Park, Here are createdJimmy Rabbit, Healing installation art, Jeffy and Allie are about to melt when they see it! The addition of these rabbits makes the entire park more alive. It is a scenic spot for all ages beside the Jiaoxi transfer station.

礁溪轉運站兔子9 结果
▲ Jimi Rabbit installation art all the way from Jiaoxi Transfer Station to Jiaoxi Visitor Center
礁溪轉運站兔子3 结果
▲Healing scene of three rabbits soaking in hot spring

The above is our experience of staying in the accommodation ~ because I really like the atmosphere here,Chenxinchen has become our recent pocket accommodation in Jiaoxi! The location is convenient and the price is reasonable. As soon as you walk out, you will be the most lively Tangweigou business district. There are hot springs in the room. It is definitely recommended to find a hot spring accommodation in Jiaoxi to relax~

Chen Xin Chen 㦤 Hot Spring Homestay

  • Business hours: 08:00-23:00 daily
  • Address: No. 11, Lane 15, Ren'ai Road, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County
  • Phone: 0902 272 786

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