【Taoyuan Attractions】Longtan Hand Letter Wuyin City, Hand Letter Square Tourist Factory, walk into the Kyoto Ninja Village, and buy good souvenirs!

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Located in the Longtan District of Taoyuan City, "Shouxin Wuyincheng" is a tourist factory of the famous dessert brand, souvenir square. In the background of Edo, the Hidden Mist Castle is a two-story exhibition space decorated with Japanese military commanders, tengu, ninjas and other shapes. It can also pass through the red torii arch tunnel and punch in the colorful Kaleidoscope mirror, which is a good shot. Indoor attractions that are easy to shop and buy. In addition, there is also a dessert DIY course here, making your own Japanese desserts, which is also very suitable for parents and children to travel together!

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠28
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠29
▲ Japanese architectural style castle town shopping street
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠49
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠35
▲There are many souvenirs in the shopping street
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠36

Souvenir Hidden City|Transportation

Drive by yourself

  • Northbound: National Highway No. 3, get off at Longtan Interchange, walk on Zhongxing Road in the direction of Daxi, and turn left at Minfeng 1st Street.
  • Go south: National Highway No. 3, get off at Daxi Interchange, head towards Shimen Reservoir, then take the second section of Yuanlin Road to Longtan, continue straight to the Kowloon section of Zhongxing Road, and turn right at Minfeng 1st Street.

public transport

  • Departure from Greater Taipei: Take the MRT Bannan Line to "Tucheng Yongning" station, then take bus No. 712, the journey time is about 30 minutes, get off at "Junguo Community" station, walk about 30 meters and then turn right Fengyi Street.
  • From Daxi to Longtan: Take bus 212 or 212A, get off at "Junguo Community" stop, and walk towards Minfeng 1st Street.
  • Taoyuan City to and from Longtan: Take bus 5053 or 5053A, get off at the "Junguo Community" stop, and walk towards Minfeng 1st Street.

Letter to the Hidden City of Fog

  • Business hours: Monday to Friday 09:00–17:00, Saturday and Sunday 09:00–18:00
  • Address: No. 99, Minfeng 1st Street, Longtan District, Taoyuan City
  • Tel: 03 470 0598
  • Related links:Souvenir Wuyincheng official website

Souvenir Hidden Castle|Parking

There is a free parking lot in the Hand Letter Wuyin City. There are many parking spaces. We can easily find parking spaces when we come on holidays.

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠1
▲Shou letter fog hidden city parking lot
手信霧隱城 停車場

Souvenir Fog City|Ticket

Tickets for visiting Souvenir Wuyin City are 200 yuan per person, which can be fully redeemed for consumption and DIY activities in the museum, and one Dorayaki dessert will be given to each person upon admission.

  • 【Monday to Friday】Admission 09:00~17:00, closing at 16:00.
  • 【Saturday and Sunday】Admission 09:00~18:00, closing ticket sales at 17:00.
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠9
▲Tickets to the Hidden City of Fog
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠6
▲Dorayaki snacks from the souvenir shop are included with admission

Letter to the Hidden City of Mist|Environment

Originally thought that the hidden fog city of the letter is just a small indoor attraction, but I didn't expect that the space inside is really super large. Because it is a food tourism factory, pets are not allowed inside, but pets can be deposited at the ticket office at the entrance.

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠2
▲The appearance of the hidden fog city

There are two floors in Souvenir Hidden City. The first floor is a Japanese-style shopping street, and the second floor is a food and sightseeing factory. The overall planning is perfect. Although there are many tourists during holidays, it will not be too crowded when walking. , very comfortable to walk around.

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠3
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▲The map of the Hidden Castle Museum

There are also many outdoor spaces with Japanese landscaping and pavilions for rest. Many children play here for an afternoon.

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠51

Walking into the hidden fog city of the letter, the whole is amazing! It's so beautiful inside, it's absolutely right on the streets of Japan! The stone walls imitating the ancient city of Japan, a large number of wooden signboards, and even the details are very delicate, and there are several ninjas on the eaves of the ceiling climbing the walls! I think if you bring children here to play, everyone will play crazy!

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠7
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠8

The giant helmet of the Japanese samurai at the entrance is equipped with an electronic interactive device next to it. Visitors can project their faces on the samurai's signboard and become a samurai guardian of the Edo period. But at this time, everyone is wearing masks during the epidemic, and they can't see their faces when they take pictures 😂

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠12
▲The welcoming city gate of the Edo period in Japan
IMG 0029
▲360 degree ring theater
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠10
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠11
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠18
▲ There are many ninjas on the eaves!

