[Good things out of the box] Titanium Bay Cup Tiwonder, made of pure titanium, the lightest thermos cup!

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There are many kinds of thermos cups on the market, usually stainless steel. The first time I heard the composition of "pure titanium", it immediately attracted our attention! Titanium Bay Cup Homophonic Taiwan Cup, made by Taiwan's native pure titanium craft brand "TIWONDER"Manufactured, the titanium tableware and titanium straws that have been launched before have a good texture. This time, let's unpack their titanium bay cups, let's take a look!

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Usually people rarely hear the material "titanium". In fact, it is very common in life. It is used in medical treatment such as dental implants, vascular stents, artificial joints, etc. No burden. Use titanium on the thermos to become"Lightweight", "Corrosion Resistant","Acid and Alkali Heat Resistant", These items are just the key points for choosing an environmentally friendly cup!

鈦灣杯 工作區域 1

Below this one of our titanium bay cups is the brand LOGO of Tiwonder, which is a combination of Taiwan and Wonderful in English, symbolizing the beautiful Taiwan. In addition, there are also other styles of titanium bay cups with different patterns. In addition to the classic white, there are also black, pink, blue, purple, and gray. You can use it again.Official websiteShop around. What's special about the Tiwan Cup is that it can also customize the text, and the laser is on the cup (up to 6 characters in Chinese and English). It has its own thermos cup, and it is also very suitable for gifting to friends!


Titanium Bay Cup|Product Unpacking

The vacuum flask cannot be cleaned with a steel brush at ordinary times, so as not to scratch the internal structure. When I opened the newly arrived Titanium Bay Cup, I found that there is a sponge cup brush for cleaning the cup, so I don’t need to worry about how to clean it, it is very considerate! In addition, it is also recommended to purchase pure titaniumTitanium straw, After the lid of the titanium bay cup is opened, the straws of thickness and size can be put in, which can be used as a drinking cup!

鈦灣杯1 拷貝
鈦灣杯2 拷貝

The straw of the Titanium Bay Cup has a very special design. Below the straw is the112.5 degree obtuse diamond angle, can easily puncture the sealing film, and will not cause scratches inside the titanium cup cup, the two are a perfect match. The titanium straw retains the original color of "titanium", so that the silver-gray looks very textured. I really like this color. Although the characteristics of titanium are easy to leave fingerprints and water stains, but there is no chemical coating processing, it is more comfortable to suck.

鈦灣杯3 拷貝
▲The titanium straw retains the original color of titanium without chemical coating.

Sometimes I have the bad habit of wanting to bite the straw. Using a glass straw will inevitably feel a little burdensome. I always feel weird. Unlike the glass straws we bought before, the titanium straw is not afraid of breaking, and there is no worry about cleaning and using it!

▲Below the titanium straw is a diamond obtuse angle of 112.5 degrees

Titanium Bay Cup|Product Features


✔Large capacity 750ml

Nowadays, office workers sit for a long time in the office every day, and they forget to get up to fill up water when they are busy, and they are prone to insufficient water intake. In order to replenish water, Allie tried a lot of useful methods, downloading an app that reminds you to drink water regularly, placing the water cup in a conspicuous place, and one more thing, buying a large-capacity green cup!The capacity of the Tiwan Cup is 750ml. If it is calculated by adding 2000ml of water every day, three times a day, it can be easily replenished when it is full in the morning, noon and evening!I don’t often forget to fill in water. Another advantage of the large capacity is that it is very convenient to clean, and you can stretch your hands inside to clean it.

▲Large capacity750mlTitanium Bay Cup

✔Pure "titanium" SGS certified drink cup

I don’t know if you have ever drank a stainless steel thermos cup. After using it for a long time, the taste of iron will come out, and drinking water will become scary. If the stainless steel thermos cup has a rust smell, it means that it has been damaged and should be replaced. The titanium bay cup is composed of metal "titanium", which will not produce iron oxide and rust smell when using it! not only water,Drinks with heavier flavors such as milk, lemon juice, coffee, and traditional Chinese medicine can be loaded, It will not release harmful substances, and it is not easy to leave the taste. One cup can be used for multiple purposes, so you don't have to worry about the drinks that should not be loaded. It is very convenient to use!

▲The titanium bay cup that can hold anything can also be used to make coffee!

Ultra Lightweight Thermal Insulation Cooler

Ordinary thermos cups are heavy to carry, and it is not so convenient to carry, but the Tiwan Cup breaks this shortcoming, not only has a large capacity, but it is also very light and not bulky! Titanium Bay Cup adoptsJapan's double-layer vacuum Dual Wall technology, It can effectively keep warm and ice for six hours, which is enough for daily life.

✔Cup groove design

Because I often go out to buy hand shakes, the eco-cups with straws have become very convenient, and many beverage stores will also have discounts for their own eco-cups! The bottom of the titanium bay cup is designed with grooves, which is specially designed for hand shake, which can effectively concentrate the pearls, konjac, etc. in the drink, and it will be better to drink. It is indeed a Taiwanese design, which is in line with the needs of Taiwanese people who love to drink flavorful drinks~ Also because of the function of the concentrated groove, there is no dead angle when cleaning, and it is cleaner!

▲ Open the lid and use a titanium bay cup with a straw. The straw is also made of titanium.
▲The lid of the cup is made of food-grade PP, and Japanese antibacterial molecules are added.
▲The lid of the Titanium Bay Cup is easy to open, and the cup will not leak water if it is placed sideways.

Bottom anti-slip soundproof design

In addition, the bottom of the Titanium Bay Cup has aNon-slip, soundproof design, Using silicone material, it will not make too much noise when placed on the table, super suitable for use in a quiet office~

▲The anti-slip and sound-proof design at the bottom will not make too much noise when placed on the table.

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I actually got the Titanium Bay Cup and found that it can hold more water than I imagined. The cup is very thin and light, but the function is not reduced. I really like this sense of technology 😆The water cup that I have to carry every day when I go out is beautiful and practical. It is worth recommending to everyone~

Titanium Bay Cup|Little Information

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