The elements of Japan are indispensable to the thousand torii gates. I immediately think of Fushimi Inari who traveled to Japan in the past. I really miss the time when I was free to go abroad. This red tunnel winds all the way to the second floor, and there are many prayers hanging next to it. Torii gates in Japan represent the entrance to the realm of the gods, and are used to connect the gods and the realm of the gods and the secular world of the people. In the Edo period, there were many torii gates.

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠13
▲Senbon Torii Trail leading to the second floor
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠14
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠15
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠16

Then came to the kaleidoscope mirror, the mirrors on both sides stretched the vision, taking pictures like hundreds of lanterns hanging in the sky, colorful and beautiful.

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠17
▲Kaleidoscope mirror ramp

The Japanese drum is a common musical instrument in Japanese festivals, used to pray for blessings, ward off evil spirits, and boost morale during wars. We were lucky enough to have a live performance that day, and the performers also invited everyone to play the drums together. A single tap can make a huge sound, such an exciting drum sound!

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠19
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠20
▲ Live Japanese drum performance

Play and forget that this is a food tourism factory! When you go to the second floor, you will be introduced to the souvenir shop. The machines in the factory can be seen through the glass, illustrating how these Japanese snacks are made.

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠21
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠22
▲Visit the fruit factory

Then came to the giant tengu tunnel, in Japan tengu are legendary giant monsters with long noses. There are interactive walls in the tunnel. Clicking on the wall will show many stars. According to the reason, this should be something for children to play. I didn't expect the two big boys in our family to have a lot of fun 😂

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠23
▲Large Tengu Immortal
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠25
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠26
▲The starry sky interactive wall in the tunnel
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠24
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠27

Souvenir Fog City|DIY by hand

Hand-made DIY price: $200 yuan

  • DIY sessions: 11:00, 13:30, 15:00
  • Registration method: On-site registration or call to make an appointment (03-4700598) is available on weekdays. On Saturdays and Sundays (including national holidays), only on-site registration is available.
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠4
▲The hand-made DIY session placed at the door of the day
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠5
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠30
▲The ninja workshop for making DIY desserts

Souvenir of the Hidden Castle|Menu

Seeing this cat-headed train from a distance is so cute, when I got closer, it turned out that it was selling bento. Everything sold here can be redeemed with tickets, or you can buy DIY tickets here!

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠31
▲You can sign up for the DIY experience when you go to the end of the second floor
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▲Memoir of the menu in Mist Hidden Castle
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠33
▲A lot of bento and desserts are sold on site

The dining space on the first floor is really beautiful, especially the position next to the window. It is designed to have a Japanese-style feel, and it is particularly stylish to eat. It's a pity that because we didn't have enough time that day, we couldn't stay for too long, otherwise I would recommend everyone to have a rest here.

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠50
▲ Dining space on the first floor

Souvenir Fog City|Must Buy

There are too many souvenirs to buy in the shopping street. We also spend a lot of time shopping here. Every one looks delicious, and the choice barrier is happening! The shops here mainly sell Japanese snacks, cakes, breads, candies, etc. For hot food, there are lo-mei and oden. Some shops offer tasting services. You are not afraid that you will not be able to buy them, but you are afraid that you will buy more than one.

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠46
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠48
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠38
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠44
▲Dilson Lovers dessert shop is also full of people

When you come to the hidden fog city, you must eat and see their foodSignature Fruit Steamed Cake – Kuroba yaki, the outer layer is a steamed cake with a dense and delicate taste, and the inside is filled with filling. There are strawberry, original custard, green apple, chocolate, blueberry and other flavors in the Kuroba yaki. The Kuroba yaki that I just tried on the day was the same. After a bite, the filling flowed out, which was sweet but not greasy. We immediately used the ticket discount to buy it. I got a few boxes and it was so delicious!

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠34
▲ Super delicious signature Kuroba yaki
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠37
▲ French bread in the shape of a sword
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠39
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠40
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠41
▲ 100 million yen large piece of cod fragrant flakes

The small Japanese-style festival items are really cute, whether it is a gift or for personal use, because the price is relatively cheap, it is also very suitable for discounting!

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠42
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠43
▲Cute Japanese cookies

It tastes a bit like dorayakiLucky burn, the ice-cold stuffing is so enjoyable to eat! Kaiyun roasts here can also be bought individually, with taro, raw milk, strawberry raw milk, peanuts, chocolate and other flavors.

手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠47
▲The lucky burn in the souvenir shop
手信霧隱城 手信坊觀光工廠45
▲Various refrigerated Japanese snacks

After visiting Souvenir Wuyin City, we came back with a large bag of souvenirs! Although the price of the tickets here is a little higher, but because the consumption can be fully offset and there are many choices of goods, we think it is acceptable. If you like to eat Japanese sweets, come to Taoyuan and stop by, it is a pretty good indoor attraction!

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